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This blog is exactly about the Husqvarna 324l weed eater reviews. All the information gathered through testing the Husqvarna 324l by the experts of lawndesire is shared in this article. 

Husqvarna 324l is the best 4 cycle weed trimmer and one of the top professional Husqvarna weed eaters, in terms of quality, durability, and great user experience. I hope that you must have listened to the popularity of the Husqvarna 324L weed eater that’s why it has become your search point.

No matter how you get there, the point here is that you are at the right place to get all the Husqvarna 324l reviews on features, pricing, tools, and attachments. All of the pros and cons of Husqvarna 324l shared in this article are truly user-based, so you should not worry about info in the guide.

Let’s start.

Overview of Husqvarna 324l weed eater

Husqvarna 324l is a gas-driven, 4-stroke powerful engine equipped, heavy-duty, and professional weed eater. The powerful engine of Husqvarna 324l works such a nice way to end up the weed removing job in a professional way.

Husqvarna 324l is one of the top Husqvarna weed eaters and equipped with a Honda engine. Husqvarna 324l is the best 4 cycle trimmer. The high-performance 25cc engine truly supports the weed removal process.

The great thing of Husqvarna 324l, which makes it a unique and most selling gas trimmer, is no need for mixing of oil and fuel. It is a purely gas-driven gas trimmer.

The carburetor feature of Husqvarna, that’s the reason for its so much fame, includes the Husqvarna Smart start and air purge system that helps the engine to start easily.

Another reason for the popularity of Husqvarna 324l is the extreme level of user-friendly behavior of the trimmer in terms of strength and grip. The intuitive controls favor the user to drive the trimmer easily.

The overall design of the Husqvarna 324l trimmer is designed so nicely to reduce the shaking of the machine while holding it during work. The long and straight shaft is extendable to enhance the grip and control on the trimmer for tall persons. 

Let’s take a look at the prominent features and specs of the Husqvarna 324l…

At a Glance

Best 4 cycle trimmerPowerful Honda engine4-stroke engine25cc engineEasy to assembleNo oil mixingSmart Start technologyComfortable gripAdjustable handleEasy line feedLittle noisyHeavyNot easy to know how much fuel left

Features of Husqvarna 324l

Husqvarna, no matter, is a well-known brand for manufacturing great quality products. All of these products are truly user-friendly and advanced tech featured. But there is always some unique feature in each model that differs from others.

Let’s have a look at what features Husqvarna 324l is giving in this price scale.

1. Powerful 25cc, 4-stroke Engine

The powerful Honda 4 stroke engine having the 1.07HP is able to cut the tough grass without getting blocked among them. It is a purely gas-driven engine and does not need any mixing of oil and fuel. 

The air purge technology is equipped in the engine that helps the engine to start in an easy way. Additionally, the Smart Start feature ends up in starting the engine with less effort and in one or two pulls.

Aside from the major benefit of relief from the oil mixing problem in a 4 stroke engine, the other benefit of a 4-stroke engine is its less noise and environment friendliness. 

Being a 4-stroke engine, it requires less maintenance than any 2 stroke engine. All talk about the engine performance of Husqvarna 324l ends up giving the great weed eater trimmer experience.

2. Smart Start technology

Smart Start technology favors the quick start of an engine. All of the trimmers of Husqvarna are equipped with this Smart Start technology. It is such a nice feature that helps the low strengthening persons to start the machine.

3. Comfortable grip

Husqvarna 324l is well known for the comfortable grip on the trimmer due to its extendable straight shaft. The 324l trimmer is designed such a nice way to let you adjust the length as per your height. 

Adjusting the length of the shaft lets you improve the grip on the trimmer. It enhances the premium working experience to reach the weeds at awkward distances by adjusting the length.

The body is designed in a much professional way to minimize the vibrations felt by the user. 

