Push Lawn Sweepers: Uses and Best Options Available

Finding the red and gold blanket of leaves covering the lawn, during the mid of fall is a common thing. Picking these leaves can be messy for you – it will consume 1-2 hours to finish the whole work. What a bad start to the weekend.

Lawn sweepers are the best alternative and a great choice for making your sweeping chores easier by automated raking the leaves and picking the grass clippings. If you hate raking the leaves in autumn and grass clippings after lawn mowing during spring, then a lawn sweeper is the best investment for you.

A push lawn sweeper is the best type for the person who loves to spend their time in the yard while enjoying the sweeping chores. Push lawn sweeper helps you to gather leaves, acorns, and grass with less hassle to bend step to step on the ground to collect them.

Lawn sweepers are of many designs and models but push lawn sweepers are considered best – it helps you to observe the performance of the sweeper while walking behind.

A lawn sweeper is a great advancement in the lawn industry that is designed to replace your rake, especially if you have a large-sized yard.

In this guide, We’ll be focusing on the push lawn sweepers that work manually, in which you walk behind and push the sweeper around your lawn to clean it up.

But before moving to push lawn sweepers, let’s take a look at what actually is a lawn sweeper and how it works.

What is a lawn sweeper? How does a lawn sweeper work?

A lawn sweeper is an automated rake and a perfect yard tool for cleaning fallen leaves and dry grass clippings off the ground. It looks similar to the lawn mower but instead of cutting the grass, it collects the debris off the lawn.

A lawn sweeper is a handy tool that can save your hours of labor to sweep your lawn. Moreover, you get the ultimate clean-up tool for cleaning the patio, driveway, grass, and walkways around the home.

Lawn sweepers are of many types as:

  • Push Lawn Sweeper
  • Tow behind lawn sweeper
  • Gas-Power Lawn Sweeper
  • Electric Lawn Sweeper

But our main focus will be the push lawn sweepers because it is most handy and perfect for exercise.

What is a Push Lawn Sweeper?

Push lawn sweepers are manually operated sweepers. They don’t have any powered motor which ultimately affects the efficiency of the sweeper, but these are ok for medium-sized yards. 

Push lawn sweepers are the perfect choice for the person who loves to enjoy getting some exercise while working in the yard.

They operate by means of a rotating sweeping brush. This brush gathers the debris and leaves in a rotary motion and sweeps them into the hopper bag of sweepers.

You can easily empty the bag into the compost pile.

They tend to be less expensive and easier stored than the other types of lawn sweepers.

Should You Get One(Push Lawn Sweeper)?

If you are exhausted by the routine raking of leaves by means of rake and handpicking, then a push lawn sweeper would be a great investment for you. 

A push lawn sweeper saves you a lot of time and decreases the strain on your body. They also protect you from backbone pains by bending again and again. 

Where Can You Get a Push Lawn Sweeper?

Push lawn sweeper is a common yard tool and easily available at any hardware stores, online markets like Amazon, and box stores like Home Depot.

Push lawn sweepers are much less expensive than other types of sweepers as it is a manual model. Being a manual model, it does not need any motor or electric supply so you don’t need to bother with arranging a lengthy power supply.

There are many other market places where you can get them on rent but it is good to buy your own. It will be a one-time investment and help you the whole year by collecting the leaves in autumn and cleaning grass clippings during spring and summer.

benefits of push lawn sweeper

How Much Will Push Lawn Sweeper Cost?

Push lawn sweepers are less costly than electric or tow-behind sweepers. Push lawn sweeper costs around $100 to $200 for purchasing a solid sweeper. 

The pricing of the push lawn sweeper depends on the width of the sweeper. The wider one will of course cost you more.

Tow-behind lawn sweepers are also great in working and strength but they are a little much costly around 350$ to 400$. They need a lawn tractor for towing the sweeper.

Best option available online (Push lawn sweeper)

The market is flooded with a lot of lawn sweeper models especially with push sweepers as they are most demanding. Choosing a great model is a tricky thing as there are many things regarding their efficiency, price, material that needs to assess carefully.

