Best .095 Trimmer Line Reviews

Gardening and landscaping are worthwhile activities, but to ensure positive outcomes in these pursuits, you need to have all the necessary tools ready for this venture. There are actually countless tools needed, but for trimming and getting rid of unwanted grass and weeds, trimmer lines are must-haves for your trimmers to function perfectly.

Trimmer lines are now becoming highly in-demand items, so the needs for such tools have also increased. Make sure to end up with the best trimmer lines that suit your needs, budget, and of course, your yard.

But what are trimmer lines anyway? For gardeners and landscapers, especially the beginners, they must know that trimmer lines, also known as a weed eater or weed whacker line, are beneficial gardening and landscaping tools noted for their excellent trimming functions.

This is a versatile and lightweight power tool commonly utilized to get rid of grass and weeds. The line’s head rapidly spins the monofilament string that makes use of the centrifugal force in cutting through grass and weeds efficiently with the aid of string trimmer.

 Some individuals may not know it, but your choice for the trimmer line can set the big difference between success and unsuccessful days at work. So make sure that you end up with the right and best trimmer line to use.

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The Best .095 Trimmer Line for Weed Eaters to Buy Now

When it comes to trimming, time is crucial, so you surely would not want to waste your time on repairing and adjusting malfunctioning or faulty trimmer line. If you really wanted to invest in the best .095 trimmer line, you need to very mindful and smart with your choices, considering that there are numerous choices available in the market. If you want to end up with the best product, you need to use more than your instincts.

The following are the most budget-friendly, awesome and the best .095 trimmer line that you can buy today:

Maxpower 333695 .095 Inch Trimmer Line

Maxpower 333695 Residential Grade Round .095-Inch Trimmer Line 855-Foot Length,Orange
  • Includes (1) 3 lb. Spool of round cut trimmer line
  • Measures 855" In length & .095" in diameter
  • Approximately 42 refills
  • Made in the USA

This trimmer line is 855-foot long and crafted from sturdy and quality nylon components. This is a feature making this trimmer line the best bet for those looking for long lasting and reliable trimmer line. This typically comes in orange color, and this trimmer line is suited for medium to heavy tasks such as managing the larger front and back lawns, managing commercial tasks, taming smaller lawns, especially those with heavy weeds.

The line offers generous diameters, ensuring you with excellent durability and cutting power that you can take advantage of confidently, especially when trimming stubborn grasses and weeds. Unlike other lines sold in the market these days, this trimmer line isn’t one of the advanced varieties that promise a lot of things but failed to deliver what is promised.

This means that this product is powerful enough to finish the job without any difficulty. This is also reasonably priced and guarantees great quality; therefore, you can rely on this to deliver lifetime cord supply. On top of these all, this trimmer line easy to fit in the trimmer and very flexible.

This weighs about 3 pounds and can be utilized for up to around 42 refills. This boasts its 0.095 inches diameter and a length of 855 feet. This length is more than enough to last for long. Moreover, Maxpower 333695 .095 Inch Trimmer Line comes in size that’s widely accepted by numerous trimmer heads. What is more, this trimmer line was made in the US, so you are assured that this product is of high quality.


  • Efficient and simple with no whistles and bells
  • Affordably priced
  • Tolerant to torture and abuse
  • Long lasting and can actually last for several years
  • Suited for light commercial use and average homeowners


  • Not really suited for full and heavy duty commercial use

Weed Warrior WW Pulverizer trimmer line .095 750’

Weed Warrior 17061 Titanium Trimmer Line, 0.095" by 200', Silver
  • SUPERIOR DURABILITY: Premium weed trimmer line built for the demanding...
  • PROFESSIONAL RESULTS: Commercial grade line cuts evenly on the first...
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE CUTTING: Excellent performance for a wide variety of...
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Compatible with all brands of string trimmers to...
  • MADE IN THE USA: Proudly made in the USA under tight quality controls

Made exclusively in the USA, the Weed Warrior Pulverizer trimmer line is produced to last. It is utilized for trimming and edging grass. This trimmer line is strong and works superbly in managing and getting rid of weeds.

