Best .080 Trimmer Line Reviews – 2021 Edition

Are you aware that the diameter and the shape of your trimmer line can actually determine how efficient and quick your grass and weeds are cut? Trimmer lines are now made available in different diameter sizes and shapes to be utilized for lighter and heavier jobs.

The thickness of your weeds and grass and the size of your own yard must be determined prior to choosing your line diameter or shape. The varied types of lines can help you cut your task time in almost half and create more even and cleaner cut.

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What Is The Best .080 Trimmer Line To Buy?

The best trimmer line to buy will usually depend on the size of the yard and the type of grass trimming, gardening or landscaping works that need to be done. If you are looking for the best trimmer line for light and medium-duty trimmer line option, you can choose the best .080 trimmer line. This is a versatile and reliable outdoor tool that is often utilized to get rid of grass and weeds.

Are you thinking about what string trimmer line to choose when faced with lightweight and medium grass trimming works at home? Keep in mind that it helps to choose a functional yet budget-friendly weed eater strings.

You do not really need to spend lots of money because the best .080 trimmer line is now available to help you with thick or thin grass and weed cutting. This is a premium quality line that won’t make your pocket burst.

Trimmer line comes in varied gauges wherein some are suited for heavy duty works while the others are suited for medium-duty tasks, and few others are perfect for those light-duty works. The good thing is that there are the .080 variant transcending boundaries between light to medium duty works. This means that you can rely on this in most of your trimming jobs at home.

There are various choices available, but if you are after the best .080 trimmer line, the following can be your excellent choices:

DEWALT DWO1DT802 String Trimmer Line (.080-Inch x 225-Feet)

DEWALT Trimmer Line, 225-Foot by 0.080-Inch (DWO1DT802)
  • 225-feet long x 0. 080-inch width
  • Constructed of flexible and impact resistant materials
  • Aerodynamic design

This product was designed with cordless trimmers in mind. This string trimmer line is an excellent aerodynamic trimmer line maximizing cutting efficiency. This trimmer line was crafted from a combination of flexible and impact-resistant materials. You can rely on this trimmer line in running your cutter for various uninterrupted years.

Though this may not be as powerful as its counterparts that are meant for heavy and light commercial tasks, this best .080 trimmer line is perfect for the majority of household chores. This product comes with 225 feet length that is generously long enough to help you through tough working days.


  • The extended length of the string
  • Affordably priced
  • Durable and impact-resistant materials
  • Works excellently as described
  • Works with many trimmers aside from DeWalt


  • Might break if used excessively for medium-duty works

Cyclone Commercial Grade Trimming Line 080-Inch-by-200 Foot

Desert Extrusion Cyclone CY080D1/2 .080" x 200' Commercial Trimmer Line Green
  • Choice of landscaping professionals; Color coded by diameter size
  • Made in the USA

Trimming is considered a monotonous and manual job to the point that you do not need another headache in working with ineffective trimming lines. This .080 trimming line is an exclusive product of Desert Extrusion Corporation.

This trimmer line was manufactured, making use of the finest, highest standards, state of the art, and premium quality technology. This trimming line was crafted from co-polymer formulation, so you can expect that this trimmer line is strong and can last for the longest time.

This comes in greed color and is about .080 inches by 200 feet. This trimmer line is 6-bladed in shape for more robust cutting power and makes this tool more suited for light-duty commercial works.


  • It’s a commercial grade
  • It’s affordable
  • The six-blade shape makes this trimmer line more powerful and capable of handling heavy works
  • Comes in visible green color
  • Durable since this is crafted from co-polymer
  • Doesn’t tangled in spool


  • Short as compared to other trimmer line brands

Oregon 23-180 Gatorline Trimmer line .08-Inch 3-Pound Spool

Oregon 21-880 Gatorline Square String Trimmer Line .080-Inch Diameter 3-Pound Spool
  • Impact resistant – Gatorline is made from a Nylon co-polymer that is...
  • Square trimmer line – Slices through vegetation with a clean, even...
  • Fits many popular string trimmer models including, but not limited to:...
  • Made by Oregon, one of the most trusted brands for trimmer line

This trimmer line is manufactured by Oregon and crafted from premium-grade co-polymer so you can expect this product to be durable and strong, making it perfect for getting rid of weeds from your yard. This trimmer line was specially designed to fit standard trimmer heads. This weighs about 3 pounds and is about 8 inches by 1248 feet, this trimmer line comes in red color and round in shape.

This Oregon 23-180 Gatorline Trimmer line is fully compatible with those machines that utilize .080 diameter trimmer lines. On top of these all, this premium quality trimmer line doesn’t get entangled easily, and so this remains an ideal bet for the uninterrupted and smooth trimming sessions. This 1248 feet trimmer line is such a long roll that can last a lifetime.


