Who Makes Craftsman Mowers & Where Are They Made?

Craftsman is a leading brand in the lawn mower industry. As of 2018, Craftsman lawn mowers are made by MTD in Ohio, USA. There are  many Craftsman mower and tractor models made by MTD, and others previously by Husqvarna.

Craftsman, whose parent company used to be Sears, now Stanley Black & Decker since 2017, has never had the factories to produce their own equipment so they have enlisted trusted builders in the industry to work with to make their own line of outdoor equipment including the mowers and tractors you see in Sears and other retailers across North America.

Background Information About Craftsman

Craftsman Trademark made its debut as a registered brand in 1927.

Craftsman products have been exchanged with makers several times over the years. From 2006 to 2017, Craftsman products were made by Husqvarna, which was until then known as AYP.  Husqvarna made the 917 model number at the Orangeburg plant.

Craftsman was acquired by Stanley Black & Decker in 2017 for $900MM, and thus from 2018, Craftsman lawn tractors, garden, and yard tractors started being assembled by MTD in plants located in Parma, Ohio, US with various parts that are made from around the world.

MTD is a family-owned private company. The company began in 1932 and has its headquarters in Valley City, Ohio, US. MTD also owns other brands such as Yard-Man, Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, and Bolens brands and companies. MTD labels privately under the “247” model prefix for other brands such as Craftsman and Sears.

Craftsman Products Made by MTD

Some of the products manufactured by MTD include:

• Craftsman Pro

• Craftsman 30 inch Rider.

• Craftsman T2000, T3000 series.

• Craftsman Zero Turns-Red color.

• Craftsman T1000 series-Red color.

Other models introduced in late 2020 by MTD are:

  • Craftsman V60
  • Craftsman M105
  • Craftsman M310

Brands Owned by MTD

Currently, MTD has a range of its own brands that include: 

• Cub Cadet®

• Troy-Bilt®

• Remington®

• Robomow®

• Yard Machines® 

• Rover®

• WOLF-Garten®

• Bolens®

MTD provides their customers with every type of product they need to cater to their lawn needs with the listed brands.

Craftsman introduced its first lawnmower in 1961. The engine was completely enclosed and had an automatic blade clutch to prevent stalling, a key-lock self-starter, and a hand-controlled blade brake. Craftsman products have since gone on to be outstanding and state-of-the-art products engineered to last.

Some of the Craftsman stand-out specifications include:

Craftsman lawn mowers have a Smooth Start technology which eliminates the inconveniences of getting the mower started by a rate of 20%. 

Craftsman also offers a range of self-propelled mowers. Craftsman has mowers to suit all these needs, whether you need a powerful mower for a large and hilly terrain or a less powerful lawn mower for flat terrain. Additionally, Craftsman mowers are designed to allow effortless adjustment. 

To this end, they have an easy glide height adjuster. They also come with a bag window that allows you to see when it is full. This eliminates the doubts of whether it is full or not. Rear-wheel drive makes the mowers tough on rough and hilly terrain

Craftsman mowers also come with easy bag handling. To prevent grass buildup, which improves cutting performance, Craftsman mowers have a Z deck wash system that connects to the garden hose for easy cleaning. The mowers have a rear-door interlock system. This enables fast removal and installation, which is important to get you back to mowing the lawn.

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