Who Makes Poulan Riding Lawn Mowers & Where Are They Made?

Poulan Riding Lawn Mowers are the ideal pick for anyone looking for a well-built lawnmower to tend to their lawns. These lawnmowers have a reputation for high quality and offer the best performance while caring for your lawns. 

Some users regard the machine as the most powerful equipment for all your agriculture needs. But who makes the Poulan Riding lawn mowers? 

Originally, Poulan was an independent company in the United States of America, and it was based in Shreveport, Louisiana. Chainsaw pioneer Claude Poulan founded the company as Poulan Saw Co. in 1992. 

The brand was later purchased by the Beaird Company, also known as Beaird Poulan. In 1972, Emerson Electric bought the company before Electrolux acquired it later in 1984. 

Today, the famous brand name produces outdoor power equipment such as lawnmowers, chain saws, and leaf blowers. Most of the products by the Poulan brand are targeted towards the mid-level consumer market. 

In recent years, the Poulan brand has offered a more upscale appearance by introducing the Poulan Pro products that provide a black and gold color scheme instead of Poulan’s conventional green. The upscale has pushed the Poulan products even higher in the market. 

The Husqvarna brand owns Poulan, and the two companies share their technologies, although they are separate brands with different product designs and qualities. Most of the best features in Husqvarna products can also be found in Poulan Pro products. Husqvarna is also known for producing high-quality lawn tractors and other outdoor power equipment. 


Poulan lawn mowers by Husqvarna are manufactured in the same place the company manufactures the Husqvarna saws. The manufacturing locations include Germany, China, the United States, Brazil, Sweden, and France. 

Poulan lawn mowers are designed to tackle different types of lawns in terms of size and difficulty. For instance, the Poulan Pro PR675AWD is an ideal choice for a yard with some thick and hard grass. 

It is also a perfect choice for dealing with various terrains and tricky inclines in your yard. Poulan’s lawn mowers are easy to clean and maintain and you‚Äôll have an effortless and straightforward time while starting it.¬†¬†¬†¬†

Poulan’s Lawn Mower Reviews

The Poulan brand has a line of lawnmowers, referred to as the CleanScape lawnmowers. The lawnmowers are believed to be reliable, lightweight, and efficient. 

The company produces lawn mowers with different drive systems, engines, and cutting decks to help carry out varied tasks and tackle different yards. 

Additionally, the lawnmowers have a high-tunnel design that allows airflow for the best performance and prevents overheating. The machines offer a superior cut and highly blended mulching. 

Poulan also provides various lawn mower accessories, including fuel lubricants, blades, belts, and battery accessories. 

If you have a larger yard, Poulan offers riding lawn mowers that come with a powerful engine, easy-to-use controls, and incredible traction. The riding lawn mowers with a fast, automatic transmission come with a 10-year warranty on the transmission belt. On the other hand, the models with reinforced decks have a 10-year warranty on the decks. 

The company also offers zero-turn riding lawn mowers that you can choose to cover more ground effortlessly and tackle your yard’s tight spots.   

Other types of equipment you can pick from the company to maintain your lawns include pole saws, blowers, trimmers, and tillers. 

The Poulan Pro cordless outdoor equipment can be powered using the 40-volt lithium-ion battery that ensures you enjoy a quieter experience. It also saves you from the trouble of smelly emissions and mixing fuel. 

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