How Long Should You Not Walk on Grass Seed

If you are going to establish a new lawn then you will be thinking to follow all the measures to establish a thick turf. But at the same time, a lot of questions arise in your mind like “how long should you not walk on grass seed” and about watering and fertilizing the new sod.

In this guide, all of these queries are answered correctly after researching.

Let’s get started from some useful tips.

  • Don’t rush the newly seeded lawn and provide space for seeds to grow.
  • Seeding a new lawn is totally dependent on the weather, season and the ground preparation.
  • For the initial 3-4 months of seeding the lawn, keep the traffic minimum to low in the lawn.
  • Add the pre turfing as a speed booster before laying the turf or seeding.
  • The side rails of the lawn should be spared to grow the scenery plants like holly pencil or hydrangeas and other plants.

Establishing a new lawn

Lawn establishment done by seeding in a well prepared land is an inexpensive method and the proper fertilizers and maintenance ensures the successful growth of grass.

Seeding Time

The recommended time to establish a new lawn is spring, summer and fall. 

Soil preparation

The major factor for better growth and the thriving lawn is the good preparation of seedbed through tilling, lawn fertilizers, and leveling of soil.

Seeding of lawn

After preparation of soil for the new lawn, spread the grass seeds evenly on the ground.

Rake the seeds evenly on the soil surface with help of rakes to get even turf distribution on the surface.

Roll the soil after seeding and if needed, add the mulch layer to improve the seed to soil contact and prevent the soil runoff and also helps to conserve moisture.

Keep the soil moistened by proper watering.

Care of new seeded lawn

These are some measures to adopt for newly seeded lawn:

  • Avoid walking on the newly seeded lawn unless it is mowed three times.
  • Recommended mowing time for grass is when the grass reaches the height of one third taller than the desired height.
  • Keep the traffic flow until the grass matures, after two growing seasons.

How Long Does It Take Seeded Grass To Grow?

Time taken by new grass seed to grow totally depends on the grass seed type. 

The average time for grass seed to grow in 5 to 30 days, but it alternates with environmental factors and soil and many other factors.

Age of grass is another factor that impacts the grass seed growing time.

If you have prepared the soil well and have added the seed evenly with moisture keeping in soil then do not think of failure, it may take some time to grow.

Many other factors impacting the seeds growth are warmth of soil, moisture, oxygen and light e.t.c.

How long does it take turf to settle?

Walking on new turf is considered to be OK after 3 to 4 weeks of grass growth. But the strength of new grass may vary the walking time by the time of year of sowing the grass seed and weather.

The new turf in the lawn is ready for walking when the new turf has established the roots well penetrated in the soil and this process takes a little time.

But our personal experience is to avoid walking and traffic on new turf until the lawn is mowed two to three times.

Only the first few weeks are critical in the establishment of the lawn and in this time the mowing techniques and fertilization by proper fertilizers and moisture is a necessary task to pay back next year.

How long before I can use my newly seeded lawn?

If you sowed the new lawn during the spring season, the lawn will be ready to use after 8-12 weeks of seeding.

The newly seeded lawn by seeds takes more time than turf for establishing a better and strong root network. So the early green covering shown on the surface does not show that the grass is done.

When to Fertilize New Grass

Fertilizing the new grass is the most important factor to establish healthy and strong rooted grass in little time.

Fertilization process of new seeded lawn starts early from the soil preparation and continues for years.

Application of nitrogen-rich organic fertilizer in the new lawn after 6-8 weeks of planting the grass shows a wonderful boost in growth of grass.

During the early growth of grass, fertilization by high nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers, low in potassium allows the easy accessibility to grass.

Recommended fertilizer by lawndesire experts for newly seeded grass is Scotts Turf Builder Starter Food for New Grass Plus Weed Preventer.

This fertilizer allows the perfect match of the nutrients for new grass for early boosting growth as well the weeds prevention. Many types of weeds like crabgrass and 6 other major types of weeds are controlled for 5-6 weeks by this product application.

Final Verdict

Fertilization of new lawn with the lawn fertilizers and mowing are the major factors to ensure the better root establishment of the lawn. 

More mowing enhances the strength of roots by time so keep an eye on the height of lawn grass.

I hope that you have got enough knowledge to establish a new lawn and get answers to your confusion on “how long should you not walk on grass seed”.

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