4. Straight shaft to cover more weeds

The shaft included in Husqvarna 324l is of straight design that is powered by an engine on the other side of the shaft. The straight shape of the shaft delivers the power down to the trimmer head nicely.

The straight shaft favors getting out of bushes and obstacles more easily than a curved shaped shaft trimmer.

5. Covers more area 

Husqvarna 324l is equipped with a 17 inches cutting swath that helps the user to cut the weeds and vegetation easily.

Using a thick liner like 0.095 inches or more enhances the performance of work. It is a great combination to join the heavy-duty line on Husqvarna 324l.

6. Adjustable handle

It is a great feature of Husqvarna 324l that includes a padded loop handle that adjusts along the shaft to fit your arm length and your height.

By adjusting the shaft to your height, it will work much greater and give you much comfort. 

The grip place is nicely designed to reduce the vibration from the engine and trimming work. It includes a vibration damping system to reduce the discomfort of vibrations.

7. Quick and easy line feed

This 324l trimmer is featured with Tap ‘n’ Go bump feed feature that gives you much comfort to work on the grounds. All you need to do is to tap the spinning trimmer head against the ground and the fresh supply of line will spin out easily. 

You don’t need to stop again and again. Keep going and do this tapping to keep the line feed clear.

Husqvarna 324l specifications

Engine specs
Engine brandHonda
Engine cycle4-cycle
Power 1.07HP
Engine CC25cc
Starting systemRecoil system
Engine typeGasoline 
Trimmer specs
Head type Bump feed 
Line replacement, tool-lessYes 
Cutting diameter17 inches 
Cutting edges2 strings
Line diameter0.095 inches
Shaft shapeStraight 
Shaft length58.5 inches
Attachment capableNo 
Other specs
Weight 11.24 lbs
Max power speed7000 rpm
Idling speed3100 rpm
Product series324L
Manufacturer Husqvarna

Husqvarna 324l product and pricing

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Husqvarna 324l problems

1. Noisy

Being a gasoline engine trimmer, it is a little noisier than other electric alternatives. It is better to use ear protection while using a 324l trimmer.

2. Heavy

The whole trimmer unit consists of a 4-stroke engine, Smart Start system, and vibration reduction. Such additional features add up a little more weight to the trimmer. It weighs almost 11 pounds. 

3. Good for a taller person

The straight and long shaft is preferably best for taller persons. But the shorter people may get some problems in lifting this long shaft. The shaft is adjustable.


What size of line will this trimmer handle?

Husqvarna 324l is featured with a T35 tap “n” Go bump feed trimmer head that comes with a 0.095-inch trimmer line. It is replaceable to the 0.0105 string line. 

What kind of fuel does this trimmer need?

The best practice to run the 324l trimmer is by using the 90 octanes unleaded fuel. 

It runs about an hour with one tank fill.

Will this work in any position?

Yes, Husqvarna 324l can be operated any way if the trimmer is rotated to the edging or raised to the trim slopes.

What kind of maintenance will the trimmer require?

A manual is included in the package when you buy it. It has all the information about maintenance. You can check here:

  • Check the engine oil regularly
  • Clean the filter with soap and water. If working in a dust environment, then oil filter with Husqvarna filter oil
  • Check and clean the spark plugs
  • Drain the fuel from the tank when storing for long periods


Final Verdict

Husqvarna 324l is one of the most powerful and best string trimmers on the market. It is the best 4 cycle weed trimmer for your large yards and thick weeds.

The 324l is the professional-grade trimmer that works great for both home and commercial use. The smart start, well balancing, comfortable grip, and no oil mixing like features makes it a great choice among the best Husqvarna weed eaters.

No matter, if the weeds are tough grasses like a hot knife, the powerful engine with heavy-duty string pulls out everything like butter. Some people may find it a little expensive but it really worth the money.

I hope that you liked the information shared about Husqvarna 324l reviews. All of the information shared is purely user experience based. 

You should just give a try to Husqvarna 324l.

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