Find Used Lawn Mowers Near Me For Sale

So you just got rid of your old lawn mower but you wish you could locate that same older model used somewhere? Well there are plenty of sources where you can find used lawn mowers near you and even online.

Maybe you had a lawn mower you loved that finally died, but you want that same model again which are no longer sold in stores. Or maybe you heard such amazing things about a specific model from 2 or 3 years ago and you want to track that exact lawnmower down.

For example, the John Deere D100 is no longer made – but it was a solid, well-loved riding lawn mower. You may be wondering where can I buy that lawn mower near me?

Perhaps you are just looking for a good deal on a used lawn mower and don’t mind the existing wear and tear.

Well, we are going to help you find a good deal.

Below are many options you can check out to see if you can find the lawn mower of your dreams close to your home. Whether you are looking for a new or used model – a little finger work will get you a step closer to finding the perfect used mower nearest you.

Best Sites To Find Used Lawn Mowers Near You!


Amazon is just as great for used or refurbished items as it is new! Many do not know that you can find used and new offers for many products and it is easy to see on the product page if these options are available.

In the image below you can see we are on the Amazon product page for a push reel mower – if we click the New & Used (7) from $59.80 link we get a list of used options with descriptions, pricing, and ordering options.

While most of these may not be near you – they can still be shipped and their return policy is decent. Find Used Lawn Mowers On Amazon

Used Lawn Mowers Amazon


ebay is the leader when it comes to finding used gems! I have used it countless times for everything from records to clothing to vintage cameras. If you are looking for a lawn mower or really any lawn goods – it is one of the first places you should check. While many items are shipped -you can filter to find the items that are nearest your home that you can go and pick up.

Shop lawn mowers on ebay


Craigslist is another hotspot for finding local items that are used – and sometimes new. Simple go to your local area on the website, then the for sale area and you can either search for a specific lawn mower brand or you can select farm+garden as your category to check out all the goods.

You may want to also do a quick search for a generic term like “riding lawn mower” or whatever you may be looking for since some sellers may forget to choose a category – or choose the wrong one!

Check out lawn mowers on Craigslist


Similar to Craiglist, OfferUp allows you to filter down by location and then Home & Garden where you will find the Lawn mowers near your home. When we last checked there were some new options as well as used. You can also use the search box to find a specific model.

Find lawn mowers on OfferUp

LawnSite Marketplace

LawnSite is a forum based website focused on helping homeowners maximize their lawns by asking questions and getting answers from others. It is a great site for you if you love yard stuff – but their marketplace is a perfect spot to check out the latest used goods members are offering up.

Find lawn mowers on LawnSite


You can do a search on Facebook for a specific product and filter by location or you can jump right into your local marketplace to see what you can find! You can even put a request into the marketplace letting others know what you are looking for specifically and see if anyone has what you need.

Find a lawn mower near you on Facebook

Rent A Lawn Mower

Another option if you are on a budget or do not need the hassle of maintaining a lawn mower or storing it is to rent one! Home Depot, Lowe’s or even a smaller local shop may have what you need.

Local Dealer

If you know the specific brand of lawn mower you want – then you can check to see if there is a dealer near you to be able to procure a used version of the model you are interested. Most manufacturer websites will have a “find a lawn mower dealer near me” feature that will allow you to enter your zip code to find the closest dealer.

Things To Consider When Buying A Used Lawn Mower

Best Push Mower For Small Yard


Sticking with a used lawn mower that is powered by a well-known engine will definitely be to your advantage. It will be easier to find parts and to find people to maintain them – and there is also the fact that these used motors will probably have a better longevity factor because of their quality. Or you could fix the lawnmower yourself with a few tips.

Brands like Honda or Briggs and Stratton are 2 of the major players we would recommend.

Seller of the Lawn Mower

If you are buying it from a dealer as opposed to online or from a private seller some of these may be easier to get! But the more information you have the better purchase you can make. Here are a few questions you should ask:

  • Do you have service documents
  • Why is the lawn mower for sale
  • Has any major work or modifications been done
  • Is there a warranty still in place or will there be a new warranty from my date of purchase

Confirming that it was properly maintained with things like oil filter changes, blade sharpening etc. are all going to ensure you are getting your money’s worth.

If you are purchasing used online, do not be afraid to ask for a video of the lawn mower so you can see the lawn mower being started and running.


For a lawn mower that is in good shape our suggested range would be no more than approximately 65% of the retail value for a lawn mower that is less than 3 years old.

Older than 3 years old will be harder to gauge since they are probably very well used by that time and may see more damage and wear and tear – but 30-50% of retail may be fair in most cases.

Final Thoughts

These are a few ideas for helping you find the lawn mower you want that is closest to you. Don’t forget about other options like visiting your local small hardware store, local newspaper or even garage and yard sales.

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