Utilizing this trimmer line would allow you to work quicker and more productively. This trimmer line doesn’t stick in the trimmer, and furthermore, the line doesn’t easily break, and thus no continuous changing of trimmer lines is required saving you the time you would have utilized in unblocking your gas trimmer. Additionally, this trimmer line is universal and works smoothly in electrical, gas-fueled, and battery-operated trimmers. This line trimmer package includes a bonus line cutter.

Made under rigorous quality principles and standards, this trimmer line is intended for dependable and long-lasting performance. All things considered, this product can be a great addition to any yard maintenance tools and accessories set.

What is more, this best .095 trimmer line for edging is around 0.095 inches in diameter. Hence, this can conveniently handle the medium-sized weeds. The best part is that it flaunts a streamlined shape intended to limit drag for longer runtime.


  • This trimmer line is durable
  • This does not break off instantly
  • Line cutter is included and offered as a bonus
  • This trimmer line is long
  • This product is competitively priced


  • This trimmer line is short as compared to other lines

Arnold Maxi-Edge String Trimmer Line .095-Inch x 200-Foot

Arnold Maxi-Edge .095-Inch x 40-Foot Commercial Trimmer Line
  • Maxi-Edge .095" Trimmer Line
  • Universal / Fits most gas string trimmers
  • 40-foot orange line, 6-Point Star
  • Contains 2 refills

This is also another best .095 trimmer line specially designed as a replacement line suited for your mower. This is a maxi edge universal trimmer line fully compatible with electric machines, battery-powered, and gas-powered machines.

This trimmer line is available in orange color, making this more visible even when you are at work. This is also known to be strong and does not break off easily. This trimmer line ensures that you can definitely save reloading times. This trimmer line can also cut even the strongest and toughest weeds effectively. This trimmer line is 200 feet by .095 inches and can do around 10 re-runs.

This product is suited for commercial use and can cut thrice more spots or areas as compared to the economy trimmer lines. The best part of this trimmer line is that it’s affordable and easy to use. What is more, Arnold Maxi Edge trimmer line is crafted from a premium quality polymer material. This is tough, durable, and delivers sufficient power so you won’t need batteries.


  • This is universal
  • This trimmer line is affordable
  • This is manufactured by a reputable manufacturer Arnold with more than 50 years of experience and expertise when it comes to engineering quality
  • This is durable and tough
  • Eligible for shipping internationally


This trimmer line is shorter as compared to other .095 trimmer line brands

Cyclone Commercial Grade Trimmer Line CY095D1-12 .095-Inch-by-285-Foot

Cyclone .095-Inch-by-140-Foot Spool Commercial Grade 6-Blade 1/2-Pound Grass Trimmer Line, Orange...
  • Choice of landscaping professionals; Color coded by diameter size
  • Made in the USA

This trimmer line is specially designed for both home and professional use. This comes in orange color and crafted with unique features to fulfill users’ demands, particularly for commercial landscape tasks.

This trimmer line is 285 feet by .095 diameter. This was manufactured using quality copolymer, making this product more durable and stronger than other brands. Its six-bladed shape improves its performance, so this can, therefore, deal with tough weeds and bushes and trimming them finely and evenly.


  • Six-blade shape
  • Strong and durable
  • Suited for commercial landscaping
  • This trimmer line is universal so that it can function in the majority of trimmers


  • The length is somewhat short

Rotary 12179, Vortex Trimmer Line .095 X 1140′ 5 Large Spool

Rotary Item 12179, Vortex Trimmer Line .095 X 1140' 5 Large Spool
  • Diameter: .095" (2.41mm)
  • Length: 1140' (347m)
  • 5 lb Spool
  • Premium-Quality Vortex Trimmer Line
  • Made In The U.S.A

Manufactured and designed in the USA, the Rotary, Vortex Trimmer Line is a decent line for expert landscaping. Heavy duty landscaping works and home use. It has a .095 diameter and 1140’ and 5lb Spool. It works in machines that are fully compatible only with .095 diameter trimmer line.

