Best Robot Lawn Mowers for Slopes – 2022 Reviews

Do you have a lawn that is hilly and you hope to get labor-free lawn maintenance? Get yourself a robot lawnmower that is suitable for sloped and hilly lawns by checking out these reviews to understand the different models of different manufacturers in the market.

Different robot lawn mowers are able to handle different shapes and gradients of your lawn. However, this depends on the size and model type then you will be able to determine the best robot mower for you.

robot lawn mower on a slope

Choose one of the following robot lawn mowers that are perfect for slopes and hills and have your yard work conveniently done and save some money from hiring professionals. If you want specialty tasks like aeration, fertilization, pre-emergents, overseeding, or treatment pest problems, hire a TruGreen professional to handle it.

Considerations Before Buying The Best Robot Lawn Mower For Slopes

Slope degree

Various robot lawn mowers are able to manage different slope degrees. Hence it is important to consider the degree of the slopes on your lawn to know which robot lawn mower is convenient for you. If your lawn slope gradient is not above 8.5° all robot mowers can mow this slope with ease. Nonetheless, the market has robot mowers that can handle up to 25° for both small and large lawns. Just consider the gradient slope on your lawn and buy a robot lawnmower that is concurrent with that slope gradient.

The blade size

The blade size is a very crucial feature to consider to have a neat and beautiful lawn. Some robot lawn mowers require to be replaced after a while and the blades sharpened frequently. This is important so as to know the type of maintenance it requires and how often. The size of the blade to matters especially due to the size of your lawn. To know the acreage that it covers and also how strong and durable the blade lasts before there is a need to change or sharpen. The mulching capabilities it has are crucial too for consideration.

Power System

The power system is a great feature for consideration to know how efficient and convenient the robot mower will be. The power system will help you know the charging and working time it can handle per the size of your lawn. The number of times it may require to be recharged and if it is environment-friendly and the type of charging system it is.

1. WORX WR140 Landroid

WORX WR140 Landroid M 20V Power Share Robotic Lawn Mower, Orange
  • [FULLY AUTOMATED] The Landroid M cuts lawns up to ¼ acre all by...
  • [WI-FI & APP CONTROLLED] There are many things you can do from the...
  • [DO IT ALL WITH THE SAME BATTERY] Worx Power Share is compatible with...
  • [NAVIGATES NARROW PATHS] Patented AIA technology allows Landroid to...
  • [CUSTOMIZED MOWING SCHDULES] Have Landroid mow every day, every other...

WORX machines are not only known for their pricing but also for great quality as well. This robot mower is a remarkable model. It is able to handle harsh weather conditions and leaves the lawn clean with a level cut. As much as it carries a heavy price tag it is very competitive in the market. Plus, it can cover up to 2,200 meters of a yard size.

Slope degree

If your lawn has challenging terrain with trees, shrubs, and gardens in the middle the WORX robot series will handle it well. Not only that, but it can mow to gradients of up to 35% or 19° of course depending on the condition and shape of your lawn.

The blade size

It has an awesome 1X4 sided blade that lasts longer before there is a need to change, replace or sharpen for at least a season. The WORX single rotating blade has two edges that also boost its performance. It also is able to mulch perfectly by cutting the blade into very small pieces in a balanced manner. Eventually, you’re left with a greener, healthier, and fuller lawn.

Power system

This worx robot mower has a 25V Lithium-ion battery and an electric motor that works effectively for one and a half hours without the need to be charged. Also being an auto-charge is an added advantage since you don’t have to get it charged manually. It is eco-friendly for it lacks fumes that it emits in the air and it is silent and does not bother you or the neighbors either.


• It can withstand long term wear and tear

• Produces a fine and delicate cut

• It is weatherproof


• To change the cutting height you have to power off

• It’s expensive

Overall, buying this Robot mower will give you free time with your family in comparison to using the manual mowers. It is efficient and effective as well and you can have it safe at night to corridor dock by placing the charging system at a safe place. Plus, as much as it feels expensive its performance matches the price tag.

