Ferris Mower Reviews & Buyer Guide

For lawnmowers that offer superior performance and unmatched durability, Ferris is a name you can count on.

Incepted way back in 1909, Ferris industries started out as the Uebler Milking Machine Company—a company that manufactured high quality milking machines for small dairy farmers in upstate New York.

By 1809 and due to disappearing profits, and the small dairy farms the company served, Ferris shifted its focus on manufacturing commercial lawn mowers.

Awarded with the prestigious Innovation award from the Outdoor Equipment Power Institute in 1987 for the first hydrostatic drive walk-behind mower, the company made headlines again with the introduction of the first ever independent suspension for the riding mower.

4 Reasons to Choose a Ferris Commercial Lawn Mower

1. Multi-Patented Suspension Technology

Ferris commercial mowers are equipped with multi-patented suspension technology that is engineered to reduce the effects of uneven terrain, resulting in no shock to the chassis, and your body.

The suspension is designed to absorb the bumps and vibrations that cause operator fatigue, and increase your productivity to get the job done faster.

2. iCD™ Cutting System

The iCD cutting system delivers top notch performance in a variety of different conditions.

It features an extra wide opening to help discharge clippings quickly and evenly, and a sloped nose design that allows you to cut at higher speeds without compromising on the quality of cuts.

The top center portion of the cutting deck is crafted from two layers of 10-gauge steel for great durability and performance. Additionally, the cutting system features an offset center point that optimizes air flow.

This two-belt deck is fitted with steel arms to prevent the belt from dislodging from the backside idler with a dust shield.

The pulley in the deck of Ferris mowers features deep grooves for smoother operation, and prevents the belt from dislodging or rolling away from the pulley.

3.  Unique Oil Guard System

Ferris mowers feature a first in class oil guard system that extends the maintenance intervals up to 500 percent.

This means that you spend less oil, and can cut for up to 500 hours until the next oil change. Plus, Ferris mowers are easy to maintain with their easy fill cap, and integrated oil filter for easier, cleaner and faster tool free changes.

4. EFI – ETC Technology

 Ferris mowers are equipped with EFI and ETC engines from Vanguard. EFI (electronic fuel injection ensures a more reliable startup at any temperature, and greatly reduces fuel consumption.

ETC (electronic throttle control) helps maintain smooth, consistent power in any condition. It features a flywheel speed sensor that sends a signal to the throttle body when it detects a change in RPM to ensure consistent engine speed.

Top Rated Ferris Mowers

Ferris ISX 3300 EFI-ETC Mower Review

The Ferris ISX 3300 mower up takes performance to a whole new level with more horsepower, and the most advanced independent suspension system in its class.

Adding to the rich set of features of the Ferris ISX 3300 zero turn mower is a large 61-inch cutting width, allowing you to cover more lawn in less time.

The ISX 3300 zero turn mower from Ferris is equipped with a Vanguard Big Block EFI-ETC engine with oil guard that sprints that 40 horsepower for enhanced cutting performance.

Adding to this, the Ferris ISX 3300 zero turn mower features a Vanguard electronic throttle control system that allows its engine to harness all the power generated to render a much more consistent blade tip speed.

The Ferris ISX 3300 zero turn mower comes with flat resistant castor wheels for less maintenance and downtime, and an iCD two-belt cutting deck for great quality cuts, and long service life.

The Ferris ISX 3300 zero turn mower is powered by ZT-5400 Hydro-Gear dual commercial transaxles with 9-inch cooling fans to repel debris.

Additionally, the Ferris ISX 3300 zero turn mower is fitted with large 26-inch rear tires that collectively provide optimized stability and traction.

The ISX 3300 mower features a tapered bumper with built-in tie down points for more ground clearance and engine protection.

It comes with a large 11-gallon (41 liter) capacity fuel tank that is fitted with a dual function hour meter, and a fuel level gauge.

In terms of comfort, the ISX 3300 doesn’t disappoint with its premium high back suspension seat, multi-position headrest, adjustable lumbar, and back recline.

To top things off, the ISX 3300 zero turn mower is backed by a leading four-year or 500-hour warranty against any manufacturer defects.  

Ferris IS 6200 Zero Turn Mower Review

The Ferris IS 6200 zero turn mower is engineered to offer you the best of both worlds—comfort and durability. It provides a larger 72-inch cutting width than the Ferris ISX 3300 mower, and much more 48 horsepower to tackle all your cutting tasks without a fuss.

Furthermore, the Ferris IS 6200 zero turn mower travels faster at a 12 MPH ground speed, so you can cut more turf in less time.

