Sun Joe Mj401E Review

Looking for a convenient mower that is extremely affordable and gets the job done? Check out the Sun joe mj401e review for a complete outline of a cheap, lightweight and compact lawn mower that is amazingly easy to use.


The sun joe is an affordable lawn mower, one of the cheapest in the market at the moment. It is basically a standard lawn mower with no frills. While it is not the most unique lawn mower out there, it gets the job done. The design on this machine is pretty much bare bone. You get all the parts you need to cut the grass on the lawn and pretty much no extras.

The bright green color of the mower, together with the plastic construction gives it a soft look. Most parts of this machine are constructed with a low resistant plastic which means you have to be careful not to roughen it up during the chores. All the parts except for the bar that connects the wheels and the blades are made of plastic. If you own a large lane, it is probably best that you stay away from the Sun joe mj401e.

If used over a rough area over a long period of time, it could age faster. The 14 inch deck is quiet small, which makes it convenient for smaller yards. If you have a bigger yard you’ll need multiple passes to complete the chore and this will be exhausting.

This is one of the lightest lawnmowers you will come across. It beats the average weight of electric mowers which are known to weigh 50 pounds. At 30 pounds, you can lift this mower around without much effort. It also makes storage pretty easy.

What should you expect?

When used on the correct type of lawn, the Sun joe mj401e gives you a considerably good quality cut. The steel blade installed on this machine is meant to give you a precise, nice, clean and even cut. The Sun joe cuts your grass at a very short height. The highest setting on the lawn mower is 2.4 inches, which is considerably quiet a short finish. If you are actually looking to cut your grass that short and wait a while before you have to mow your own again, the sun joe will be perfect for you.

The light weight of the sun joe makes it very easy to move around any garden obstacles. Turning around with this lawn mower should be easy. Lifting the machine should also not be an issue considering the weight.

The assembly of the Sun joe mj401e is so easy that you will not need the instruction manual to do it. One of the reasons why is that the assembly instruction manual is poorly written. All you need to do is pretty much attach the handle bar with the screws provided. Two pieces of plastic clips are included; they serve the purpose of connecting the power code to the lawn mower. The mower should be up and running in 10 minutes max.

Key Features

The motor

The impressive 12 amp motor pairs with the 14 inch deck to give you enough power to cut a diameter ration. This means that the mower has ability to cut grass very precisely and it will not bog down. Note that this works only if the challenges are realistic to the ability of the lawn mower.

The wheels

Both front and back wheels on this machine are 6 inches large. They are made of plastic and are not designed to travel over rough terrains. They travel or roll better on low cut and flat surfaces.

Starting the machine with a push button

The Sun joe mj401e needs a standard push button to start. This makes everything quiet simple all it takes to get this machine is a red button attached to the handle bar then a pill at the safety lever in the same area.

Grass bag

This machine comes with a grass catcher. This is a nice touch, especially for an entry level mower like the Sun joe mj401e. While the capacity is considerably small, it is enough for small lawn owners. The grass bag is easy to re-attach as it is to take off.

The safety lever

It is located on the far right side of the lawn mower. This means you can only use the right hand to control the safety lever. The safety lever pulls right up the handle bar, making it convenient to hold while you are mowing the lawn.

Height adjustment

There are 3 different setting on the Sun joe mj401e in regards to the height adjustment settings. The highest setting on the height adjustment is just at 2.4 inches. You have to manually adjust the settings. This means that the lever system is only found on the more expensive models.

The instruction manual is not so helpful when it comes to the height adjustment system. You would think that this should be included because it is an important step when it comes to mowing your lawn. All you need to do is turn over the mower and you should locate the three notches, one for each wheel. A spring mechanism is loaded under the notches. You will just need to push the notch of choice. It takes you more time but you will not have to do it regularly.


  • Simple assembly, you only need a screw and handle
  • Very light weight making movement very easy
  • The small compact design allows you to reach in all areas of you yards
  • It is very affordable
  • A very silent lawn mower
  • Requires minimal maintenance


  • The wheels are small and cannot handle rough terrain
  • The plastic construction will age faster than steel
  • Cuts grass at a very low level


It is pretty apparent that this lawn mower is perfect for people with smaller lawns. It has a small cutting deck and not made out of the most durable parts. For a machine that only takes on small jobs, you should expect it to last you several years. If you do not need a large, powerful gas controlled lawn mower, the Sun joe mj401e is perfect for you.


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