Killing Weeds With Diesel Fuel: How to Use?

A healthy, fully grown, weed-free, and lush green lawn is the pride of every gardener and it urges them to look after the proper management practices to improve the beauty. The major element behind the success of a lawn is keeping it free of weeds and killing unwanted grass in its flower beds.

Weeds management is a challenge for each gardener and he keeps trying to look for new ways to kill weeds and avoid them for longer times. 

A lot of weed management methods including chemical herbicides, weed, and grass killers, and organic weed killers are working to their best. Many weed removal tools are also used by gardeners to get rid of hard weeds like dandelions.

There are many other ways to kill weeds that are free of toxic chemicals but have effective weed killing. One of the most effective methods is killing weeds with diesel fuel

Diesel fuel is very toxic for all kinds of plants without any consideration that it is a weed or a flowering plant. It kills all types of plant life in contact with either part of the plant. 

But there are many confusions regarding personal safety and good plant health. All of these queries regarding killing weeds with diesel fuel and the best method to apply diesel fuel on weeds are discussed in the guide.

Let’s start.

Killing weeds with diesel fuel

Diesel fuel is a highly toxic material for plants’ life and it kills the plants on contact. It is an indiscriminate plant killer that kills all types of plants.

Many gardeners using diesel fuel for killing weeds through spot application.

Diesel fuel is sprayed over the weedy plants through a spraying bottle after covering the grass or flowering plants. It is applied in such a way that the weed plants get wet with diesel fuel completely but not to the dipping level.

Once it is applied, the diesel fuel will start its action in few hours.

Does diesel kill weeds permanently?

Diesel doesn’t kill weeds permanently. However, it only kills the already sprouted plant parts like stems, leaves, flowers, and roots. It doesn’t kill seeds of weed plants present in the soil layers that germinate again once the amount of diesel fuel is reduced in the soil.

Therefore, it is suggested to do diesel fuel application during every active growth season.

How to kill weeds with diesel fuel?

Before practicing the diesel fuel as a weed killer, you will need to have a gasoline jug/jerrycan, spray bottle with spray nozzle, funnel, and a shovel.

Here are simple steps to use diesel spray as weed killer:


Fill the gasoline jug with 1-2 gallons of diesel fuel. Now pour a little amount of diesel fuel into a spray bottle by using a funnel. Make sure to do this all stuff in the garage as the diesel is toxic to plants and any spilling can be harmful to plants.


Now adjust the spray nozzle and spray the fuel directly into the roots of unwanted grass or weed plants. Keep in mind that it takes a very little amount of fuel to wet a plant and any amount will run away to other plants in the area and kill them too. 


Removing Dead Weeds and Grass

Once the weeds and unwanted grasses are dead, remove all of them from the lawn with the help of a shovel along with the one-inch lower soil. 

If any spilling of fuel occurs during application, remove at least four inches of topsoil before replanting, because no growth will occur in this soil for some time. 

How long does it take diesel to kill grass?

Diesel fuel starts its action after four hours of application and it takes around 48 hours to effectively kill the weeds and grasses. 

You will notice the drying of leaves and plant body parts of weed just after a few hours of application. Keep in mind that only the parts of plants will get killed that remain in contact with diesel fuel for at least 48 hours.

Will diesel fuel kill grass?

Diesel fuel is an indiscriminate plant killer that kills all types of plants when sprayed on them. It is highly toxic to plant material that even a small quantity of diesel fuel kills the plants quickly. 

Diesel fuel spray application is effective in killing grass like other weed plants. But make sure to apply a thin coating of diesel otherwise, the large diesel spills will persist in soil and inhibit the growth of new plants in soil for the next season. 

Cares of using diesel fuel as a weed killer

Diesel is a highly toxic material for plants and kills all parts of the plant on contact. That’s why a lot of care is needed during its application like:

  • Using diesel fuel for killing weeds and grass plants can be harmful to the yard and environment. 
  • Early morning time is best for spraying diesel fuel to weeds and grass, it gives most time for effective killing of weeds.
  • Diesel fuel is a highly inflammable material so it should not be sprayed around fires or electric circuits.
  • Make sure to cover the desired plants and grass while spraying the diesel fuel on weeds, otherwise it will kill the flowers and good plants too.
  • Follow the personal safety measures and wear a mask and gloves while spraying diesel.
  • Once you have finished the diesel spray, pour the leftover fuel into the gasoline jerrycan. Store the gasoline can in the store or garage to prevent any accidental fires or harm to pets and children.
  • Keep the children and pets away from the sprayed areas.

By following all of these safety measures, you can safely apply the diesel fuel to the weeds and grasses along with saving the desired plants from damage.

Can you mix roundup with diesel fuel?

The combination of diesel fuel mixed with herbicide works much better than the individual application of fuel and round-up herbicides. 

Roundup herbicide and diesel fuel, both are very effective weed killers and kills the plants on contact. Once the roundup is applied, it will show the results within three hours of application. Roundup application prevents further germination in the next season by killing seeds.

On the other hand, diesel fuel is also an effective weed killer that kills slower than roundup but it kills the plants completely on contact.

Mixing both roundup and diesel fuel will form a highly reactive solution for killing the weeds all-in-all and providing a long-lasting solution to weeds.

Precautions of using Diesel fuel as weed killer (soil and plants)

It is well known that diesel fuel is toxic to plants and an effective weed killer for unwanted plants in lawns and flowerbeds. While effective at killing weeds and grass, it is also harmful to the environment. 

Here are some precautions of using diesel fuel as weed killer:

  • Diesel fuel also kill the insects in the soil in case of spilling
  • The high diesel fuel spilling kills the pests in soil and grass
  • It disturbs the habitat of microbes responsible for the health of soil and plants’ root system.

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