How Does A Lawn Mower Throttle Cable Work?

Understanding the parts of your lawn mower can really help in the event something goes wrong! This guide will help you understand what the throttle cable in a lawn mower does and how you can trouble shoot some issues it may cause.

What does the lawn mower throttle do?

The throttle of your lawn mower is the component that actually controls the engine speed. It is used to start the engine and also helps control the speed of the blades while you are mowing your lawn.

In the engine of your lawnmower, you need to have a way of controlling the speed of the engine, and that is what a throttle does. It is a component that is very small in size, yet handles the governor and regulates the functioning of all the engine parts when you are using the mower.

It does this through pulling on a throttle cable, which controls the speed of the engine.

In many lawn mowers today, the throttle will mainly be automatic but you can still find manual types – especially in older models.

The engine will use it when you switch on the mower, and it will proceed to regulate the rate of consumption of fuel, as well as the blade speed of turning. This will prevent the instances of ‘fuel guzzling’ or inefficient cutting of grass when the blades rotate too quickly or too slowly.

When the engine is fails to function due to inefficiencies in fuel or power supply, or the throttle handle fails to adjust the entire unit accordingly, you will need to take the mower for servicing or replace the throttle if it suffers damage.

How does lawn mower throttle work?

Where is the throttle on a lawn mower?

Most modern push lawnmowers have an automatic throttle and they are usually connected to the carburetor’s intake valve.

Benefits of operating the throttle at full speed

For many people, operating the mower throttle at partial capacity might be their way of ensuring longevity of the entire system, but there are certain benefits that happen when you decide to have it at full speed. These are:

Less stress levels on the engine

The engine of your mower is meant to operate at full throttle capacity, and less than that will cause stress on the parts and the engine in general. These include;

Shortening of the battery life and poor recharge rates (if you are using an electric powered mower). Additionally, there are certain engines that do not begin recharging of the battery until it reaches a certain level of RPMs, and this will need you to use full throttle.

Use of more fuel amounts – contrary to popular belief, and this is because the engine is lagging in its operation, which it takes as a chance to increase oil use. Full throttle capacity will also reduce the chances of ‘wasting’ the cylinders in the engine, which also increases the lifespan of the pistons and related parts.

Vibrations of the parts – which eventually leads to engine failure over a long time. When you have the throttle partially open, there are different vibration frequencies that the inner parts of the engine will experience, and the stronger ones will eventually result in engine failure.

The mower will give your grass a cleaner cut.

When you are running the lawn mower at full throttle, the engine is moving faster which makes the blades rotate faster and that will allow the blades to make a nice clean cut giving your lawn that perfect finish.

At a lower throttle the blades will spin slower which may result in a more disheveled or uneven blade cut.

The mower is less likely to slow down in heavier grass

If you have a section of your lawn that has very dense or heavy grass running your lawn mower at full throttle will make it easier for your lawn mower to get through it.

Slower rotations or partial throttle usage may result in your mower clogging up and you may need to clear out the grass manually from the mower deck.

The engine will eventually operate at lower temperatures

The engine will; generate heat as it operates, and the cooling fan is meant to reduce the heat that can cause inefficiencies. When the throttle is completely open, it allows the cooling fan to push more air in the engine, and the mower becomes more efficient.

This is very important to note, especially when the lawn you have is on a hilly area. If the throttle is partially open, this means that the mower is prone to struggling with inefficiencies in power or fuel supply due to overheating, and long term damage to the parts.

Final thoughts

The throttle of your engine is among the most important parts, as it regulates the long term efficiency of the engine while you use it. For this reason, it is important to know how to increase its efficiency, and these tips will hopefully help in that.

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