  • This product is durable
  • This comes in red color which is good for grass and weed trimming since red is a visible   color
  • This is long at around 1248 feet


  • This trimmer line may not be suited for heavier duty works such as tough weeds and thick buses
  • This can be noisy at times

LoNoiz Commercial Grade Trimming line 080-Inch-by-400-Foot

Oregon Gatorline 1-pound Round String Trimmer Line of .080-inches x 413-feet – Fits Most Trimmer...
  • Long-lasting, high-quality, and breakage-resistant trimmer line for...
  • Fits most standard trimmer heads - including fixed-line, semi, and...
  • Fits many popular string trimmer models including (but not limited...
  • Impact resistant for stronger performance – Gatorline is made from a...

LoNoiz is a Desert Extrusion Corporation brand. This came in green color and was specially designed for effective commercial-grade trimming. This trimmer line is .080 inches by 400 feet and spiral in shape. This trimmer line was made with the use of the latest technology to guarantee a long lasting and quality trimmer line.

Its spiral shape provides this tool better cutting power, so this can handle even the heavy-duty and tough commercial-grade trimming. Moreover, its spiral shape tends to decrease unwanted noise during trimming. Utilizing this trimmer line is, therefore, a great way of minimizing weariness and allowing you to carry on with your tasks even for longer hours.

This quality trimmer line can smoothly cut through the weeds and bushes. This line can also last longer, so it will also take long to reload, saving you more time and effort and also make your landscaping jobs more efficient.


  • This product comes in visible green color
  • This trimmer line is affordable as compared to other brands
  • This is guaranteed a commercial grade trimmer line with a longer length of about 400 feet
  • Reduced noise


  • This trimmer line is only specific to .080 diameter trimmer machines

Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial Grade S Trimmer Line.080-Inch x 1,152-Foot

Arnold Maxi-Edge .08-Inch x 140-Foot Commercial Grade Trimmer Line
  • Maxi Edge .080" Trimmer Line
  • Universal / Fits most straight and curved shaft string trimmers
  • Contains 7 refills, 140 ft.
  • Includes cutting tool

Arnold Corporation exclusively manufactures this trimmer line. This commercial-grade, durable, and functional trimmer line is about .080 inches by 1152 feet and comes in visible green color. Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial Grade STrimmer Line is widely known as a six-point star universal trimmer line, so this is capable of fitting to most curved string trimmers as well as the straight shaft trimmers.

This trimmer line was specially designed durable and strong, utilizing the finest materials. This is also capable of trimming up almost thrice more areas as compared to ordinary trimmer lines. Additionally, this trimmer line is long and is capable of doing 52 refills. This will, therefore, take time to replace this trimmer line since it’s long and durable. This .080 trimmer line is ideal for commercial-grade trimming works.


  • This can trim up to three times more areas than the ordinary  lines
  • This is manufactured by a reputable company with more than 50 years of experience in the industry
  • This trimmer line is long enough
  • This is universal
  • This product is affordable than other brands


  • This is particularly made for machines fully compatible with trimmer lines having .080 diameter

Maxpower Trimmer Line .080-Inch Twisted 280-Foot Length

Maxpower 338807 Premium Twisted Trimmer Line .080-Inch Twisted Trimmer Line 140-Foot Length,Yellow
  • Commercial grade trimmer line
  • Features includes decreased equipment vibration and more impact power
  • Made from commercial grade premium co-polymer resins
  • 7 refills; 140-foot length in optic yellow color; Proudly Made in USA

This is another best .080 trimmer line manufactured in the US, utilizing only the finest and highest quality materials. This undergoes excellent craftsmanship, so you can expect this trimmer line to handle even heavy and tough trimming works.

This trimmer line displays a lot of good features that also speak for its efficiency and durability. This was crafted from commercial-grade quality co-polymer resins.

This trimmer line is about .080 inches by 280 feet and twisted in shape. Thus it can operate with a 50% reduced noise. Additionally, its design tends to minimize equipment vibration. This trimmer line can lasts long and got reduced line drags.

This is also energy efficient and easy to use. Utilizing this .080 trimmer line allows you to do fewer reloads so you can work on more in minimal time. Its 280-foot length is ideal for 14 refills.


  • Twisted shape
  • Suited for heavy commercial-grade tasks
  • Less noise and less vibration
  • Less fatigue
  • Durable


  • Some find this trimmer line short

Oregon Gatorline String Trimmer line 21-380 .080-Inch-by-416-Foot 1-Pound

Oregon 21-880 Gatorline Square String Trimmer Line .080-Inch Diameter 3-Pound Spool
  • Impact resistant – Gatorline is made from a Nylon co-polymer that is...
  • Square trimmer line – Slices through vegetation with a clean, even...
  • Fits many popular string trimmer models including, but not limited to:...
  • Made by Oregon, one of the most trusted brands for trimmer line

This trimmer line is another great product of Oregon. This is .080 inches by 416 feet and weighs about a pound. This trimmer line is round-shaped and comes in visible green color. This trimmer line was crafted from premium quality co-polymer materials, so this is durable and strong. This was designed to fit the heads of standard trimmers properly.

