Looking for the John Deere E130 mower review?

The John Deere e130 is one of the best riding lawn mowers I have looked at this year and features a powerful engine. It does not only have a charming look but it also works like a pro in yards. That’s why many people are searching and buying John Deere e130 mowers.

If you too are searching for a John Deere e130 riding mower and are going to buy one for your lawn. Then this guide on John Deere e130 reviews is a perfect match for you. 

I hope that you will find all the knowledge about e130 mowers and will be useful to you. Let’s move to the guide.

Overview of John Deere E130 riding mower

John Deere E130 riding lawn mower and tractor is the superior and most comfortable riding mower in its class. The 22-HP V-twin engine functioned in the e130 provides plenty of power to handle the work smoothly and easily.

John Deere is equipped with the Briggs and Stratton engine that powers the tires for smooth running and powering the 42-inch 2 bladed cutting deck to produce the superior cut. It is most suitable for flat and uneven terrains up to 1 acre.

The versatility and a huge load of features in this John Deere e130 model make it the most professional gear among the lawn growers. The major features like Easy Changeâ„¢ 30-second Oil change and hydrostatic transmission make the e130 a first choice for riding mowers.

The major advantages of e130 include the choice of attachments like devices for snow removal. Furthermore, the Kanzaki Tuff Torq hydrostatic transmission lets the user do the job in a less timely and comfortable way.

The most wonderful thing about John Deere e130 is that it is made by a USA-based manufacturer.

John Deere provides a huge load of advantageous features like cruise control, front bumper, side-by-side pedal system, and easy maneuverability. 

Features of John Deere E130 riding mower

John Deere E130 is featured with a lot of things that will make 

1. Hydrostatic transmission

John Deere is featured with Kanzaki® Tuff Torq® hydrostatic transmission gives the infinite choice of ground speeds that will also help to change the direction easily. To give maximum relief to the user the foot pedals are placed in a perfect way.

  • The automotive accelerator provides the easy operating 
  • User can change direction without lifting the foot 
  • Large pedal of accelerator gives superior comfort

2. Easy Change 30-second oil change system

John Deere E130 Easy oil Change System

E130 mower is featured with an easy and quick oil changing system. It lets the changing of oil easy and removing the oil filter and putting the new filter in a quite easy way. 

The best thing about this 30-second oil change system is that the person does not have to drain the oil from the engine. They removed the old filter that does have all the contaminants and portions of old oil.

3. Edgeâ„¢ Cutting system 

John Deere is equipped with an Edge cutting system for maximum and superior performance. It does emphasize the advantages of using the John Deere cutting deck designs for smooth cuttings. 

It gives superior, convenient, reliable performance.

The 42-inch cutting deck is equipped with two blades, constructed with 13-gauge steel. The material used shows the reliability and longer life of cutting blades. 

The professional edge cutting system has many other ruling benefits over other riding mowers as:

  • The mower deck of john Deere has the rolled lip shaped to give more strength and protection
  • Smooth flooring of the mower from the underside prevents the grass clippings from buildup in engine tools
  • Outer edges of the deck are rolled out to give more protection
  • A mulch cover is an optional attachment in John Deere E130 to allow you the mulching 
  • Blades of the cutting deck placed in the unique mounting system for extra protection while working
  • No special tools are required for changing the mowing type from mulching to side discharge or to rear bagging
  • The whole deck is coated with Dual-stage E-coat and powder paint to provide the extra rust protection

4. Powerful 22-HP Engine

E130 model is equipped with a powerful 22-HP V-twin engine, by Briggs and Stratton, to provide more power and torque for handling the tough mulching and mowing.

Some more benefits of v-twin type engine are:

  • It gives maximum torque, improved sound quality, and low vibration.
  • Equipped with spring return feature to ensure the moving back of throttle lever in initial position during choke position.
  • The use of cast iron cylinder liners improves engine life.
  • The overhead valves give excellent power and fuel economy.
  • Engine equipped with electronic ignition for a fast start.
  • The engine operates with full pressure lubrication to ensure prolonged engine life and extending the time between oil changes.

