Best Lawn Mower for Wet Grass

Buying Guides/ July 17, 2019

It has always been debatable whether to mow a lawn when wet or not. However, after it rains for quite some time lawns are usually looking unattractive due to the significant time that they have not been lawn. It is not a crime to mow when it has stopped raining and the grass is still wet as long as you have the right lawn mower and take the necessary precautions. Choose a lawn mower that you can adjust the cutting swatch height since only a third of the grass should be cut. Check the type of blades that are accessible to sharpen and the power output that favors the wet grass at least when saturation is low.

Considerations before buying the best lawn mower for wet grass

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Height Adjustment

This feature is necessary when choosing a lawn mower for wet grass. Since the height of the grass is higher than usual and the ground is wet. The higher the setting for your lawn mower the better especially for wet grass to prevent the drive belt from being run over in the grass. This height adjuster in the mower helps you trim this grass in different levels since it has grown taller during the rain period. A single lever height adjuster is actually the best in such wet grass since it can be adjusted with ease.

The cutting deck

When it comes to wet grass the cutting deck should be one that mows faster and one that has sharp blades. This is to be able to cut clean grass clippings that remain healthy since during the wet season there is a lot of grass fungal that can make your grass unhealthy. Clean the deck as well to avoid difficulties as wet grass clumps into former dirt.


It is important to consider the weight of the mower since it has to be pushed on the sloppy ground to know if it is easy to control it. According to the source of power, a battery mower is lighter compared to a gas mower in this case. The weight is also important when it has to be transported for portability. A mower with foldable handles is easy to store and lift when its carried to a different location.

Source of Power

The source of power for a lawnmower that mows wet grass is important to be considered because of many factors. A gas mower will produce fumes and by mixing with the wet grass will make the grass unhealthy leading to a poorly managed lawn. A battery mower and an electric mower are favorable depending on how wet the grass is and the price ranges. Knowing how long running time the battery will work for your lawn will help you know if you need an extra battery or extended electric cord.

Reviewing the best lawn mower for wet grass

Worx WG779 Lawn Mower

This battery lawn mower has a great feature as to why it is best to use when mowing the grass. Most people prefer it due to its efficient mulching capacities and its cut technology senses when more power is required to mow perfectly. It is environment-friendly due to the use of a battery power source. Its padded wheels ensure comfort and stability while mowing wet grass or on tough terrain.

Power source

The two batteries allow you to mow the lawn for a long time especially with the challenge of the grass being wet. It can actually mow up to an eighth of an acre on a single charge. You can have extra batteries to use if you want an extended mowing time. The integrated charger it has is a smart charger that keeps the batteries optimized when they reach maximum.

Cutting deck

It has a 14 inch cutting deck which with a sizeable lawn will work effectively. And with the wet grass that is high length the height cutting adjustments are in six different levels that you can use to mow with ease until you reach the desired length. It also mulches impressively and you can adjust the settings to feature a multipurpose rear if you don’t want to bag the cutting.


At 35.2 Lbs. this mower is not heavy since it requires to be pushed around to mow and in wet grass it can be heavy. Being a battery mower it is not as heavy compared to gas mowers. It can be stored in limited space and it is easy to load while transporting it.


• Has single lever height adjustments

• Patented intelliCut technology delivers power on demand.

• Uses two 4.0 AH batteries


• Needs recharging after use

• Small battery capacity and run time

Overall, this lawn mower is essential for all those who want to have a well maintained outdoor lawn even during the rainy season. This cordless lawn mower with its high-tech capabilities and fast adjusting settings will assist a lot to get the job done.


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Black and Decker BEMW472E

Black and Decker have had consistently great reviews when it is considered to mow wet grass. Due to its maneuverability, it is able to handle sloppy ground making it easier to cut the grass without a lot of a challenge. It starts with ease since with its push button to start, hence no pull cords to struggle with. From its home appliances to its lawn mowers its performance has remained top notch.

Power source

The 12 amperes motor and the rugged wheels design make the lawn mower perform significantly. The push button to start makes the job of cutting the grass easy. It being silent makes it environment-friendly and reliable to mow in any neighborhood.

Cutting deck

The size of its cutting deck is 17 inches, which is better for small storage space. The cutting deck blades have a high acceleration making it mow faster and save a lot of time. The blade is winged for exceptional clipping. The design of this mower, especially for wet grass, is excellent and with the six height adjustments makes it very easy to select the right cutting levels with the lawn mower especially with the grown tall grass.


It is easy to drive this lawn mower with a weight of 40 pounds especially when the grass is wet and the ground is sloppy. Its stability in mowing wet grass has made it an efficient machine and not being fatigued when mowing a challenging terrain that is wet and has other obstacles.


• Has push button to start

• Has six height adjustments

• It has a comfortable grip for ease of use


• Bags breaks easily

• It is a challenge for the elderly to push

In general, this lawn mower is recommended for cutting wet grass with great success. It cuts to perfection with its many levels of adjustments and makes the lawn neat even when the grass is wet. Since the grass has thickened and is tall the rugged wheel treads are designed to control the movement.

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Greenworks 40V cordless lawn mower

When mowing wet grass this is a perfect lawnmower that is safe to use and efficient. This mower is cordless and is ideal for a small yard due to its deck size. You also have the option to bag or mulch with this lawn mower. Its height adjustments are five giving you options to cut your tall wet grass until you achieve the desired height.

Power source

It being a cordless lawn mower gives you all the power to tackle your lawn with a high-performance level. With this type of power source, it has been environment-friendly and safe especially on the wet grass. Since it is a 40 V lithium battery it provides ample running time to help you finish mowing.

Cutting deck

Its 14 inches cutting deck helps in giving balance and maneuverability on the wet grass and slippery ground. It is versatile since it has a 2 in 1 bagging and mulching options once the grass clippings are cut which allows it to be used in multiple ways.


It being lightweight at 33.3 pounds it is easy while lifting when transporting to integrate the handle to balance its weight. Hence minimal effort is used to mow and its wheel’s layout make it easy to push around on wet grass.


• It has a 2 in 1 feature

• Has a 40V lithium battery

• 5-position single level cutting height adjustment


• It is not for large sized lawn

• Additional batteries are pricey


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Overall, with no fumes, no pulling cords and no maintenance buy this lawn mower to assist with your wet grass due to its efficiency levels. Its battery only needs one charge to run through a sizeable home lawn and leave it neat and attractive. Its operations are smooth with high commanding power.