2. Husqvarna Automower 315

Husqvarna 967673005 AM315 Lawn Mower, Gray
  • For mid-size yards up to 1/3 Acre of grass
  • Handles slopes up to 40% due to its optimized design and Smart...
  • Unlike a traditional mower with noise levels averaging between 95 and...
  • Automower is designed to function in temperatures up to 113°f, in the...
  • Easily installs with the included wire and Pins in about 2-5 hours...

This mower stands out from most of them with its unique features. It is modeled to handle a lawn coverage of up to 5000m2 of medium to large lawns. It has a built-in GPS system and mobile connectivity that comes in handy to make it lawn for you without your supervision.

Slope degree

Its gradient degree is at 24 degrees which is about 45% of what this mower can handle in terms of slope level. That is about 2° higher of most mowers of a similar performance level in the market. Hence it glides up with ease and not switch off because of difficulty.

The blade size

The blade size for this mower is even though it is not large it is as effective as it should be. Its carbon steel 3-razor-sharp blade which is fixed differently due to its centrifugal force is powerful enough to cut through grass even with obstacles and is not easily damaged. Since its sensors will switch it off and stop it in motion. It also mulches perfectly for healthy grass.

Power system

Its power system is a 25V lithium-ion battery which while it gets low on power it charges itself automatically. After charging it has a running time of approximately 70 minutes. It is also bought with a replaceable battery that also charges automatically as well. The battery also consumes 25 watts while cutting. In comparison to the electric or gas power sources, this robot mower helps you save money with this power system.


• Built-in GPS system

• Spot cutting function

• Mobile phone connection

• Covers up to 5000m2

• Has good headlights to be spotted at night


• Edge wire should be at least 20 inches longer than neighbor’s dog wire to protect the boundary of mower movement

Overall, this robot mower with has great features that you can interact with, track it with and its built-in sim card and mobile phone connection. Hence, wherever your located you are able to see the updates of its performance in a convenient way. It can mow as low as 2cm and as high as 4cm and its height is easily adjusted while it is mowing.

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3. Robomow RC308

Robomow RS630 Battery Powered Robotic Lawn Mower, Green
  • LARGE YARD CUTTING PATH: Dual blade, and 22" cutting width ensures an...
  • MOWS IN DIFFERENT ZONES: Can be easily be wired to automatically...
  • PERSONALIZED WEB APP: New for 2019! With Bluetooth connectivity the...
  • ALEXA SMARTHOME CAPABILITIES: New for 2019! Robomow joins the Alexa...
  • FAST & EASY SETUP: Peg wire around the perimeters of the mowing area,...

Covering an area of up to 800m2 of your lawn size it is known for having the ability to mow separate gardens around six to be precise in various modes. Like most models, it has its own docking station where it heads to recharge itself. It weighs 10 kgs but it is not a hassle to carry around for it is not a lightweight with comparisons in the market. It has a Robomow App that you can schedule cutting time and height to preferred level.

The slope degree

It favors a gradient of 20° of slope size. However, smaller steep bumps get this robot mower stuck on the lawn and it advisable if you are able to remove them for flawless mowing. According to its slope size, it is able to handle most lawns with ease.

The blade

It’s cutting blade is at 11 inches which for its model is large. Therefore, it mows faster and covers more ground in a shorter period of time. It is also durable and you can sharpen and replace it after using it for a number of seasons. The blade stops when lifted or tilted and since it is close to the edges it is important to be cautious while handling it.

Power system

Even with better competitors, its power system is quite impressive. Being powered by a 26V lithium battery and an electric motor in which charging time is up to 60 minutes and working time is around 73 minutes makes it efficient for its model.


  • Multiple gardening modes
  • Has a Robomow App connection
  • Covers up to 800m2


  • Gets stuck on holes or steep bumps on the lawn
  • Blades are too close to the model edge

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Overall, this mower has various settings that help it function more effectively. For instance, the turbo, Eco, and Edge mode which are all useful in various circumstances. The modes also turn off automatically and go back to regular mode after one complete cycle. It has a rain sensor to protect it from any damages and it docks off when it rains. Despite the shape of your garden, the many versatile features will help it handle the job well.

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