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Having a green, healthy, and lush lawn is easier than most people think. That’s why I started this lawn care blog so I can share my knowledge of all things lawn care. From Lawn Mower and Equipment reviews, to sod and lawn care tips, to year-round care. I’ve written The Perfect Lawn in eBook format which is a great guide to have so you can reference it whenever needed. Feel free to signup to my Perfect Lawn Newsletter and I’ll send you this PDF for free.

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Anton Schwarz

Hi, I’m Anton Schwartz for LawnCareGuides

Born and raised in Austin, TX I come from a background of lawn maintenance. By helping my family in my younger years with their lawn care business, I learned the ropes quickly and as I grew it became my passion that I still do today. Looking to share my knowledge with others. I invite you to leave comments on any post as I know you will have questions that you are not finding anywhere else.

What Other Lawn Care Experts Say About Us!
Enrique is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to lawn care. I am really impressed with how mechanical he is with all sorts of lawn equipment.
– Alex Kuritz –
Lawn care advocate for over 10 years helping brands such as Toro, Craftsman, Tru Green, and more by helping them with their marketing. I’ve been in the lawn care industry all my life & pleased to be helping Enrique here.
– Enrique “Ricardo” Silva

Find Lawn Care Services Near Me

Don’t have time or the desire to take care of your yard? Well many of us don’t so that’s why I’ve also included a lawn service directory to help you find lawn providers near you. Here are the most popular cities looking for professional and trusted lawn care services.


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