Best Dump Cart For Lawn Tractor 2020 [Review & Buying Guide]

Buying Guides/ February 2, 2020

Gorilla Carts Dump Cart

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PowerSmart Self-Propelled Mower

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Snapper HD Self-Propelled Mower

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If you are into gardening or farming, you definitely understand the value of dump cart around your space. You will most likely spend a good chunk of your time maintaining and taking care of your lawn.

Having a quality dump cart by your side can reduce your workload by a significant margin and help you save time for other activities that you enjoy. It is crucial that you find one that suit your lawn needs the best. Fortunately, you don’t have to dig hole in your pocket to buy one.

There are multiple dump cart brands in the market, making it difficult for prospective buyers to purchase a functional cart.  Hence, here is a list of 5 of the best dump carts for a lawn tractor to help you find the right one.

Gorilla Carts Dump Cart – GOR6PS

Gorilla Carts is a brand that is known for quality and durability – meaning you will be getting a product that offers great value and longevity.

One of the best things about this cart is the large capacity it can hold and many have tested it to the extremes and found it to have no problems handling excessive loads. The fact that it also has a very small turning radius makes it an easy to handle cart.

The handle adjustments are easy to change to allow the user to go from pulling the cart by hand to attaching it to a tractor or lawn mower. The handle also features a soft cushion making it more comfortable to pull.

What really sets this cart apart from the other dump carts we reviewed is the quick-release to dump your contents. At the end of the bed is a release handle, you just pull that and the cart will go into a vertical position making it is easy to remove the contents. The down side is you will need to have some strength to get it in full vertical position as it does not “auto-tip” – it just releases the cart to allow you to begin the tipping.

For this reason we recommend – if you are weak like me, to not load up the cart with more than you can handle.


  • Can pull up to 1,200 pounds
  • Convertible handle so you can pull or attach to a lawn mower
  • Quick release dump technology that allows for easy dumping
  • Pneumatic 13″ tires
  • Powder-Coated steel
  • Cart weighs 54 pounds
  • Cart measures 44″ x 25.7″ x 26.2″

Comes with a 1 year limited warranty.


Needs assembly
Dumping feature is sometimes not smooth
Cart is on the heavier side

Agri-Fab Dump Cart – 45-01010

Snapper has a long history and great reputation for creating great products you can trust. Their line of lawn mowers is no exception!

The Snapper HD 48V MAX is a cordless, battery operated mower that runs up to 60 minutes under lighter load conditions. Their recommended batter and charger that is not included is a Briggs & Stratton 48V MAX 5.0 Lithium battery.

Consumers to be satisfied overall with their purchase with the biggest complaint being the battery usage time not matching the expected 60 minutes that manufacturer claims. But, as they stated – this number varies based on circumstances!


  • Push button start
  • Brushless motor
  • Single lever 7 position height option ranging from 1 3/8″ – 3 3/4″
  • Vertical space saving storage capabilities
  • Load sending technology that maximizes power level while mowing which can maximize efficiency
  • 20 inch steel mowing deck
  • 3-in-1 design includes mulch, bag or side discharge clippings
  • Estimated 60 minute run time
  • 48V MAX 5.0 Lithium battery
  • Weighs approximately 60 pounds
  • Self propel feature can be turned on or off

3 year limited consumer warranty.

2) Agri-Fab 750-Pound Max Utility Tow Behind Dump Cart 

The Agri Fab is considered a great dump cart tool because of its ability to convert from a push car to a tow cart in a couple of seconds. This cart weighs up to 66 pounds; seems heavy but it is legitimately easy to manoeuvre. The build on this cart is strong enough to handle a wide variety of heavy duty garden jobs. The unique design of the Agri Fab utility tow allows multiple uses. You can use it to haul, tow and dump. The feature also makes it easy to load mulch, firewood, gravel, soil, logs, tools and other materials.

It measures a good 8 cubic feet which is the perfect size for anyone to move around in the garden. It has Pneumatic wheels with a 5/8 inch diameter axle. The wheels help you navigate through different terrains. The grooves on the floor bed have potential to collect debris but you can avoid this by hosing and wiping it down after action.

