How To Change a Riding Lawn Mower Tire

If you’re an owner of a riding lawn mower, then at some point in time you will have to replace the tire on your prized possession. So let’s gear up for this basic maintenance that your riding lawn mower shall demand of you!

With constant usage and time the tire on the mower will turn brittle and also develop puncture leaks. If you don’t mind sweating it out, learn to replace the tire yourself instead of paying loads to a service technician.

Materials you will need:

  • Undersized car jack
  • Large screwdriver with a flat-head
  • Small screwdriver with a flat-head
  • Needle-nosed pliers
  • Shop rag
  • New tire


Hike up the frontage of the riding lawn mower using the automotive jack for the tire.

Use your hands to take out, from the middle of the wheel a plastic dust cap. Put that on aside. Now use a needle-nose plier to take out the snap ring that holds the wheel. Very gently slide the tire off the axle shaft.

Put the wheel on the ground. Now separate the dust cover and the air valve and set them aside. Use the small screwdriver to press on the valve stalk gently releasing the air in the tire.

Position your hands close to the wheel and press tightly at the ends of the tire till the seal that’s in-between the wheel and tire is broken. Next, use a large flat-headed screwdriver and force open the tire.

Use your hands and a large screwdriver to install a new tire onto the wheel. All you have to do is pry the initial half of the tire onto the wheel using your hands. Now you need to turn over the wheel and force open the other half of the tire until you’ve installed the tire completely.

Use a shop rag to wipe out the inner edges of the wheel. Clean all the debris, dirt, and tire rubber out of the sealing surface.

Fill air into the tire. Press the ends of the tire in order to seal it to the internal wheel rim. Once you’ve sealed the tire, fill 30-pound air in the tire.

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