How to Grow Mango Seed in the Water?

How to grow mango seed in the water? Finally, you came around after years of dreaming of having a mango tree in the backyard. The moment you decided to plant a mango tree, we came to help right away. To get you some answers, warn you of the dos and don’ts, and make you familiar with the process.

Summer’s favorite fruit, mango is a valuable member of the Cashew family. It’s not just the taste, but the “love fruit” is loaded with numerous health benefits. Because of its significant demand, mango is the most widely cultivated fruit in the tropical world.

There are more than 25 different varieties of Mango, each tastier than the other. When you find the one that makes your taste buds go Hmm, we will show you how to sprout mango seed in the water?

How to grow Mango seed in the water?

The husk of mango contains a seed that eliminates the need of going to the market and buying fancy seeds. Let’s get you familiar with the mango seed germination process.

Take Seed out of the husk

You can take the seed out of any mango variety you like best, just remove the pulp and fiber from the husk. It does not have to be cleaned to the last fiber, a bit of fiber remaining works well.

Remove Pulp & let the husk dry

Get help from the scrub brush to clean stringy bits from the husk. Once the flesh is removed, let the mango husk air dry for 1 or 2 days.

Cut the husk to take out the seed

Make a careful cut using a dull knife on the ground so as not to damage the seed. Tear open the mango husk with your bare hands, and there you have it, the mango seed.

Soak the seed in the dish of water

Now, let’s take the first seed germination step together, Fill water in the dish. Mango seed core is more rounded on one side and less on the other. Put the seed, rounded side up, precisely in the dish.

Keep the dish in a warm, sunny Place

The second step involves placing the dish in a sunny and airy dry place. The ideal place to deliver sunlight to the dish would be a cupboard, shelf, or windowsill.

Soak the seed till it germinates

Let the seed soak in water till it starts to germinate. Be a little patient as sprouting may take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks.

Plant in the pot when it sprouts

When the seed starts to sprout, plant the sprouted mango seed in the pot until it is strong enough to be transplanted outside.


Does water help for better and quicker germination of mango seed?

yes, it is true. The water does allow quicker germination of mango seeds. As the mango seed has a thick and tough outer covering, soaking would help to imbibe water for germination. Other methods to sprout the mango seed may take time because of the thicker outer crust of the seed.

Why the soaking method is preferred for mango seed germination over the drying method?

Because the soaking method allows quicker germination, you will be done with the sprouting within 1 to 3 weeks. When germinating the seed through the drying method, be prepared to wait a little longer. Quicker germination is the sole reason, most people prefer the soaking method.

Risks attached to the soaking method

The soaking method is the most widely used method for seed germination. However, the soaking method may increase the risk of mold. Choose carefully if you have just one seed to germinate. The alternative to soaking is the drying method where there is no risk of the mold but the germination process takes 1 or 2 weeks longer.

Tips for mango seed germination with water

These tips may come in handy when germinating the seed with water.

Some methods may require adding coffee or weak tea to the water to make it an acidic solution, however, it is not necessary as water alone will do the job.

Boiling water is not required for the germination process as some seed species do not have a heat tolerance. Just use the regular tap water.

Germination of seed with hard coats is reduced if scarification is done before soaking. Scarification is damaging the seed coat for better water penetration. Do not apply any mango fertilizer in pre germination.

Why soak the mango seeds in the water?

If you are new to the plantation, you might have thought of directly planting the seed in the soil. Soaking does more good to the seeds than just depositing them into the soil. It helps in the following ways

Improves Moisture Rate

When the seed is soaked in water, it gets a signal that moisture around them has increased. Moisture is an indication for the seed that a stage has been set for them to start growing.

Removal of the protective covering

Often seeds are covered by the protective coating which is not easy to break and germinate. When the seed is soaked, the water gently paves its way and remove the protective coating. It sends a signal that now is a safe time to start growing.

Soften the seed

When the water is imbibed for germination, it softens the outermost shell of the seed first. The outermost shell, being the hardest part, begins to break when the seed is soaked.

Why soaking seed is necessary before planting?

Because life outdoors is not kind to the little seeds. They might not live through cold or dry weather and rising air currents. Soaking allows them to germinate in a safe environment and only transplanted outdoors when they can defend themselves against mother nature.

To Sum up

It is not very difficult to grow the mango seed in water. A few steps and you are done, take the seed out of the husk, soak it in a dish of water, wait for the germination. Soaking seeds in water is really necessary to break the own natural defenses of the seed which leads to faster germination.


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