Should Lawn Mower Filter Fuel Be Full?

If you are wondering about ensuring your lawn mower is going to be ready to operate when you require it to, then you need to keep it in top shape in various ways. Part of the roll of maintenance is preventive in nature, which you might know from your operator manuals and manufacturer’s guidelines.

One of the many questions lawn mower owners have is the question of the fuel tank, and whether it needs to be dry when you store the mower, or whether it needs to be full at all times. If you are in the same dilemma, this guide will likely answer your question on the issue, as well as explaining why you need to maintain your filter fuel.

Why is the fuel filter important?

This part plays a vital role in ensuring your lawnmower operates as efficiently as possible for a longer time. You will find it either in your fuel line or tank, depending on the model, and its’ job is to keep out any undesirable elements or particles from getting into the carburetor.

If the fuel filter is empty or clogged, it is vulnerable to damage and will not protect the carburetor any more, which leads to problems when you try to start the mower or reduction in its performance. Maintaining it requires instructional help from your manual, as this will help you to spot the fuel filter and keep it in top shape.

Why is it important to change the fuel filter?

There are numerous benefits to changing the fuel filter, and it is important to change it on a regular basis to ensure the long term optimal performance of your lawn mower engine. It is important to note that some engine models will have their fuel filters being non-serviceable and internal.

Some of the reasons include:

It allows you to clean out any oxygen traces in the carburetor – when fuel is used in the engine, the space is increasingly taken by oxygen. The presence of oxygen in the fuel filter eventually leads to varnish and gum forming on the walls, and it will require you to clean it out.

Removes the chances of water entering the engine – where there is water, there is high likelihood of damage, especially regarding the lifespan of your fuel filter. This is in the form of corrosion of the cylinders, carburetor and tank, and even the formation of ‘white rust’ that leads to engine failure.

Prevents exposure of the inner parts to air – when these inner components are exposed, they become brittle and easily vulnerable to damage.

You can prevent this from happening through the use of fuel stabilizer, especially when you are not going to use the mower for a long time – like when you are keeping it aside for the winter months. This stabilizer will protect the fuel and your engine from contamination, which will also take care of its lifespan.

Guide to replacing the filter

As a general guideline of replacing the filter, it is good to follow these steps:

Read the owner’s manual, and this will help you to know the variety of fuel filter you have, as well as the replacement style.

Wear clothes that fit you tightly, and this will prevent your pants and shirt sleeves from getting caught by the mower as you replace the filter. You should also put on goggles and gloves to protect you while you work. If the filter is within the gas tank, then drain the tank by operating the mower until the fuel runs out, or draining it into a drain pan.

If the filter is on the fuel line, then place a clamp on it to prevent spillage, and a drain pan where you can drain the gas. You can then remove the other end of the fuel line.

Drain all the fuel into the pan, and wipe the outer part of the filter with a clean cloth

Hold it up against natural light, and check for the presence of any debris or dirt in it. Make sure it is away from your face though, as you want to reduce the risk of inhaling fumes or spilling fuel on your face and clothes.

Final thoughts

You want to mow your grass and make your lawn look amazing – and that is a good thing. However, for you to create the perfect lawn, there are certain things you must keep in mind and specific conditions you need to fulfill. Among these is taking care of your fuel filter so that your mower can operate properly, and that is by ensuring it remains full as much as possible.


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