Ryobi 40V Mower Review

Are you looking for a versatile lawn mower than can handle uncontrollably tall grass? Look no further, the Ryobi 40v mower review has plenty of information that will help you find the perfect equipment to keep your lawn neat and beautiful.


Taking care of your lawn can be a real chore. With the Ryobi 40 inch brushless lawn mower, you are guaranteed manoeuvrability and lightweight while you are working around the lawn. It is better for the environment when compared to other lawn mowers that release harmful gas emissions. This two in one mower allows you to edge your grass, cut the tree branches, mow the lawn and trim the bushes all with one machine.

The Ryobi 40V lawn mower is the perfect cordless mower for multitasking just because its batteries are compatible with other lawn equipment that is battery powered and made by the same company. This means that the Ryobi 40v mower is compatible with the other garden Ryobi machines.

What should you expect?

The Ryobi 40v mower is as fierce as it is efficient. The active load sensing tech ratchets the cutting power of this machine to pare down long, thick grass and stubborn weeds. The power of the Ryobi competes with several gas powered lawn mowers. The motor on the Ryobi 40v mower picks up the power when you are working around dense or thicker areas. The blade is slightly slow, which means you will have to sharpen it constantly for a clean cut. If not, you will have to go over the same area twice if the weeds and grass are limp ad tall.

The assembly instructions consist of opening up the box and taking out the machine. Basically, you do not need any work to put this machine together. After receiving the product, all you need to do is charge the battery, set the deck height and decide if you will stick the back or put the mulch plug in. Installing the bas is quiet easy. Basically, you are just placing it in place which takes an average of 10-15 second. The lithium battery on this Ryobi can last you up to 40 minutes while it is on a full charge. This gives you plenty of time to mow the loan before you need to fully charge the battery again. It holds two batteries which allow an extended period for larger lawns.

Key Features

The brushless motor

For a successful battery powered lawn mower, you need to have one with a brushless motor. This is the only way you can ensure you get plenty of power while you are maximizing the run time. The electronic controls are an addition to the motor. They are a requirement because they give the mower power and ability to run on thicker grass and thinning back off.

The easy height adjustment

There is a great range of height on this mower to choose form. The range starts from as low as 1.5inches to as high as 3.75 inches. The cut of averagely 3 inches gives your grass the chance to grow thicker and choke out the weeds. Adjusting this cutter is easy. You need one action to move the lever that controls all four wheels, not much effort is needed. The lever locks into place strongly.

The folding storage

This is one of its unique features that stand out among multiple lawn mowers. It has the ability to fold up, turning into a space saving size. The Ryobi has a handle that telescopes downward and folds over the top. All you have to do is stand the mower up on is rare and set it in a corner. This action enables it to take much less room than any other gas mower.

The telescoping handle on the Ryobi gives you ability to lock the height in for all users instead of a couple of preset detents. You need to lower the height adjustment down tightly lock in the handles.

The quiet engine

The Ryobi 40v mower is more silent than an in house vacuum. The big advantage of this lithium ion mower is that they do not have any issues associated with the gas engine mowers. You do not have to mix fuel and oil for this mower, no carburettors to gum up, there are no emissions and the operation is very quiet. The Ryobi brushless 40v mower carries all these benefits making lawn mowing easy for you.


  • Runs will on thick grass and weeds
  • The power is great when compared to other gas mowers
  • Very easy to start
  • Very long warranty
  • It backs off when in thinner growth
  • No air pollution
  • A quiet operation


  • Does not work well in wet conditions
  • You need multiple fully charge batteries for a larger lawn mower
  • The power tappers off, making stalling more frequent


The Ryobi 40v mower is a great pick for people with 0.25 acre lawns or less. If you are working with a slightly bigger area you could get this loan with an extra battery. While you can get a better performing mower within its category, you will need to dig for extra cash from your pocket. The mulching and bugging plus the side discharge and the clean cut makes it a pretty good performing lawn mower.


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One of the many things that stand out with this mower is the folding action and easy height adjustment. You have to be pleased with the fact that you will not need to fuel the mower, which is essentially great for the environment with no emissions. The lithium battery gives you around 40-45 minutes of uninterrupted runtime. One major complaint on the battery is the stutter performance and sound between the 40 and 45 minutes when the battery is getting depleted.

The performance of the Ryobi 40v mower is great for most lawns. You can use it on thick and thinning grass and bushes. It does better even when the grass is dense enough to provide resistance against the blade. The price of this machine is quiet compelling, especially for a 20 inch brushless mower with a charger and battery.

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