Best Lawn Care Services in Las Vegas

This is our 2021 list of the best lawn care businesses in and around Las Vegas, NV.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Lawn Care Services North Las Vegas

Selecting a lawn care provider to keep your lawn green and healthy is as significant a decision as selecting any other service to assist you to care for your home. Lawn care is very important to keeping your home beautiful, as anybody who visits your home will see your lawn and know if you are caring for your backyard properly. Whether you have just a front-yard full of St. Augustine grass that needs fertilizer or only a backyard lawn or both a front yard lawn and a backyard lawn, a good Lawn Care Services North Las Vegas will recommend you with the care you require on your own terms. While selecting a lawn care service, consider these three factors: cost, reputation, and customer service.

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Lawn Care at a Good Value

Different service providers will charge very different rates. Some of these rates will be pricey, while others may be unexpectedly cheap. If a rate is too costly, that provider may not be the most excellent choice for you and your financial plan. If, on the other hand, the rate a provider charges seems too contemptible, it may be because the quality of Las Vegas Lawn Maintenance that company provides is only worth the amount of cash they charge-which is not much. Investigate different rates for lawn care services around your area, and select one that is not too costly but also is not too cheap.

Look for a Good Status

It is for all time good to get services from a company that has a good status, whether you require lawn mowing or landscaping for your home. If you have family, friends, or colleagues who have hired a company, inquire them which lawn service they select and why.

Outstanding Customer Service

Last but not least, you should select a lawn care that offers you with good client service. This means that the corporation will have somebody accessible to answer significant questions when you call to find out more concerning the company. A good la

Our Mission on this page is to enhance customers’ outdoor living space by designing, building, and maintaining beautiful functional landscapes that meet their needs and exceed expectations.


Whether you are building a new home, office or retail facility or just wanting to renovate your existing landscape, Martinez Lawn Service is ready to help you achieve the look you want for your property. We will work with you to design a landscape that complements the specific characteristics of your home or place of business and associated property.

All landscaping work requires a preliminary consultation with the customer. We will provide you with a complete quotation for your review and approval prior to commencing work.

Pavers & Patios

Add style and comfort to your backyard.

We deliver high quality patio and paving services to transform your outdoor space. For over 11 years we have taken pride in the quality work we perform every day and strive for our customers to feel confident that they chose us to help enhance their home or office’s appearance. The quality of work we perform speaks for itself and is unparalleled in the Las Vegas Valley.

We handle paving and patio projects of all sizes and work with every paving material you can think of. So if you’re interested in brick, concrete, stamped concrete, pavers and even permeable pavers, contact us now!


Keep plants and lawns lush with quality irrigation design and maintenance.

Most residential sprinkler systems can be installed in less than 1 day. Whether it be grass sprinklers, drip systems, or both, Martinez Lawn Service can install a sprinkler system on your property either before or after the landscaping is installed.

Every property is different so an irrigation technician will meet with you on site to discuss your irrigation needs. A sprinkler system will then be custom designed and installed for you. Whether you want simple or hi-tech, a sprinkler system can be designed and installed to give you the irrigation control you and your plants desire.

We take pride in our ability to trouble shoot and repair your existing irrigation systems too. We will provide accurate, realistic, and reasonable rates for all irrigation repairs. We repair heads, leaks, backflows, valves, wiring and controllers.


Maintaining curb appeal for any residential & Commercial properties.

Let our lawn maintenance crew take care of your property so that you can focus on the things that matter most to you. We create maintenance programs that meet your budget and keep your landscape looking beautiful. What ever your needs may be, we are here to assist.

When it comes to commercial properties, we have staff available to adapt to the needs of your company. Whether it is large or small we can formulate a maintenance program that will maintain the professional appearance of your site as well as meet your budget.

Martinez Lawn Service Review

As of the summer of 2020 it looks like the Martinez Lawn Service has closed but keep on reading for other recommended providers.

Seeing the need for a quality landscaping company in Las Vegas, Martinez Lawn Service was created over 15 years ago to fulfill the necessity. We rapidly became known for our quick work, affordable rates, superior knowledge, and above all: our honesty. We make a promise to deliver 100% of what we say we will, nothing less.

We truly deliver valley-wide landscaping services,
our service areas include:$

Las Vegas

North Las Vegas


The Lakes

Nellis AFB

Blue Diamond

Indian Springs


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