How To Replace Drive Belt On MTD Yard Machine Riding Mower

Over the past few months I’ve had a few Yard Machine Riding mower owners ask me if I have ever run across having to replace the drive belt on one of these machines. Luckily, I have run across a few Yard Machine MTD units where I replaced the belt. Keeping these mowers in optimal condition will keep them running for years. Including changing the tires.

One essential way of ensuring appropriate servicing is replacing your mower’s drive belt. Hence, it would be best if you replaced your machine’s drive belt once every two years else it could lead to breakage while out in the field..

Keep in mind that there are diverse models of riding mowers in the market. For that reason, you need to ensure that the belt number of both new and old belts corresponds.

Where numbers aren’t corresponding, you’ll experience hardships during the replacement process.

Looking to replace drive belt on your riding mower? Here are the steps.

Step 1

Place your mower on a flat, level service, preferably in your garage if you have one.

In this case, put the parking brake in place, turn off the detonation key, disable the spark plug wire and place your mower on a flat surface.

Then, lower the mower deck with the help of the deck lift lever and cool your mower’s engine.

Step 2

After rightfully positioning your mower on a flat surface, disconnect its rear and front deck support.


By taking away the fastening cotter pins using pliers, then remove the deck by sliding it. You then remove the PTO drive belt shield using a screwdriver.

Detach the PTO belt from the mower deck with a screwdriver.

Finally, take away the mower deck from underneath your mower. You can also do this by sliding the mower deck away on the tractor’s left side.

Step 3

Here, you have to start with disengaging the battery. In this case, raise your mower’s seat, and after that, extract the battery.

Below the battery box, unfasten the nuts (7/16 inch), attaching the transaxle pulley to the transaxle with your socket that also measures 7/16 inch.

Then, take off your transaxle pulley spring from the anchor bolt. You’ll find these bolts on your mower’s left side, and you can use the needle-nose pliers in this case.

Step 4

Are you finding the process a bit tedious? You are almost getting to the finishing line and, most important, successfully.

In this stage, start by removing the PTO belt you’ll find on your transaxle.

Then, take away the screws securing the belt guide on the changeable speed pulley collection. At this point, segment your belt very cautiously.

Lastly, you’ll find a belt guard surrounding the mower’s engine pulley. Remove it by a 1/4 inch socket.

Step 5

The first thing at this stage is to remove the crankshaft pulley. You’ll discover that the crankshaft’s fastening is by the flat shower, local shower, and bolt. Remove the three of them using a 1/2 inch socket.

After their removal, you’ll be in a position to pull out the crankshaft and, after that, remove the drive belt.

Watchfully, pull off the drive belt from your mower by twisting and then ease it towards the engine’s direction.

Step 6

Now, this is the final stage.

You can now install your riding mower’s new drive belt after removing the old one. So, rightfully position your drive belt on your mower and then reinstall.

Here, use the reverse of the uninstalling procedure to install everything.

Once the installation is complete, turn the mower’s power on and then engage the mower’s blades. If you have correctly installed the drive belt, there’ll be efficient movement of the blades. And, if not, you’ll experience some difficulties.

You need to pause and find out what’s the matter by checking out your drive belt again in such a case.

Check this video for a close up on Yard Machines MTD Mowers drive belt replacement.

Safety Measures

  •  Ensure you only purchase your drive belt according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Ensure the belt numbers are corresponding before purchasing.
  • When replacing your belt, put on proper safety attires.


Your riding mower is an important tool in your yard and it requires your attendance whether it’s functioning or not. Hence, changing its drive belt often is essential for proper maintenance.

Therefore, being conversant with the replacement process will help cut the cost of calling an expert to install the belt on your mower. 

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