The Best Car to Buy If You Are a Gardener or Lawn Care Professional

Gardeners and lawn care professionals often need to haul and transport heavy cargo. If you are a gardener, you will frequently need to transport shrubs or fertilizers. You will need to have good transport especially if it’s a gardening business.

Choosing the right gardening car is one way of enhancing your business. Customers love to have their services done on time. Having good transport means that you will have regular and loyal customers. Therefore, buying a good garden vehicle or a van is a good investment.

Gardeners lawn truck

Before purchasing a car for your gardening or lawn care business, you need to consider some vital points. Reliability, fuel conservation, and comfort must never be overlooked. Most importantly, the size and the payload must be taken seriously.

The payload is the amount of weight a car is allowed to carry. If you buy a big car, you might face problems in parking. On the other hand, buying a small one would hinder the capacity of products you want to carry.

A lawn care car must also have a car cover. Car covers protect your car from harsh elements like ice, bird droppings, and dirt. The best car cover for your car is the one that is all-season. Below are some bestsellers you can find on Amazon.

Volkswagen Transporter

Volkswagen has been on the market since the year 2003. This means that it is reliable, and can be found anywhere in the world. The latest version of Volkswagen Transporter is the most reliable. In addition, the new version is made up of gears that are either manual or automatic. Fuel efficiency also has been enhanced for Volkswagen.

With all the great features, there is no doubt that this car can serve you well in your garden activities. With this van, you can reduce fuel consumption. This can be done by using some special features such as cruise control and using the resistance tires. This is obviously great for any type of business, more so the gardening business.

Toyota Tacoma

This car is very popular for its reliability. It has a considerable size which means it is best for small-scale gardeners. The Toyota Tacoma has a larger payload so this is a great car for any gardener. This feature allows you to supply more services. A gardener on-call will have a good space for carrying garden equipment.

Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is known to be a versatile car in terms of business. With this vehicle, you will be able to carry heavy loads from time to time. This versatility gives a large space for the equipment you will be carrying. The Single-cab version allows you to have a bigger space if you do not fancy having extra seating.

The capacity for towing is great for carrying larger garden machinery. The payload is also great for someone trying to start a gardening business. You can also customize your car to your requirements. Garden cars are exposed to all types of harsh elements this is why you will need to use a car cover whenever you are parking it. A good cover should have a heavy fabric to prevent scratches.

Ford Transit

No list of business cars is complete without the Ford Transit. This is because the Ford Transit is versatile. This car can be used to carry heavy loads. It can sometimes be used as a passenger van. It is very popular making it appear in the top ten bestselling vans.

The jumbo model is best for gardening purposes since it has a load space of up to 15.1 cubic meters are new models that allow you to maneuver easily. This is great for a gardener who has to go to a busy town. The ford transit has new versions that provide enhanced fuel conservation. The new model has a variety of combinations which allows you to customize the car according to what you desire.

Nissan Navara

This truck is good for any business. It has a considerable payload. You can carry a good number of products to town. The load bay too is large and is covered with hard plastic so it is suitable for transporting vegetables. Its towing capacity is also meant for business. You can carry a very large load especially your garden equipment.

The Nissan Navara also is conversant on any type of road. This is great because of the weather changes that affect the roads near your farm or garden. You should never forget about the car cover. The car covers for the Nissan Navara are very accessible and affordable.

Fiat Doblo Cargo Van

What can beat a van that has two international best van awards of the year? This car prides itself on having one of the widest load and carrying capacities, making it the best for carrying heavy garden products. You can also carry along garden equipment. Fiat also has given the van its own carry accessories including bars and sometimes interior storage additions. Its payload is also fine with carrying just the right capacity for your needs.

Chevrolet Silverado

That’s one of America’s most fuel-efficient pickup. This van is the ultimate one for your garden work. It can be able to stand any weight that you haul to it. You surely need to have confidence in delivering top-notch services to your customers. Gardeners need to add trailers always or sometimes depending on an individual garden. Fortunately, this van has a large towing capacity that will enable you to add to the trailer. The new Chevrolet Silverado is bigger and lighter, very suitable for your gardening work.


Finding a good car for your gardening business can be such a difficult task. The above picks are are the best if you are thinking of having the best transport for your garden. We recommend that you also include a quality car cover when making a car purchase. This is because garden cars are often exposed to dirt and harsh weather elements. Such dirt as dust, ice, and tree sap could cause damage to your car’s finish.

You surely do not want to deliver your garden services in an unsightly car. Something a gardener should really consider having a car cover for your car. With that in mind, gardening cars are somehow costly that is why you need to have a car list you can refer to. The above list is a good example of making a decision that will give you value for your money.

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