In addition, the design of this trimmer line makes this tangle-free, and it cannot be denied that few tangles make working with this trimmer line fast and efficient. Since this is long lasting, you can expect this to have a few reloads, saving you more money and time.


  • This trimmer line is considerably long at 416 feet and can do around d 20 refills
  • This trimmer line is tangle-free
  • This is crafted from high quality, ever wonderful and durable co-polymer materials


  • This .080 trimmer line cannot really handle heavy works including tough woods and thick bushes

Factors to Be Considered When Purchasing a Trimmer Line

All trimmers would require a substitution trimmer line. Every trimmer line can’t keep going forever on the grounds that they wear out during cutting or trimming, requiring replacement. In spite of the fact that trimmer lines appear to be identical, save for the color, packaging, and price, they have various highlights, which make them more functional in unexpected ways.

There are significant features that need to be considered when purchasing trimmer lines. Think about its measurement, particularly the diameter, the length, and the material used in making or producing the trimmer line and its shape as well. What’s more, you also need to consider whether it is universal or not.

The trimmer line’s diameter decides if this line is perfect with your machine or not. Numerous diameters exist including .095 inches, .155 and .080 inches. The trimmer line’s shape decides its capacity or power. The normal trimmer line shapes are round, multi-sided, serrated, and twisted.

Round trimmer lines are perfect for light works, while the multi-sided lines handle mainly are best for the medium works. The serrated and twisted lines are intended for heavy duty and tough tasks. The trimmer lines are produced using various materials, including nylon, aluminum, and co-polymer. Heavy duty ones are produced using a mix of materials to make them durable and strong.

Why Does My Trimmer Line Keep Breaking?  

Trimmer lines are known to make mowing weeds or grass near obstacles such as landscaping rocks and trees easier and fun job. But unfortunately, trimmer lines can also give up notoriously and prematurely, leaving you feeling stressed and frustrated to face another visit to the nearest shop for a replacement.

Trimmer lines are indeed built to last long; however, many would agree that these lines sometimes break at any point. This can surely be annoying and can also be unhealthy when it comes to your finances.

Then following are the reasons your trimmer lines keep on breaking:

One of the common reasons behind the trimmer line’s frequent breaking is flawed techniques on trimming, particularly when working near certain areas or working on particular conditions. If you expose your trimmer line to intense danger while edging and trimming thick grass, you better stay away and be out of harm.

The trimmer can suffer from ultimate stress and can break off and thwarting all your efforts to attain a perfectly groomed yard that will make your entire neighborhood envy. Hard objects and surfaces like rocks and walls are also menacing since this can also break the line easily when you mow close to them.

Another reason your trimmer line keeps on breaking more often is using the wrong type of trimmer line. Though there are reasons behind trimmer lines’ frequent breaking, you have to remember that there are still measures that you can implement to make the most out of these landscaping tools.

Is Thicker Trimmer Line Better?

The real cutting segment of brush cutter or power trimmer is its trimmer line. Due to this, the kind of trimmer line utilized in a yard trimmer significantly influences how the machine cuts, what the machine can cut through, and to what extent the trimmer line will keep going for specific applications.

Picking the correct type of trimmer line must also be decided by the kind of trimmer being utilized, considering that most trimmers and majority of trimmer heads will just accept some given range of sizes and styles of lines.

Normally, as thickness and strength of garden or yard material tending to increase, a sharper, and heavier style of trimmer line is required.

Is thicker trimmer line truly better? You need to remember that the trimmer line really comes in various thicknesses. For lighter works, such as cutting weeds and grass, you have to settle with 0.065″-0.085”. For grass and weeds that are thicker, it’s ideal to have a 0.085″-0.110″ line to take care of the job.

Final Thoughts on the Best 0.080-Inch Trimmer Line

The best choice among the trimmer lines mentioned above is the 338813 Maxpower Trimmer Line and then followed by LoNoiz Commercial Grade Trimming line. The third best choice is the Cyclone Commercial Grade Trimming Line. Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial Grade Trimming Line is also a best bet followed by Oregon Gatorline Trimmer line .08-Inch 3-Pound Spool.

However, all of the .080 trimmer lines mentioned here have their own sets of features and unrivaled performance to boast. All you need to do is choose the one that perfectly meets your needs and the requirements of your yard. Remember that the best .080 trimmer line can deliver excellent results that you are actually hoping for.

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