This tow or push dump is made with a poly finish that promotes its durability. This model gives you an extra hand, especially when you have a significant ground you want to cover.  The Agri Fab can easily tag along even with the added packaged.

The poly bed is painted with a powdered finish. The finish is scratch resistant and very easy to clean up. It protects the Agri Fab against any destruction by rust.  This lawn cart is designed to take the toughest jobs and withstand a beating without even showing.  The steel frame is also rust free and can support a load of up to 750 pounds. This makes it easy to move yard waste, concrete and garbage among other heavy duty materials.

When it comes to attachment, the Agri Fab has all the right properties. You can attach it to a tractor with the hitch. The hitch is devised with a cotter key and a pin, making it efficient for attachment. This cart is perfect for people with small, medium sized loans and those with endless acres of land.

Unloading the cart is quite easy; it is equipped with a single release lever that has a dump mechanism. Unloading your cart is non-strenuous when you have this special feature.  The wide handle is perfect for controlling the car better and allowing both actions of pushing and pulling to be effortless and sufficient.


  • Versatility
  • Pneumatic tiles lets you travel on multiple grounds’
  • The poly bed makes it durable


  • The wheels pick up debris as you are working

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The polar trailer HD 1500 is versatile utility dump made from high quality materials. It is well designed and constructed; which makes it unique to other dumping carts in the market. It comes with unpredictable specifications in terms of the color, size and design.  The materials make the cart durable, reliable and flexible in its capacity and functions. The features on this utility cart make it great. They come in extras so you can replace any worn out or broken parts.

It is made of all steel frames, which is quite a great concept for a dump track. The material creates maximum stability and is made with incredible smoothness to help you balance out the heavy loads on any terrain. You can use it to transport or haul goods of up to 1500 pounds. It is perfect for hauling dirt, gravel and other materials.

The steel frames are powder coated, which prevents any rust formation while you are working with dump products. The high impact body on the other hand is made of polyethylene which is also rust free and sturdy.

The polar trailer is an all rounded cart that is built to last and transport heavy duty materials. It is helpful for people who love small gardening activities and also those with considerably larger farms. One unique thing about this cart is that it handles heavy duty products well than most carts in the market.  It is designed to travel very rough terrain while withstanding overwhelming capacities.

It weighs 203 pounds which is not surprising at all given the material it is made of and its capacity. This 22 cubic feet cart will save you a lot of trips across a large farm. The capacity is able to carry plenty of products in a single trip. The latch on this cart is created for a single quick release.   This makes it easy for you to move things around the garden.


  • Long lasting
  • Can carry major loads
  • Caters for a variety for functions
  • Well designed
  • You can use it on multiple terrains


  • Expensive

Complicated expensive

  • It is expensive

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4) Polar Trailer LG10 Utility Cart

When it was creates, the LG10’s main intention was use in home application and lawn care. The polar LG10 is the perfect model for any yard, farm, or garden. It is so expandable; you can use it in small backyard landscaping as well as some farm activities.  It is designed for off rod use and can go for a maximum OF 10mph. you can tow this cart as long as it is not on high speed application like the highway.

The tubular frame technology of the polar trailer LG10 makes it superior and strong.  The metal sheet frames are built to last. This means that you will be using this utility cart for a long time without having to worry about breakdowns. This utility cart has undergone vigorous testing by polar to ensure durability and hard work on your yard.

It features an all steel frame with a powder coat finish; this ensures it is rust free and will carry anything that has some liquid consistency across the yard without any damage.  The heavy duty polyethylene tab allows you to carry multiple garden materials without breakage.

 With a medium range capacity of 10 cubic foot hauling the Polar Trailer LG10 trailer can carry up to 900 pounds.  It has the ability to carry around 13 cubic metres foot hauling. This means that you can stack up some firewood, tools and other farming hauls.

