How Much Does Clay Cost?

Plasticity and crystal properties of clay particles are the major reason for clay used in a lot of routine works. The wide range of uses of clay is clear, from the scientific use as an adsorbent of heavy metals in metabolic activity to children’s use in artwork. 

The unique crystalline structure of clay particles enables special properties like plasticity, cation exchange, and low permeability. The only problem that comes in the use of clay, is to find the pure clay.

Clay exists in many types, and of course, having unique properties in each type. Depending on what is added to clay, all the types have varying workability, colors, and maturity temperature that ultimately impacts the cost of clay.

That’s why it becomes confusing for a person to get real knowledge on clay cost. This guide is specially built to answer “How much does clay cost”. 

Let’s get started.

Clay and its types

Clay is a fine-grained natural soil material containing clay minerals. Clay minerals are hydrous aluminium phyllosilicates. Clay can be quite soft plastic on mixing water and becomes hard on drying.

The United States is the major producer of refined clay in the world. The major use of clay in the United States is in the form of floor and wall tiles (ball clay). It is also used in pet absorbents and drilling mud. Besides all of these, the major use is in the form of bricks and lightweight aggregate.

Clay exists in various colors, from white to brown, orange to red, depending on the clay contents

Types of clay

These are four major types of clay.

  1. Earthenware clay
  2. Stoneware clay
  3. Ball clay
  4. Porcelain

All of these types have variability in maturity temperature, workability and colors, depending on the contents added in the clay.

How much does clay cost per ton?

The average price of common clay is almost 17$-19$ per ton. The prices of all types of clay are different because of the contents added in the soil to alter their physical properties. 

Similarly, pottery clay and modelling clay do have a varying cost per pound. The variations in the prices of clay depending on what is added and how much plasticity it has.

What is the most expensive clay?


Porcelain is the most expensive clay. The utmost strength of this clay is the reason behind its high cost. Moreover, it is the rarest form of clay and so expensive. It turns to translucent white on firing. 

How much does clay cost per pound?

The clay used in ceramics is usually cost around the U.S $11 per pound. This type of clay is made of the most refining minerals that are why it costs a bit high than common clay. 

clay cost

How much does modeling clay cost?

The modelling clay costs almost 1$-3$ per pound. The price can vary on the amount of clay sourced. This costs observed for the sculpting and moulding premium air dry clay. 

How much does pottery clay cost?

The pottery clay is made of most refined material of clay and it is the major reason behind the high cost of pottery clay. The pottery clay costs around $11 per pound.

How much does kaolin costs per ton?

The estimated cost of kaolin is $158 per ton. The major deposits of kaolin are found in central Georgia.

Kaolin is a clay mineral that exists in white colour but also found in orange, yellow, and red colour. Its major use is in the paper industry for coating, to improve the shine and smoothness of the material. 

What is the strongest clay?

Kato Polyclay

Kato Polyclay is the strongest polymer clay on the market. It becomes harder after baking that makes it the best choice for harder clay searchers. 

Uses of Clay

Clay has a wide range of uses in our daily life routine products. The major uses of clay are:

  • The most common use of clay is in brick making. The impure form of clay is used in the making of bricks and tiles
  • It is used in the making cruder types of pottery
  • Clay is used in pet absorbents
  • Ball clay is widely used in floor and wall tiles
  • Kaolin or china clay is used for fine grades of ceramic materials
  • Modelling clay is used in the making handmade pots or children crafts


The estimated cost of common clay is almost 17$-19$ per ton. But the cost of all forms of clay varies by the material added in clay. The fine graded clay that is used in the ceramic industry is most pricey while the impure form of clay used in bricks is less costly.

Similarly, the purity of clay, maturity temperature, hardiness, and plasticity also affect the cost of clay. Moreover, porcelain is the most expensive form of clay due to its utmost strength.

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