Snapper Lawn Mower Reviews – 2021 Lineup

Founded in 1894, Snapper is an American company that manufactures superior quality residential and professional lawn care and snow-removal equipment.

The company started out as Southern Saw Works in 1894, and was later acquired by Briggs & Stratton in 2014.

Snapper currently produces two lines— main line Hi-Vac and Ninja models sold at dealerships, and re-badged mowers branded Snapper.

Snapper Lawn Mower Reviews

5 Key Features of Snapper Mowers

Snapper mowers arrive loaded with innovative features, most notably:

1. Proven Disc Driven Transmission

Snapper’s disc-driven transmission is a highly reliable speed adjustment system that offers higher wheel torque and control for improved speed control on slopy terrain.

2. Briggs & Stratton Engine

Briggs & Stratton manufactures some of the best and dependable gasoline engines in the world. Snapper mowers with Briggs & Stratton engines give you the best of both worlds—professional-grade power, and robust yet quiet operation.

3. Quiet Power Technology

Certain Snapper mowers feature patented Quiet Power Technology that offers an impressive 50 percent quieter mowing experience, so you won’t wake up your neighbors if you decide to mow in the wee hours of the morning.

4. ReadyStart Starting System

Snapper Quiet Series mowers arrive with the ReadyStart Starting system coupled with the company’s Our Starting Promise that guarantees no choke, no prime—simply pull for power.

4. Fabricated Mower Decks

Some Snapper lawn mower models are fitted with welded steel decks that are crafted heavy-duty stainless steel.

2021 Snapper Lawn Mower Reviews

Snapper NINJA Push Mower Review

Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric 21" Push Lawn Mower, Includes Kit of 2 2.0 Batteries and Rapid...
  • Up to 90-minute run time with (2) Briggs & Stratton 82V MAX 2.0...
  • 21-Inch Steel mowing deck with 3-in-1 design to mulch, bag, or...
  • Intelligent load-sensing technology allows for optimum power levels...
  • Push button start and a single lever, 7 position height of cut...
  • Large 1.7 bushel bagger to collect clippings and a single lever, 7...

If you’re a mulching fan, the Snapper NINJA push mower is a perfect choice, owing to its powerful mulching blade, mated with six-edged cutting surfaces to finely mulch grass clippings.

This 21-inch push mower is fitted with an industry-leading rear-wheel-drive system, and large 10-inch rear wheels that collectively provide unmatched traction on hills and thick grass.

The Snapper NINJA push mower is powered by a Briggs & Stratton Professional Series OHV Engine that provides quieter operation, and greater durability.

Adding to this, the Snapper NINJA mower features the company’s disc drive transmission that offers enhanced wheel torque and speed on thick grass, and rough terrain.

In terms of comfort, the Snapper NINJA doesn’t disappoint with its electric key start ignition for easy start-up each time, easy access speed selection lever, and an easy-to-reach cup holder.

The height of cut of the Snapper NINJA push mower can be adjusted easily using the onsite easy adjustment handles, allowing you to select the ideal cutting height for your lawn.

It comes with a two-piece comfort grip handlebar that features a foam grip to prevent strain on your hands when mowing for longer periods.

The Snapper NINJA push mower comes with a side discharge opening to blow the mulch trimming on your lawn. It is backed by a three-year warranty against any manufacturer defects.

Snapper Commercial Walk Mower Reviews

Snapper 1687914 21" SP Walk Mower Kit, Self Propelled, Red/Black
  • Self propelled transmission with variable speed
  • Up to 45 minutes run time with the Briggs & Stratton 82V Lithium ion...
  • 21 inches steel mowing deck with 3 in 1 design mulch, bag or side...
  • Smart, efficient load sensing technology power adjusts to meet the...
  • Push button start and a single lever, 7 position height of cut...

Similar to other commercial mowers, the Snapper Commercial lawnmower is built to last, and arrives with heavy-duty features, starting with its steel axle and reinforced braking, and a 14-gauge steel mowing deck.

It features a rear-drive wheel system complete with a smooth turn differential, and large 10-inch rear wheels for superior maneuverability.

The Snapper Commercial push mower offers a wide 21-inch cutting width, so can cut more lawn in less time. It allows you to adjust the height of cut between 1.25-inches to 4-inches, and is equipped with steel wheels with ball bearings for all-season durability.

In terms of power, the Snapper Commercial mower doesn’t fall short with its Briggs & Stratton PXi Series, PXi850 engine that provides stellar performance, smoother and quieter operation, and increased durability.

The Snapper Commercial lawn mower features the company’s exclusive HI VAC Mower Deck, which boasts vacuum-like suction power to efficiently cut and bag your grass.

But that’s not all, the Snapper Commercial lawnmower is fitted with a super-sharp blade with 6 cutting surfaces to finely mulch grass clippings.

It comes with a 3-year warranty against manufacturer defects, so you can rest assured it will serve you well for many years to come with proper care.