 It has a quick release tipper latch that allows you to dump your load at once and make the work as easy as possible. The quick release works with a tilt and swivel dumping action which does not require a lot of force generation from you.  This utility trailer also works with a high ground clearance, which makes it one of the most versatile trailers in the market.

Polar Trailer LG10, as mentioned is ideal for landscaping. It is recommended for people with multiple yard projects. It performs well on any size garden.


  • Multiple uses
  • Made of heavy duty polyethylene
  • Rust free steel frame


  • Heavy

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MotoAlliance Impact Implements Utility Dump Cart

The MotoAlliance Impact Implements AVT dump cart was created to be a multipurpose cart and they did just that!

From the easy to remove side mesh walls to the easy quick release to allow for easy dumping of your contents, this cart will meet all your lawn needs from mulch collection to branch removal and so much more.

The tub is made of high impact polyethylene material and has a capacity of 15 cubic feet or 1500 pounds which is probably more than most of us will ever need.

The 18 inch tires offer a great base for the cart and are bigger than most other dump carts we looked at.

This dump cart is exclusively for use as a trailer for a lawn mower or tractor and is not for pulling with your hands as no handle is included.


  • Load capacity of 15 pounds
  • Removable mesh side rails
  • Weighs 120 pounds
  • Measures 80.5″ x 42.5″ x 30″
  • 18″ 4-ply pneumatic tires
  • Foot release dump latch and tile trailer
  • USA made poly tub made with high impact, polyethylene

Warranty is not clear on Amazon or on manufacturers website.


No standard handle, only for attaching to a mower or tractor
Warranty is not clear

Best Dump Carts For Lawn Tractors Buying Guide

Getting the right dump cart for your lawn mower will be dependent on your needs, personal abilities and budget.

Below are some things to consider before making a final purchase.


Like stated, dump carts are categorised into the 800lbs and the 100-2000lbs based on their load bearing capacities. The load capacity you choose will determine the load you will be able to carry across the given field. Load capacity also affects the price tag. If you are working on a farm, you need one with a bigger capacity as opposed to people working on gardens.


How mobile do you want your dump cart to be?  The size of the wheel will determine the mobility of your cart. A dump cart with larger of heavier wheels ensures bigger mobility. This feature is useful when carrying larger loads.


You want to keep an eye on the overall weight before it is loaded. A lighter dump cart help you carry the loads better and make the work much easier. The weight of the dump cart also affects the mobility. Poly based wagons are much lighter than the metallic ones.


A good dump cart should handle more than one purpose.  Regular carts can only manage plants and mulch. If you are going for a dump cart, you should ensure it does much more than that. dump carts have a wide range of gardening task, while not all of them can handle all the tasks, they preferred one should be able to handle most of them. They include moving plants, rock, wood, soil, equipments, rubbish and produce.


  • The poly tub trailer

Polly tub is an expensive material and favoured by many people

It is ideal because it is made of tough plastic materials and can be very durable. The plastic is very good quality and will not crack. Additionally, it is water tight which means you can use it to haul wet loads like manure and messes without having them leak out. You can clean it up easily if you have a garden hose.

  • The plastic tub

You can opt for a cheaper plastic tub. In appearance, it looks much like the poly but it is quite different in structure. The plastic is much thinner and cannot take all types of loads. It can cave in easily when you overload and will not last you for as long as you expect. Plastic readily tears, cracks and splits which explains why it is cheaper.

  • The steel tub

Steel is also expensive and a good material for sump carts. You will not need a shoe to empty the cart. It is very heavy which means your work will be twice as hard while moving things around. they are very expensive but the material is durable

Final Thoughts

There are several carts available in the market and their quality highly depends on the amount of cash you are willing to use to purchase a dump art. The less expensive carts are made of different materials to the expensive ones.

If you are not keen on looking for the difference between the good and bad dumps you will end up purchasing a poor quality cart. Poor quality carts have less quality and not to mention the less durability. The cheaper ones will last you for up to a year and you will have to replace that with a new one.

At the end of the day it all comes down to how much money you are willing to cash out and the type of landscape or work you have.