The expert team of Lawndesire put their efforts to hunt some great models for you as given below:

AgriFab push lawn sweeper is a lightweight model with a 26-inch wide sweeper and hopper bag for easy dumping. It collects the twigs and small sticks from the yard while cleaning the clippings and leaves.

Earthwise push lawn sweeper is a leaf sweeper with spinning rake-like action. It is the most sturdy model along with superb maneuverability. You can easily adjust the brush height as you require. Its sweeper is 21-inch wide.

Scott’s push lawn sweeper is a great sweeper in terms of height adjustment and the quality of material used in the bag and tool. It has a durable steel handle with a scratch-resistant coating. It has a 26-inch wide sweeper.

What Is the Best Lawn Sweeper?

Picking a single model as the best one is not an easy task but there are many features of lawn sweepers that help to rank them.

This Agri-Fab model is the best lawn sweeper with the tow-behind modeling and adjustable levers for the height of the sweeper and dumping bag.

In terms of push lawn sweepers, the Earthwise sweeper is the best push lawn sweeper with great maneuverability and high cleaning efficiency.

best lawn sweeper

Benefits of push lawn sweepers

Buying a lawn sweeper for your yard is beneficial for you in many ways. It should be a mandatory part of your garage tools. If you don’t own a sweeper then you are making your gardening chores much harder by yourself.

Here are some marvelous benefits of a push lawn sweeper that will surely force you to get one.

  • It helps you to collect the debris off the yard surface with less effort of bending over and over to collect the leaves and acorns.
  • With a lawn sweeper, you get your work done in a few hours and leave you with extra free hours to enjoy and spend time and energy on other gardening chores.
  • Push lawn sweeper needs less effort to collect the debris material than raking the leaves with a rake, which can be somewhat therapeutic.
  • It helps you a lot in managing the time to clean the surface as well as doing some exercise in the form of pushing the sweeper and walking around the yard.
  • You can get a push lawn sweeper for just $100 to $200, then why go for manually cleaning the leaves off the surface. 
  • They are versatile in workings. You can collect branches, leaves, pebbles, acorns, and clippings with a lawn sweeper with 70-80% efficiency.
  • With a push lawn sweeper, you don’t need to worry to tow it behind the lawn tractor that can be costly in form of buying gasoline and arranging a tractor.
  • It collects the whole debris material in the hopper bag that you can get empty into your compost pile that will generate your nutrition feed for the garden on decomposing.

Features of a good push lawn sweeper

There are some professional features to look for in a push lawn sweeper before sticking to one. Let’s unpack these features:

Sweeping deck width

The sweeping deck of a lawn sweeper determines how much surface area you can cover in one pass. The yard owners of small to medium-sized yards can go for the 12 to 18 inches sweeping deck lawn sweepers. 

For the large yards, you will need to find the professional-grade lawn sweeper from good manufacturers like Agri-Fab and Earthwise or Scott’s.

Note: Buying a lawn sweeper from well-reputed companies like Agri-fab and Scott’s costs a little more, but they are more efficient in work.

Sweeping height

A good lawn sweeper has an adjustable height sweeping deck. You can go for cleaning any type of debris and surface by adjusting the height according to the debris material.

Some models have built-in scarifying functions that allow you to dig deep into thatching layers to remove the dead grass.

Note: Make sure to adjust the deck height a bit higher for grass, so you don’t damage the longer grass when sweeping.

Collapsible Handles

Professional grade and quality lawn sweepers have the adjustable handles feature. You should go to the lawn sweeper having hand adjustment handles so you can adjust to your height.

Large wheels 

A good traction tire with a large size of 8-10 inches is the symbol of an effective lawn sweeper. The large-sized wheels allow you to tow the machine more easily. 

More oftenly, the push and electric lawn sweepers have rubber or plastic tires.

Hopper or Collection bag size

The bigger is the collection bag size, the less often you have to empty it.

Warranty and low maintenance

The best models of lawn sweepers are featured with a three to five years warranty against any manufacturing faults. But this warranty only works for making defects, not for the normal wear and tear of parts. So choose the lawn sweeper wisely and with low maintenance requirements.