It is intended to impress you and to last long, of course. It works productively, cutting well while requiring minimal effort from you and furthermore from the machine. It manages extreme landscaping features perfectly well, cutting weeds, trimming bushes, and many other tough surfaces.

Utilizing this machine will save you cash and time since you will do reloads after quite a while, and it works really quickly.


  • Qualified for international shipping
  • Strong and durable
  • Trims smoothly and effectively
  • Suited for commercial works


  • Some find the length of this trimmer line to be a bit short as compared to the other brands offered in the market
  • The trimmer line comes in black color making the line not visible

Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Square.095, 3 Lb.

Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Trimmer Line, 3 lbs
  • High cutting efficiency – Magnum Gatorline allows you to get...
  • Durable – High-strength inner core resists breakage which means that...
  • Square trimmer line – Slices through vegetation with a clean, even...
  • Fits many popular string trimmer models including, but not limited to:...

If you are in search of an efficient and reliable trimmer line, this one is one of the best .090 trimmer lines to buy. This square in shape trimmer line is a good choice if you want sufficient power needed to handle heavy duty and light trimming tasks, including tough woody stems, grasses, and weeds. Therefore, this trimmer line is perfect for both heavy duty and professional landscaping works.

It is built with a double polymer material and fortified with finest aramid fiber making it durable and strong. The center is adaptable with high strength, while the external layer of this trimmer line is fully weld-resistant. Since it’s weld resistant, it is more averse to stick when you’re cutting and trimming.  This is ultimately strong, so expect this trimmer line to function admirably around stones, driveways, fences, hedges, and other types of surfaces.


  • This trimmer line is so powerful
  • This works efficiently and effectively
  • This is durable and strong trimmer line
  • Cost-effective because it remains powerful and runs in the long run
  • Suited for both home and professional use
  • Less noise
  • The line is long enough


  • This is only compatible with the .095 diameter trimmers

Desert Vortex Commercial Trimmer Line .095 3-Lbs. Medium Spool 685 Feet

Are you searching for a business-grade and durable trimmer line? Desert Vortex Commercial Trimmer Line is a ground-breaking trimmer line that will meet all your expert landscaping needs. It is produced using nylon and in thus, tough and durable.

This trimmer line is made with a unique spiral design that makes the line quiet and powerful being more capable of cutting extreme weeds, shrubs, and surfaces. Its special spiral design guarantees the line doesn’t shudder. Likewise, this lessens vibration. Utilizing the Desert Vortex trimmer line will make you increasingly productive in your work by making perfect and even cuts. It will work best in your electric or your battery-operated trimmer.


  • This product is ultimately powerful
  • This is durable
  • This trimmer line is best in areas where noises are restricted
  • This can minimize vibrations and noise
  • This best .095 trimmer line is reasonably priced
  • The line is long thus can last long as well with its length of about 685 feet


  • This trimmer line’s spiral line does not really work perfectly with trimmers that are powered by gas

Essential Factors that Need to be Considered When Purchasing Trimmer Lines

Trimmers are usually purchased with a line that breaks off and then needs replacement. Trimming lines are specially designed as a replacement of trimmers powered by gas. When buying a trimmer line, you need to make sure that you will get a line that perfectly fits the model of trimmer that you have and can surely handle workloads.

What Is The Best Trimmer Line To Buy?

The best trimmer line to buy is the one that lives up with its promised functions and applications, but of course, you can only say that you have chosen the best one if you have pay for the product that perfectly meets your needs and the requirements of your yard. Depending on the tasks that need to be done, you can opt for .155 trimmer line, .080 trimmer line, or the .095 trimmer line.

There are other trimmer lines available in the market these days to address your needs. You just need to take some time doing your own online research and reading reviews shared by shoppers who have already made their actual purchases.

Is Thicker Trimmer Line Better?

Trimmer line comes in a different range of thickness. If you are thinking of when to use a thicker trimmer line, well, this is best suited for getting rid of thick weeds and grass. By using a thick trimmer line, doing this task will become a lot easier and more convenient for you. You will be able to get the job done without any difficulty and hassle since the thicker trimmer line will do the hard work for you.

