How to Stop Neighbor Parking On My Grass?

Everybody desires to have a uniform, lush greener yard in front of their house. Establishing and maintaining the yard costs a huge load of investment in the form of time, energy, and money. 

There comes thriving and dormancy periods on grass when it turns brown and greener again with changing weather. But it does not hurt as much as the grass destroyed by the parking cars of neighbors.

A car parked on a lawn is unsightly, destroys the grass, and drags dirt across the sidewalks.

The grass is a soft leaf that needs extra care for nutrition, watering, and mowing to remain healthy and disease-free. But parking tons of weighted cars over them is an insane idea. It’s an unethical act by some of the nasty neighbors to park their cars on the grass.

Cars tires are full of mud and get stink to the blades of grass and cause serious damage to the growth. With time being the grass starts to die from these tires passing areas. 

The great damage to grass is in the form of the crushing of leaves through the rolling tires. And it needs to stop them from this act immediately – to save your lawn.

I build this guide with the complete legal actions you can do to stop your neighbors from parking cars in your front yard.

I hope that it will be helpful for you.

But there is something to do first prior to moving to legal actions.

What do you need to do first?

There are some things to follow up before going to any legal authorities or acts. 

Certified survey


Make sure that the yard area you are going to argue, is your property. You can do it by conducting a survey that will cost you some bucks. The survey certificate will be helping you in contacting the legal authorities.

The survey form will be helping even if you go to call a towing company.

Notify the neighbor 


After conducting a survey, notify the neighbor about his act and your legal power of survey to go for legal actions. He may apologize and stop parking on your property again.

Leaving a note on the windshield is another best option for notifying them that they are destroying your property by parking the car. 

“No Parking” Sign Board


Put a signboard with “No-Parking” in bold and large wordings. Perhaps that would help to let him know that you are not happy with his parking.

No confrontation 


Do not argue with neighbors and be polite and ask them firmly to stop parking in your front yard and explain the reason that it is damaging the grass. Never damage the vehicle or interfere with them directly.

Install surveillance cameras


Make sure to document everything by taking photos or videos of a neighbor parking car in your yard. Install surveillance cameras for taking photos and videos in your absence. The documents will be a helping hand in filing a complaint against him.

How to stop the neighbor parking on your grass?

Here are some methods to stop your neighbors from parking cars on your property and save your grass from more damage. I advise you to go for the No confrontation option and preferably manage the problem by yourself by putting planters and boulders or any fence.

Let’s elaborate on the methods to stop neighbors from parking.

Argumentation with neighbor

If you want to save your grass from dying then ask your neighbor in a very firm manner to not park his car on the grass. Again argumentation might also work if not work by one time but with notifying that you would take legal action if he will not stop.

Contacting municipality

You can contact your town or city municipality and discuss the whole matter with the complete documents and recorded pictures and videos. The municipality surely helps to resolve the matter and ask the neighbor to design his own parking lot. But if complaining to the municipality does not work, then it would be advisable to go for non emergency police complaint. 

Putting wood planters 

Putting the wood planters along the borderline of the yard is the best way to prevent the neighbors and neighbor’s guests from parking cars. You will need to buy some large-sized wood planters from any store and put them on the roadside border of the yard. 

Fill the planters with mud and they are ready for growing flowering plants. It will benefit both ways, as a preventer and flowering planters, and enhance the beautification of the front yard.

Installing fence

Installing the fence or large gravel pipes is the perfect solution for the victims having the shared front yard with their neighbors. If a neighbor parks his car on your side of the yard, it might be just two wheels, but it is still damaging. 

To stop them from parking, installing any vinyl fence or galvanized steel pipes is the perfect option.

Putting/Installing boulders

Boulders are a large-sized rock-shaped thing. They are made of pure rock or other materials like plastic or polyethylene. You just need to buy some of these large-sized rocky boulders and install them in the ground along the borderline. 

These boulders will be most perfect to protect the yards from nasty and callous neighbors.

Complaint to police/legal authority

If the argumentation with a neighbor does not work then it is wise to go for complaining to legal authorities. Consult with local law enforcement and tell them the whole matter by showing the recorded video of the neighbor parking the car. 

Depending on the jurisdiction, you might get the power of some legal actions like towing vehicles away at their expense.

Complaining the file report at the police station would be good only if you have taken all legal actions but the neighbor still is not stopping from parking cars.

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