5. Deck height adjustments

John Deere E130 mower has a spring-assisted and less-effort lever system for adjusting the mower cutting heights.

  • Adjusting the cutting height to 0.25 inches allows the fine-tune during cutting height adjustments.
  • Cutting height can be adjusted from 1 inch to 4 inches.

6. Cruise control

Cruise control is an advanced feature in the E130 mower. It helps the user in quite ways like:

  • To put the engine at the same speed even if you remove the foot from the pedal.
  • To engage the cruise lever, adjust the cruise lever, and hold the lever while removing the foot from the pedal.
  • Cruise control will automatically release by pushing the brake pedal in case of emergency.

7. Side-by-Side foot pedals

Side-by-Side foot pedals allow easy control of speed and moving direction. 

8. Adjustable seat

One of the main features of the John Deere E130 model is the comfortable and easily adjustable operator seat. It has 15 inches back height for good support to the operator’s back. The seat is:

  • Easily adjustable by forwarding and rearward motion with the adjusting spacing of 5.5 inches and 10 positions.
  • Has two long springs to give the smooth and comfort during work on uneven terrains.
  • Easily tiltable forward in a convenient way for easy access to the fuel tank and protection from the elements.

9. Parking brake control system

The parking brake control system in the E130 mower helps you to stop and locate the mower anyplace. This system keeps the brake pedal in a locked position and prevents the mower from moving on uneven surfaces.

10. Holder and compartment facility

The presence of a beverage holder and storage compartment are the two most demanding and missing features in many models. But John Deere E130 has beverage holders to let the operator enjoy coffee and drinks while working.

Additionally, tires are covered with fender flares to protect and add style to the mower.

11. Steel made Frame

The frame of the E130 mower is made of full-length welded steel to improve the durability and reliability of the product. 

The solid one-piece frame is made of 12 gauge steel to give:

  • High strength and long life
  • Steel fender deck is bolted with the frame

12. Convenient service

Servicing the engine is much easier with an open hood facility. One-piece hood allows the easy opening to permit the checking and servicing of the engine. The other benefits of the one-piece hood are:

  • The service points are located in easily reachable places
  • Service interval decal is present inside the hood for convenience during servicing

13. Wash port

The mower wash port is a unique and beneficial feature, present in the John Deere E130 mower. It lets you clean the underside of the mower deck easily.

All you need to do is to attach the hose pipe with the hose connector present on the deck.

14. Two-year warranty

An exclusive feature of the E130 mower is 2-year, single source, and bumper-to-bumper warranty by John Deere. It shows the confidence of the manufacturer in its product.

  • The warranty claiming process is hassle-free and one company handles all of the paperwork.

John Deere E130 Specs

Engine specs
ManufacturerBriggs & Stratton
Drive typeHydrostatic
Engine typeOverhead valve
ChokeReady start
Cooling methodAir
Displacement 724cc
Air cleanerCartridge
Oil drain30-second oil change system
Fuel system
Type Gasoline
Location Rear 
Fill opening Center 
Fuel deliveryPulse pump and carburetor
Fuel gauge Mechanical 
Capacity 9.1L/2.4 U.S. gal.
Power steeringNo
Cruise controlYes
Washout PortYes
Cuts in reverseYes

John Deere E130 key Facts

  • Best riding mower for 1 acre
  • Snow removal (optional and extra buy) is the premium feature of E130
  • A lifting lever is present on the fender deck
  • Steering is sector and pinion with single drag link and ties rod
  • Edgeâ„¢  mower deck technology
  • The engine is 44.2 cu in. (724cc)
  • Hydrostatic transmission with 2-wheel drive
  • Can be tracked with the MowerPlus application

John Deere E130 Accessories and Attachments

John Deere E130 accessories are available in a huge number of choices and it would be a great hassle for you to find the great working ones. So, I added John Deere e130 accessories in this guide.