What Is The Largest Trimmer Line?

Among the trimmer lines, the .155 inch is said to be the largest trimmer line available in the market these days. This product was made and designed to cut through anything that comes in its path. This trimmer line is also considered the strongest, so this .155 trimmer line is best suited for thickly weeded areas. These are usually made of finest and most durable materials like reinforced copolymer. This trimmer line is particularly designed to slash through the shrubbery and weeds with common use effectively. This is great for small and large yards.

How Can I Make My Trimmer Line Last Longer?

To make your trimmer line lasts longer, you need to use this properly and with utmost care. Aside from ensuring that your trimmer line lasts longer, you also need to pay close attention to the string and make sure to also make it last.

There are things you need to keep in mind to keep your string last, such as weed-eating techniques wherein you need to use weed eater the right way to preserve the string and make sure that it lasts longer.

You also need to keep in mind the spool size. Remember that all trimmer lines have the same sizes, and this sets a difference in how the line would go without replacing them. Also, the length, type, style, and brand of your string must be considered to make the string lasts longer.

Essential Features of a Good Trimmer Line

You now have to look at the following features in comprehensive details:


The string trimmer lines are known to be crafted by using different materials. Apparently, the heavy duty lines are manufactured out of powerful combinations of synthetic and premium quality aluminum, nylon, and polymers. On the other hand, light-duty trimmers are made from plastic and nylon materials. All materials mentioned provide the trimmer line with great strength and durability.


The trimmer line’s diameter directly influences the line’s capacity to cut through varied types of weeds. Usually, the bigger the line’s diameter, the greater the power it will have to cut through even the tough grass and weeds. The small grass or weeds require a trimmer line with a diameter of 0.60 to 0.80 inches. When it comes to the medium weeds, the ideal trimmer line is that with a 0.095-inch diameter.


Trimmer line comes in different shapes, and each shape defines how well the trimmer line cuts. There are round-shaped trimmer lines perfect for smaller tasks at home. There are also multi-sided lines that are ideal for medium-sized trimming tasks. The other trimmer lines have spiral-shaped lines. These options are best suited for areas of residence.

Best Buy

In this list of best .095 trimmer lines, top pick is the Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline. The majority love this trimmer line because of its square shape. This factor clearly provides the boost making this trimmer line ultimately effective, particularly in heavy duty and complex trimming tasks. This is ideal for both home use and professional use.

This product was constructed using the finest aramid fiber and polymer nylon reinforcements; therefore, this line is durable and flexible at its core. The exterior of this trimmer line is weld resistant, so it won’t get stuck in the course of trimming. Using this trimmer line makes it less noisy while trimming works are in progress.

Some Quick Facts Regarding Trimmer Lines

When shopping for the best trimmer line, it pays to know these essential facts:

  • The better the trimmer line ‘s quality, the longer it will last
  • Trimmer lines come in varied diameter, better check on your trimmer for the proper gauge suggestions and recommendations
  • Make sure to read a few reviews on  string trimmer to help you get an idea on what to expect and what is the best trimmer line to buy

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for the perfect weed eater line? Check the following frequently asked questions before making your final buying decision.

What is the best string trimmer line size?

*It all depends on the application. The tougher the tasks, the thicker the line should be.

Are the string trimmer lines safe?

*These trimmer lines are specially designed to be utilized with a line; thus, adding one blade can somewhat be so dangerous.

Can you use trimmer line on wet grass?

*It’s not advisable since wet grass can make trimmer lines unable to operate in its full capacity. This can eventually permanently damage your trimmer line.

Final Thoughts

The string trimmer lines come in all sizes, colors, and shapes. However, as most individuals have seen this time and again in this post, some factors are worth remembering prior to making a final purchase. If you are still unsure and undecided on what .095 trimmer lines to choose, this list will make it a lot easier for you. Experts recommend the Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline as the best choice for heavy duty and medium tasks. If you are still confused, this list will surely make the process of decision, making it easy for you.

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