Snapper HI VAC Series Lawn Mower Review

Snapper P2185020 / 7800980 HI VAC 190cc 3-N-1 Rear Wheel Drive Variable Speed Self Propelled Lawn...
  • Briggs & Stratton 850 Professional Series engine with ready start...
  • Rear-wheel drive improves walk-behind mower traction and the...
  • Hi VAC deck efficiently cuts and sucks up grass clippings for a clean...
  • 3-n-1 capability - side discharge, bag or mulch
  • Easily change the height-of-cut with the easy to use adjustment...

The Snapper HI VAC Series mower is engineered to give your yard an ultra-clean finish, and offers a wide 21-inch cutting width.

It is fitted with a powerful Briggs & Stratton PXi Series, PXi850 engine that provides twofold benefits—superior grade power and performance, and robust yet quiet operation.

The Snapper HI VAC Series push mower features a rear-wheel-drive for improved walk-behind traction. Adding to this, the onsite smooth turn differential makes it easier to maneuver the mower without causing damage to your grass.

The deck of the HI VAC Series mower works similarly to a vacuum, in that it efficiently cuts and sucks up the grass clippings for a clean finish.

The Snapper HI VAC Series mower is easy to start with its onboard key start ignition, and comes with a speed selection lever to choose between the various speeds.

The front axle of the HI VAC Series mower showcases a solid build, so you can enjoy great performance for years to come.

It features an easy-to-reach cup holder, and 10-inch large rear wheels to get through thick, tall grass with ease. Switching the height of cut is easy with the adjustment handles located on the Snapper HI VAC Series lawnmower.

Snapper SPX Series Riding Mower Review

The Snapper SPX™ Series riding mower is in a league of its own with its award-worthy features such as an adjustable, fast mowing speed up to 5.5 miles per hour.

It offers a 42-inch cutting width, and is fitted with a 15-inch mid-back, adjustable, plush padded seat for great comfort when mowing.

The Snapper SPX Series riding mower boasts all-steel construction, and is equipped with a cast-iron front axle, a hydrostatic transmission, and a front bumper for added durability.

It features easy to reach height of cut adjustment controls to lower or raise the mowing deck for changing grass conditions.

The fabricated mowing decks of the Snapper SPX Series riding mower feature welded, heavy-duty steel for continuous mowing all-year-round.

Additionally, the Snapper SPX Series mower comes with responsive foot pedals for hands-free control over reverse and forward speed.

Adding to its long list of features is a dash-mounted cruise control system that allows you to easily set your speed for the entire duration of your mowing session.

The Snapper SPX Series comes with a large 3.5-gallon capacity fuel tank, so you won’t have to refill often. You get 15-inch tires at the front and 20-inch tires at the rear, which collectively provide great traction on wet and uphill terrain.

The Snapper SPX Series riding lawn mower arrives with several convenience and safety features including a cup holder, two-bulb LED headlights, a frame hung deck suspension, and is backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Snapper 360Z Zero Turn Mower Review

Snapper 2691317 360z Mower, Riding, Zero Turn, Red
  • A fully-welded steel frame, thick-walled front axle, durable mower...
  • High performance engine options mean you will have reliable Zero turn...
  • A durable fabricated steel mower deck for non-stop mowing season after...
  • The commercial-style foot-operated mower deck Lift easily lifts and...

The Snapper 360Z zero turn mower is available in a choice of three different deck sizes— 36”, 42”, or 52”, and offers between 18 – 25 horsepower.

It features an integrated cargo bed that allows you to store essential items, and a rail system that’s compatible with several third-party UTV/ATV accessories.

Furthermore, the Snapper 360Z zero turn mower showcases a commercially inspired design with its thick-walled front axle, durable mower deck, and ball bearings tucked away in the caster spindles for great cuts, and long-term durability.

It comes with a fully welded frame, and a foot-operated height of cut to easily list and adjust the mower deck to your desired height.

The Snapper 360Z zero turn mower is a joy to navigate even in the tightest corners of your lawn, and is compact for easy storage.

It is powered by a class-leading Briggs & Stratton EX Series, EX1900 engine, and equipped with a Hydro-Gear EZT transmission system.

Adding to this, the Snapper 360Z zero turn mower with fitted with a top-notch braking system, and can achieve a mowing speed of up to 3 miles per hour.

It rests on a 12-gauge heavy-duty steel frame, and comes with 11-inch tires at the front and 18-inch tires at the rear.

The Snapper 360Z zero turn mower offers a comfortable mowing experience, thanks to its 15-inch, mid-back adjustable seat.

It measures 66-inches in length, 50-inches wide, 43-inches tall, and comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Compared to other zero-turn mowers in its class the Snapper 360Z zero turn mower include an aluminum spindle, frame hung deck suspension, a rear bumper, fuel level indicator, and a cup holder.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to lawnmowers, you really can’t go wrong with any model in from the Snapper hangar. The company offers a wide range of mower models including push mowers, riding lawn mowers, zero-turn mowers, and even pro mower models.

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