Where To Take Old Lawn Mowers – Dispose Lawn Mowers Near Me

So, you have finally decided to get rid of the rusty lawn mower that’s been sitting in your garage for a few years. Or perhaps you just purchased a new self-propelled mower or one that just has more features. Perhaps you found a used mower near you and now, your old one is of no use to you anymore.

This quick guide will go over some ways of disposing old lawn mowers and suggest places on where you can take old lawn mowers near you.

Some local examples would be:

  • Sell Them on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or in local listings
  • Donate them to local charities or to neighbors
  • Recycle them
  • Scrapping them altogether

However you end up deciding on how to dispose of your old mower from your life, you must first make sure the gas and oil tanks are empty. This is mainly for safety while transporting so you don’t get spills or cause the flammable material to burn.

First, Dispose of the Oil & Gas

You will most likely have old oil and or gas in your mower that will do no good to whoever ends up with it. Plus you don’t want to be transporting flammable liquids in your car or in the back of a truck as it could end up spilling and causing other issues.

The easiest way to empty the oil and gas tanks is to remove the cap one at a time and then tipping the mower on its side and pouring out the old into an oil or gas safe container. You may need to tip over completely to get the last drops out. Always use hand gloves and safety goggles.

Also, remove the spark plug.

Ways To Get Rid Of Old Lawn Mowers Near Me

Ways to get rid of old lawn mowers

Sell Mowers on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace

I have purchased many things on both Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Not only is it fun for the most part but you can save quite a bit in most cases. Always be smart though when using these outlets and always meet in busy areas such as mall or plaza parking lots.

I can go look right now at either source and find a dozen or two of various used lawn mowers that are for sale, from push mowers to zero turn mowers. Most common however are the standard $200 mowers since these are usually the entry level mowers that people purchase.

When I sold my mower on Facebook last summer I just did a quick search first to see if there were any others being sold that were just like my mower or close to it. I came up with a price based on what each other was asking plus the condition of the mowers.

Pro Tip: clean and dry your mower and then take some nice pictures of it from various angles. This will make your mower stand out in the listings and you can also ask a bit more for it.

Donate Mowers To Local Charities

I volunteer at a local animal rescue organization on the weekends. They have 3 locations that house dogs and each location has large yards for the dogs to play in. We usually get at least 1 lawn mower donation each month. Sometimes the mowers are not in running condition so we just move them to our scrap pile for donating to the local scrap yard. Needless to say, we always have decent mowers at each location.

Wherever you are at, there will be some type of charity or church that will be in need of your old mower. There may even be a place across the street or just down the road, so always look for that option.

Give Mowers To Neighbors or Friends

Many years ago after I purchased my first house, I was welcomed by one of my new neighbors with an old lawn mower but in great working condition. Not only was this welcome but it is a great way to make new friends with your neighbors. You may also live in a community with a HOA that you could possible donate it to.

Many kids may still like to mow lawns in the summer, so giving one to a teenager may help them become an entrepreneur one day as well.

Recycle Mowers and Mower Parts

There are many parts on the lawn mower that can be recycled or taken apart and sold separately. If the wheels are in good shape but say the engine is fried then taking those off could net you some lunch money if you sell them on the marketplaces I talked about above.

Scrapping Mowers For Good

scrap the lawn mower

Scrap yards are always willing to take old lawn mowers so scope out the one near you and haul it over to them. You may even find some old car parts that you may need while you are there. Hey, you never know what you will find at your local scrap yard.

Hopefully you found some good ideas for ways to get rid of old lawn mowers near me. If you have any other suggestions or tips, please add them to the comments section below.

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