Who Makes White Lawn Mowers?

White Lawn mowers came to be in 1970. The White lawn mower began after discontinuing the Minneapolis-Moline Town and Country Lawn mowers. After the discontinuation, the new brand was renamed White Town and Country Lawn tractors. 

MTD purchased the White Outdoor in 1981 and in 2010, the company stopped the production of new White Lawn tractors. These mowers have features that are found in much more expensive brands which are a value for your money. So, who makes white lawn mowers?


MTD White Mower LT46

The white lawn mowers from MTD are typically lower cost compared to other commercial models but comes with features that you can only find in the more expensive models. For instance, the lawn mowers by MTD feature a cast-iron front axle that makes the machine the sturdiest you can get. 

Additionally, they come with a grass mulch option which enables you to recycle the grass in your garden. This helps to replenish the grass with nutrients. 

The white outdoor lawn mowers come in two models; the LT46 which is the economical model (around $1400), and LT50 around ($1700), the more expensive model. 

The LT46 model features a hydrostatic engine that is powered using an overhead single valve 20HP cylinder. The 46” triple blade of the lawn mower is engaged manually.  On the other hand, the LT50 model has an automatic transmission powered by a 2 cylinder 22 HP engine that is more powerful. The 50” cutting deck on the LT50 model is powered by an electric PTO. 

Both the LT46 and LT50 white lawn mower models come with a pressurized oil system and an oil filter that you can replace. 

Other features of the more expensive model include a front bumper that helps to protect the machine. It also features a high back seat which offers better comfort while working on your garden. 


Husqvarna is a leading manufacturer of innovative and high-performance equipment ideal for maintaining large commercial properties and small yards. 

The company boasts of more than 330 years in the field, which gives them the experience to provide high-quality products. 

Husqvarna produced their first motorized lawn mower in 1947, and in 1959, they made their first home model lawn mower. It was the first company to introduce all-wheel drive walk-behind lawn mowers that offer enhanced stability on uneven terrains and hills.   

Husqvarna white lawn mowers are focused on getting your job done efficiently. Besides the attractive ergonomics, the lawn mowers function to ensure you get the results you expect. They are also easy to use which ensures you have a pleasant experience while using one. You can bid goodbye to injuries and muscle tensions while using the equipment. 

The white lawn mowers by Husqvarna come with a one-piece cutting deck that is designed for tough work. This makes the equipment durable.   

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