Who Makes John Deere Riding Lawn Mowers & Where Are They Made?

John Deere lawn mowers & tractors are made by the John Deere company mainly in Waterloo, IA and Greenville, TN. Lower end products with the John Deere name on them are made by MTD. The company is famous for offering various types of high-quality machinery and heavy-duty equipment and can be purchased at big box stores such as Lowe’s, as well as outdoor stores and online.

The company has been in operation since 1837 when John Deere invented and started manufacturing farm equipment. He is the founder of the company that is today known as the International Powerhouse.

who makes john deere mowers & where are they made?

A Brief History

John Deere was born on February 7, 1804, in Rutland, Vermont. He was the third-born son of William Rinold and Sarah Yates Deere. The family relocated to Middlebury in 1805, where William Rinold Deere started some dealerships. 

In 1808, William embarked on a ship to England to pursue an inheritance that would improve his life and that of the family. Unfortunately, he was never seen or heard again from the time he embarked on the journey. 

John Deere was brought up by his mother alone, with a low income. When he was 17 years old, John learned the blacksmithing trade and started an apprenticeship, which he did in Vermont. 

John Deere traveled to Grand Detour in Illinois in 1836 to start his apprenticeship from scratch. Due to his skills, creativity, and diligence, John’s demand as a reliable blacksmith went up immediately. The new and groundbreaking farmers struggled to use the iron plows to rebuild the heavy and sticky grassland. 

Using his skills and experience, John Deere believed it was possible to have a well-shaped and polished plow that can undercut while cutting the furrows. He came up with the first plow in 1837 using a broken blade of a saw. 

By 1841, John Deere had developed 100 plows per year. Due to the growing demand for the plows, John Deere got a partner, Leonard Andrus, to create more plows. 

He broke the partnership in 1848 and moved to Moline in Illinois. There was more demand for other tools in Moline, including in transportation, water, and coal. 

He had made about 1,600 plows by 1850 and also expanded to produce other tools. 

John Deere transferred the leadership of his company to Charles Deere, his son, who was serving as the vice president. The father continued to act as the company’s president though he wasn’t involved in producing the tools. He was primarily engaged in civil activities. 

He later died in 1886 at his home in Moline. 


The John Deere Company seeks to come up with solutions that sustain the livelihoods of its customers. It also aims to influence the lives of communities around the world for future generations. 

The company is all about innovation and technology. It strives to come up with new ways of thinking and also create new ways of doing things. Innovation is not meant to disrupt the status quo. Instead, it helps to develop customer-centered solutions that will help make their jobs less challenging and profitable. 

Additionally, the company conducts business that is critical to life. With over 180 years of experience and loads of precision data, the company knows its customers and understands their businesses more than anyone else. 

They use technology that makes it possible for the customers to see satisfactory results on the job site and in the field.

The company always insists that it is there to help life leap forward. Thus, they offer various services that help make your life while using their equipment seamless. You have effortless access to services, spare parts, and performance upgrades throughout the equipment’s life cycle. 


John Deere and Company has a rich portfolio of more than 25 brands that offer innovative solutions to customers in various production systems throughout their machine’s lifecycle. Some of the brands that John Deere and Company works with include Monosem, Mazzotti, Blue River Technology, Harvest Profit, Hagie, etc. 

John Deere lawn mowers are designed to tackle any job in your yard. They come with various attachments ideal for multiple tasks such as hauling, mulching, bag, plow, etc. This makes taking care of your lawns an all-year-round activity, irrespective of the season. 

Note, each lawnmower has its slopes limit and features. Ensure you don’t push the machine beyond its limits to ensure durability.  

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