Honda Hrx217 Review

Are you looking for a powerful lawn mower that cuts and mulches perfectly? The Honda hrx217 review will provide you with the information on why this is a great product for daily use. It runs fast and smoothly, enabling you to mow your lawn in a great and consistent fashion. Honda Hrx217Review

Honda Hrx217

Honda HRX217VLA 21" Walk Behind Lawn Mower w/ Electric Start
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Honda Hrx217 Overview

Honda is a large company with a reputation for good quality products like engines and the Honda hrx217 is no exception. If you love a clean cut yard that you can stand in and enjoy the sun in the summer then you are going to need the Honda hrx217. Any yard that is larger than half an acre requires a riding mower but if you have territory half an acre and less, you can use a self propelled push lawn mower.

The average speed of 3mph which is similar to an average walking speed will take you half an hour to one hour to complete the task.

The Honda performs well, giving you a very clean cut.


Cuts and mulches well

You can turn off the blades without turning off the engines

The self propel system makes it highly maneuverable

4 in one multi options

Easy to set up and start

Very silent while operating

The grass bag is easy to use.


The wider wheels are not convenient for places with longer grass

Improper weight distribution caused by the rear drive transmission

​What To Expect From The Honda Hrx 217

The cutting ability of the Honda hrx217 is great; this model leaves you with a very even surface after the task. This is what you should look for in a lawn mower. It does not bog down or stall while you are cutting longer grass. Repeat Stalling will not be a problem with the Honda HRX217.

The Honda mower is really great at mulching. For people in the market for mulching power, the Honda will not be a disappointment. The twin blades are great for mulching. You can do it with both dry and dump grass and you will not have an issue coping with any thick grass either.

This gas mower’s engine is a little on the loud side. The typical gas mowers can produce between 90 to 100 decibels of sound while you are working. The Honda hrx217 produces around 98 DB which is quiet loud. This is because of the large engine; you will need hearing protection to maw the loan for an extended period of time.

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Honda Hrx217 Features

NeXite deck

You will no longer have to deal with the aluminium and steel decks that rust and go through paint peeling. The NeXite deck on this Honda is made from a highly durable polymer material. The deck has several benefits, the lightweight gives you better manoeuvrable, you can trim very close to fences, it is easy to clean and the edges and walls whist at a constant 21 inch cutting width.

Cutting Blades

A Microcut blade system is attached on the Honda hrx217. This means that you are cutting the grass with two blades as opposed to one like in other basic lawn mowers. This is beneficial as it produces very fine clippings into the bag, reducing the need to empty it very often. Having smaller clippings makes it possible to have a 3.1 cubic foot discharge bad, which is quiet larger than the basic 2 cubic bag. The bad is angled perfectly so you can fill it to the brim without halting the blade. The disadvantage of having such a large bag is that the machine becomes heavier making it harder to empty.

Adjustable Blades

The adjustable handle makes this lawn mower comfortable to people with different heights. Both short and tall people can purchase this Honda and work with it comfortable. You do not need to hunch over the mower because of a short handle or raising your hands too high on a tall handle.

4 in 1 Versamow system

This is one of the special and unique features of the Honda. This system is created to allow you to mulch, bad, shred leaves ad rear discharge without needing additional inserts and attachments. Additionally, there is an extra lever on the mower which is called the clip director with several settings including the bagging mode. The system is pretty easy to use and allows you to half mulch and half bag. If you want, you could also do a 3:1 portion of the two. The versatility of this mower makes it very unique.

Cruise Control

The Honda hrx217 Is a self propel model. You also get a hydrostatic cruise control system with 9 different settings for speed. This way, you can find the perfect speed setting on the mower for your own pace. You can do a slow jog and a stroll on this mower depending on your needs at the moment.This speed system is perfect for slopes and hills.

Rear Wheel Self Propulsion System

Honda hrx217 has a variable drive system you can control with a thumb. The controls, located in the middle of the handlebar can be adjusted to a variety of angles. They are also pressure sensitive.

Blade Brake System

Although this feature is in quiet a few other mowers, it is considered as a luxury lawn mower. You can shut off the blades without having to turn off the engine. This feature allows you to step away from the mower for a few seconds or minutes. You can remove stones from the lawn or empty the grass catcher so you will not need to restart the engine to continue the work.

Final Word/Verdict

With seven cutting levels, the speed levels, the bagging action and the multi cutting action, the Honda hrx217 is a top of the range lawn mower. I can say that you actually pay for all the features on the Honda and get your money’s worth. Compared to other variety with similar properties, the Honda hrx217 is a great win. The convenient and time saving features on this mower give you a versatile, quality, cut. Generally, it is a well made mower.

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