Here are some John Deere e130 accessories that would really help you a lot in better working. 

John Deere E130 lawn mower trailer cart

John Deere e130 lawn mower cart helps you a lot in working in the yard and to move some trash or other material across the yard. 

The best compatible utility cart for the John Deere e130 mower is the Agri-Fab 45-0101 Utility Tow Behind Dump Cart.

John Deere E130 Oil change system

The better is the oil change system, the easier will be the oil changing process. John Deere manufactures its own oil changing system that would really help you a lot in changing the engine oil in an easy way.

You can easily buy the John Deere Easy Change Oil System AUC12916 E130.  

John Deere E130 Hitch Pin

A hitch pin is a necessary element for attaching any trailer with a lawn tractor. For better attachment of trailer with John Deere E130, the Magnetic Hitch Pin would really help.

John Deere E130 front blade

A front blade is an excellent tool for pushing the snow or any other loose materials aside. For attaching the front blade to your e130 mower, you should go for John Deere Front Blade Attachment.

John Deere E130 bagger

Bagger helps you to collect the clippings in the bag, without spreading over the turf and disturb the sunlight access. John Deere 42″ Material Collection System BG20776 is the best bagger for John Deere E130 mowers.

John Deere E130 Home maintenance kits

A home maintenance kit lets you do simple jobs like cleaning the carburetor and changing the oil at your home. These kits include all the necessary tools, compatible with the John Deere E130 mower. John Deere Home Maintenance Kit – AUC13705 is the perfect match if you need one for your mower.

John Deere E130 mulching kit

Attaching the mulching kit to the cutting deck or the riding mower will cut the grass such that the clippings go on the surface and mulch the surface. 8TEN LawnRAZOR Mulching Blade for John Deere 42 inch Cut Deck is the best mulching kit for John Deere E130 mower.

John Deere E130 Mower Blades

Cutting blades has the main role in the smooth cutting of turf. The sharp and strong blades will not harm the engine by working smoothly with less power. For the John Deere E130 tractor, Maxpower 561811B 2 Set of 3-N-1 Blades for 42″ Cut John Deere Is the best blade set.

John Deere E130 mower covers

For covering your e130 mower with cover, John Deere Original Standard Riding Mower Cover #LP93917 is a perfect choice.

John Deere E130 seat covers

Covering the seat with a beautiful and comfortable seat cover will protect the seat from damages and weathering. John Deere Original Lawn Mower or Gator 15″ Seat Cover (Medium) is the best seat cover for John Deere E130.

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Final words

John Deere E130 riding mower is the best riding lawn mower for Tall grass, 1 acre, and less area. The heavy-duty 22HP Briggs and Stratton engine fixed in this mower let you do the job in the perfect way and in less time. 

I hope that you find this guide helpful and it clears all aspects of the John Deere E130 review. 

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1 Comment
  1. I bought a new JD E130 at a big-box store last summer and use it to cut my small, 1/4 acre lawn.

    With only 7 hours showing on the hour-meter I’ve already had to replace two hub bearing assembles for the cutting blades. The first one blew out after 3 hours use, the 2nd one after only 7. Apparently there’s very little lubricant inside the bearings. Trying to fill the bearing hubs with a grease gun (at the zerk fittings) still doesn’t get grease into the actual bearing races, as they have plastic shields covering the rolling parts.

    I had to find out the hard way that this is a known concern, adequately described in numerous youtube videos. They fail after only a few hours of use. Poor quality and design. A made-in-china P.O.S.

    Apparently these lawn tractors are so problematic that the big-box store where I bought it quit selling them.

    Unless you don’t mind having to replace the cutting deck bearings every few hours of use, I’d stay away from this cheap piece of junk.

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