Tips for Using a Push Lawn Sweeper

Here are some tips for getting the most out of the lawn sweepers:

  • Firstly, make sure to assemble the lawn sweeper correctly. If you get it wrong, it can be damaging for you and machine parts.
  • Sweeping the nicely mowed lawn is much easier than a rough lawn with short and long blades of grass. The rough lawn takes more effort and time and less efficiency in removing debris.
  • The best practice to remove the grass clippings is when they dry. Cut the lawn in the morning and let the clippings dry through the day and then use the sweeper to collect the trimmings in the afternoon.
  • Using the sweeper on the wet or fresh trimmings will cause the trimmings to stick with brushes and clogging of the sweeper.
  • Make sure to empty the hopper bag immediately when it is near to fill otherwise the bag will burst. Always store the sweeper after cleaning the bag otherwise the debris could cause mold growth.
  • Last but not least is to follow the safety measures during sweeping the lawn. Use sunglasses or goggles to keep your eyes protected from the flying debris.

How to use a push lawn sweeper to get max benefits?

A lawn sweeper is designed primarily for the removal of fallen leaves off the yard ground and sweeping the grass clippings from the grass. But you can use a sweeper in a variety of ways.

All you need to do is put the lawn sweeper on the surface to clean and adjust the height of brushes according to the debris material. Of Course less height for dust and a bit higher for leaves.

When you will start pushing the lawn sweeper forward, it will force the rotary brushes which will sweep the debris i.e. leaves, sticks, dust, from the surface.

Some of the effective methods to use sweeper are:

For removal of acorns

If you have a big oak tree on your property then you have faced the hassle of accumulating the acorns on your lawn. It can be hard and time-consuming to collect them daily. 

removal of acorns

Lawn sweepers can also deal with this debris material too but make sure to check that the lawn sweeper is an effective one for them.

Before getting a lawn sweeper for dealing with acorns, take the yard size under consideration as well.

If the yard size is medium to large and it is much difficult to handle so many acorns then go for a professional sweeper like Agri-Fab or Scott’s. Otherwise, if you have a small yard, the Garden Weasel Nut Gatherer can be a perfect choice.

For removal of Leaves

Every lawn sweeper can be effective for the removal of leaves. If the leaves are a major disturbance to the aesthetic beauty of the yard, then it will be a good idea to go for a lawn sweeper.

Lawn sweepers having the max number of velocity brushes are most effective for collecting the leaves off the yard. The wider is the sweeper deck, the fewer passes you will need to finish the work.

Storing a Lawn Sweeper

A big problem of yard owners is the storage of the yard tools to protect them from weathering and breakage. Storing large tools like yard tractors can be problematic in terms of more space coverage. 

A lawn sweeper is a handy tool and foldable, so it can never be problematic for yard owners. Every yard owner must have this smart toy for cleaning the yard debris in a smart way.

No matter that lawn sweeper takes up more space than a rake hanging on the wall but I personally feel that it is really worth it when you will use it for multipurpose things like cleaning yards, walkways, driveways, and patios.

Limitations of Push Lawn Sweepers

Lawn sweepers are designed for collecting the leaves, small sticks, and grass clippings and are unable to pick the larger sticks and branches.

They are only good at picking nuts, leaves, crabapples but not good for sweeping large objects like branches.

Instead of this limitation, push lawn sweepers are the easiest tool for collecting the debris and moving away from the yard. Using a push lawn sweeper does not bother you to move in the yard to collect leaves and sticks bending over and over.

Moreover, a push sweeper works too for removing dirt and dust from the walkways, and driveways.


Q. How does a lawn sweeper work?

Lawn sweepers use the transmission from one of the rotating wheels. When you push the lawn sweeper, it will turn the cylindrical brushes. These brushes collect/sweep the debris and propel them down a chute to the hopper bag.

Q. How do you empty a lawn sweeper?

Most of the lawn sweepers have to dump feature to empty by lifting the hopper bag with a handle or by pulling an attached rope. This way hopper opens up and releases the material onto the ground.

Q. Do lawn sweepers work on grass clippings?

Yes, lawn sweepers work well on the grass clippings and give more efficiency if the clippings are dry.

Q. Do lawn sweepers work on a wet lawn?

Sweeping the wet lawn is challenging for lawn sweepers as they get clump together and get stuck in brushes. So, it’s better to let them dry before sweeping.

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