How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Backhoe?

How much does it cost to rent a Backhoe? A question everyone in the construction industry has on their mind. The calculation of Backhoe rental cost depends on various factors. A definite figure can not be provided as to how much the rent will cost. 

Renting a backhoe with the operator and without the operator are two different stories. For starters, renting a backhoe with an operator will cost around $50-$100 an hour on average. For do-it-yourself backhoe, the rental cost is $100-$200 for a half-day time. These prices fluctuate when different elements come to play. The backhoe rental costs are discussed in detail below

Backhoe is a multipurpose construction appliance, working to its fullest potential to get the job done. A backhoe can be used as an excavator, front end loader, and a bulldozer. The high demand for this valued equipment makes it even more expensive. One has to spend a fortune to have this piece of equipment. Buying a backhoe usually cost around $10000 to $100000. $15000-$45000 is the buying cost of a backhoe with used low horsepower machines.

Rental Cost of Backhoe

Renting a Backhoe is an economical question when buying it is, out of reach. Renting is the best option when you need it for a short period of time. Let’s break down the rental cost of backhoe

Rental Cost of Backhoe with an Operator

Backhoe Service Company provides backhoe with an operator for those who do not know how to operate the machinery. The rental cost fluctuates depending upon the size, location, and travel time.

  • Per Hour Cost: Many Backhoe Service Company charges $50-$70 an hour. On average, per hour cost may range from $70-$90.
  • Special Backhoe Attachments: Compaction and drilling holes require special attachments, which add $30-70 to the rental cost.
  • Smaller Jobs: For smaller jobs that require minimal time period, the cost is $150-$400 or more.

These costs do not travel and set up costs. Many Backhoe Service Companies are charging for the travel cost separately.

  • Chuck’s Backhoe Service: This Florida based company charges for the travel time. For 2 hour trave and 4-hour minimum, the rate per hour with an operator is $60.
  • Double E Trucking: With a three-hour minimum for backhoe and operator, this Backhoe Service Company in South Carolina, charges $80 an hour.
  • Dig Equipment Inc.: Per hour charge of this service company in Southern California is $95. The round trip travel cost is $250. Special attachment to the rate per hour is $40-$60.

Special attachments like an auger, concrete breaker, and compaction wheel add to the backhoe rental cost.


Rental Cost of Backhoe without an Operator

The do-it-yourself backhoe use is not as heavier on the spine as renting with an operator is. If the user knows the machinery, he can save some dollars.

  • Mini Backhoe: If the job is not demanding and mini backhoe can do it well, then go for this cost-saving option. Cost of $100-$200 is incurred for the half-day or full-day rental of a mini backhoe.
  • Larger Backhoe Model: Larger models cost around $200 to $350 a day. When renting for a week, the cost goes up to $500-$1500.
  • Deposit Before Renting: A $500-$1500 amount is required for deposit before renting the backhoe. 
  • Insurance: In case any damage is done, the insurance or damage waiver costs around 10%-15%.

Other than the above-mentioned costs, additional costs are incurred for special attachments and delivery charges.

  • Hertz Equipment Rental: This rental company, for a 65-74 horsepower two-wheel-drive backhoe, charges around $200-$285 a day while the weekly charge is $660-$900.
  • McKeel Equipment Rentals: A $150-$300 per day and $600-$1200 weekly, is the estimated cost of renting from this company. For attachments, $30-$200 is an average daily rate. Insurance is 9% of the rental whereas deductible property damage stands at $1000. The delivery rate is $45 minimum, $3 per loaded mile.

Additional Cost

The dump disposal fee is $15 to $350 if the job requires clearing out dirt and debris from the site. Truck and driver cost with backhoe operator adds $30-$70 an hour for this particular task.


Factors that affect the renting cost of Backhoe

Before renting a Backhoe, one needs to check if it is made for a particular job. Some jobs are more demanding than the other, may require a Backhoe with greater dig depth and horsepower.

  • Horsepower: Larger models offering up to 127HP are more expensive to rent as they are made for bigger jobs. A backhoe loader of 14″ to 15″ having HP between 68-107 can be rented at an economical rate.
  • Dig Depths: The various dig depths of a backhoe are 7″, 10″, 14″, and even 60″. The more the dig depth, the more the renting cost.
  • Front Bucket Width: The average front bucket width is 89″ and 96″ carrying weight between 1,590 and 2,100 pounds. Installation of a multipurpose front bucket adds to the rental cost.
  • Rear Bucket Width: Selecting a smaller width of 12″ is going to cost less than the 60″ inch wide rear bucket.

Backhoe Uses

Backhoes is the most sought after piece of equipment because of its multitude of uses. Multiple industries are benefiting from the versatile backhoe loader. Deciding the best towable backhoe is easy if you have read any guide.

  • Construction: Backhoe is a necessity for the construction industry. Be it minor demolition, digging, or leveling, the backhoe does it all without grumbling. Roadway, industrial and residential projects are incomplete without the multiplayer backhoe.
  • Agriculture: Backhoe is used in agriculture for laying irrigation pipes, burying livestock, and installing posts.
  • Landscaping: Backhoe aids the landscaping industry by excavation, tree/stump removal, lining, or stacking.

Final Words

Since the Backhoe serves numberable purposes, the demand for it is sky-high.Owing to the multitude of use, the rental costs are also high. The renting cost of a backhoe depends upon the size of the project. Renting a larger model Backhoe definitely burns a hole in one’s pocket. There are not competent alternatives to get the job done as efficiently as a Backhoe does.

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