How to Replace a Pull Cord on Lawn Mower

Replacing the pull cord of your lawn mower can seem as an uphill task. If you don’t know how to do it, you may have to hire a technician to do it for you. However, if you are a DIY enthusiast, replacing the broken cord will only take you a few minutes and your lawn mower will be up and running.

You only need to ensure you have the necessary replacement parts, tools and protective gear, as well as the drive to get it done yourself.

If replacing the broken pull cord is a challenging task for you, this article is for you. Knowing how to replace the cord will help you save a lot on repair costs. 

Parts of a Lawn Mower Pull Cord Housing

Most will need to consider replacing the pull cord if the cord gets stuck or fails to pull. Replacing the pull cord requires you to remove the pull cord assembly. You’ll have an effortless and straightforward time replacing the pull cord if you have all the tools and part at the ready.

The various parts needed are:

  • Starter pull rope
  • Recoil spring
  • Handle
  • Pulley

If the recoil spring is damaged, you can buy a replacement and fix it to regain operations. 

Additionally, you need to ensure you get the right replacement for the broken part. For instance, if you want to replace the pull cord, ensure you get the right length and thickness. Otherwise, the cord won’t fit properly. Plus, a very thin cord may not have a long life. 

I personally like to use this one:

Hipa Recoil Starter Rope 10-Meter (Diameter: 3.0mm) Pull Cord for Husqvarna STHIL Sears Craftsman...
  • Length: 10 meter
  • Fits many models of STHIL HUSQVARNA ECHO HOMELITE McCulloch Poulan...
  • Please check your starter rope sizes carefully before purchase

If you need full replacement housing units, this one fits most mowers:

WHIFQ Pull Start Recoil Starter Assembly Fits Honda GX120 GX160 GX200 Harbor Predator 212CC 6.5 7HP...
  • ✔️ Let's get started! So, you’ve got a busted pull recoil, huh?...
  • ✔️ Compatible with: we are not affiliated with, but is compatible...
  • ✔️ Durable materials: starter cup, spool and bolts are made from...
  • ✔️ No broken handles: when you order a lawnmower starter rope from...
  • 📣📣 Lifetime warranty: of course, you’re not covered for normal...

How to Replace a Pull Cord 

Replacing the pull cord is not a difficult task, and you’ll be through in 30 minutes. 

Before you can start the replacement process, ensure you have the right tools.

When you have the necessary tools, you can use the following steps to replace the pull cord:

How to Replace Pull Cord on Lawn Mower

How to Replace a Pull Cord on a Lawn Mower

Total Time: 30 minutes

Make the necessary preparations 

place mower on a flat surface

As you replace the cord, safety should come first. As such, ensure the lawnmower is on a flat surface to ensure stability. Additionally, it would be best if you had your hand gloves on for protection purposes. 

Disconnect the Power Cord

The last thing you want while replacing the pull cord is to have yourself electrified. Thus, before you can start replacement, you should look for the power cable and disconnect it from the battery. 

Remove the Housing Screws 

how to remove the housing screws on a on the pull cable lawnmower

Some manufacturers make it easy for you to open the housing. Just a few screws, and you are good to go. 

Check the housing screws for your lawnmower and remove them. You can use a wrench or screwdriver to remove the screws. 

Get Rid of the Broken Rope

Hit the pull cord housing lightly to open it. Next, look for the knotted edge of the broken pull cord. Use your pliers to hold the edge of the pull cord tight and pull it out. 

You will use the edge from which you pull the broken rope to insert the new pull cord. You can purchase your replacement pull cord from an auto spare shop or hardware shop.

Insert the New Cord 

how to install new rope into the pull cord housing

Take the new cord and put a knot on one edge of the pull cord. Use the place you used to remove the old or broken rope to insert the new one. 

As you insert the rope, take care of the innerspring of the rewind. 

Additionally, rotate the pulley in the right direction to ensure you fasten the cord. Continue turning the pulley until you can experience some resistance. 

Continue rotating the pulley until the pellets of the pulley are in line with the pores of the housing. You can insert your screwdriver to ensure the pulley doesn’t rotate in the opposite direction. 

Next, use the hole on the housing to enter the new rope and give it a knot. You can use your lighter to heat the rope. 

Replace the Rewind Housing 

If there is any extra rope, ensure you cut it off. Next, replace the housing and use the wrench or screwdriver to tighten the screws. 

Finally, reconnect the power cord unit and secure firmly. Then try start the lawnmower nordmally to make sure everything is working right. 

Estimated Cost: 50 USD


  • The replacement rope with the right length and thickness
  • Hand gloves


  • Needle nose pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Lighter

Materials: Starter pull rope Recoil spring Handle Pulley

Final Thoughts 

If the pull cord of your lawnmower is broken, you can save the repair costs by doing the repairs yourself. You can use the above steps to guide in replacing the pull cord. 

Here is a nice visual video of this process in action:


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