Under its hood lies a massive, class leading CAT C1.7L turbo diesel engine that delivers 1700cc of grass dominating power, and the highest horsepower in its segment. Adding to this, the CAT C1.7L engine boasts an unmatched life expectancy between four and five thousand working hours.

The Ferris IS 6200 zero turn mower is fitted with the company’s patented suspension system that renders smooth and consistent cuts. Plus, it features adjustable coil-over shocks that can be tuned towards your needs to maximize productivity and comfort.

The interactive onboard display monitors the performance and operation of the Ferris IS 6200 mower in real time. It comes with a hydraulic deck lift system that makes it easy to raise and lower the mower deck to achieve an optimal height of cut between 1.5-inches to 6-inches.

The Ferris IS 6200 zero turn mower is equipped with a wide 72-inch iCD cutting system that ensures all the components work collectively to deliver quality cuts at higher speeds. All the components of the Ferris IS 6200 zero turn mower are built tough, starting with a 450 ft lbs Warner hand operated electric clutch, and a right-angled Curtis gearbox complete with dual 1-inch shafts for enhanced horsepower, and faster and smoother operation.

Ferris FW45 Walk Behind Mower Review

For a commercial mower that’s built for comfort and control, and delivers sheer performance, the Ferris FW45 walk behind mower is worth a second look.

It arrives loaded with innovative features including ergonomically designed parking brakes, and cut height adjusters mated with easy to access greasable spindles, and enhanced foot pedal support.

The Ferris FW45 walk behind mower offers a wide 48-inch+ cutting width, and fast 7 MPH ground speed. It is equipped with a 28 hp* Vanguard 810 EFI engine with oil guard that allows the mower to achieve an impressive 28 HP + gross torque.

The oil of the Ferris FW45 walk behind mower should be changed 500-hour intervals, which reduces maintenance time, and costs by over 60 percent.

The Ferris FW45 walk behind mower is fitted with external oil coolers that greatly reduce oil temperatures as low as 25 percent, and a quick fill system for easy maintenance.

The gas tank of the Ferris FW45 walk behind mower is protected with a cover to prevent any obstacles and debris. Furthermore, the FW45 walk behind mower by Ferris comes with a new and improved deck and spindle access slot for quicker greasing and accessibility.

The enhanced muffler guard of the Ferris FW45 walk behind mower protects the O2 sensor from damage. It comes factory-fitted with flat-free 11 x 4-5 cater tires, and 20 x 8-10 drive tires, and a standard pistol grill to control the mower.

In terms of safety, the Ferris FW45 walk behind mower doesn’t disappoint with centralized foot activated neutral pedals, and a neutral start safety circuit. The Ferris FW45 is backed by a two-year limited manufacturer warranty on parts and labor.

Ferris SRS Z3X Soft Ride Stand-On Mower Review

The Ferris SRS Z3X soft ride stand-on mower is built to deliver superior traction and performance, and can be ordered in a choice of several deck options including 52”, 61” and 72”.

It features a pivoting front axle that allows the Z3X to get a secure grip on sloped terrain. The Ferris SRS Z3X soft ride stand on mower comes with a Vanguard engine that generates 37 HP, and allows the mower to travel at a ground speed of 12 MPH.

The engine of the Ferris SRS Z3X reduces maintenance time with 500-hour oil changes, and costs by up to 60 percent.

One of the noteworthy features of the Ferris SRS Z3X soft ride stand-on mower is its generous 11-gallon fuel tank tucked away thoughtfully in the center for consistent balance.

Filling the tank is easy with the onboard fuel filler neck that’s conveniently located on the side of the Ferris SRS Z3X mower.

It offers adjustable speed control between four positions, and an adjustable suspension platform system designed to suit myriad different weights and operating conditions.

The Ferris SRS Z3X mower is equipped with a patent-pending front axle that ensures that all four wheels hold their contact, resulting in a higher quality of cut, and enhanced comfort.

The Ferris SRS Z3X mower comes with cast iron spindles, 24 X 12-12 drive tires, and 13 X 6.5-6 flat-free caster tires.

It is fitted with a clear and crisp fuel level gauge, dual function hour meter, and hand operated internal transaxle brake. The Ferris SRS Z3X mower is protected with a four-year manufacturer warranty, and a three-year limited warranty on the engine.

Ferris ProCut S Front Mount Mower Review

ProCut S Front Mount Mower review

The ProCut S front mount mower can be had in a choice of two powerful engines— a Briggs & Stratton Commercial Series 810cc engine or the Kawasaki FS730V 726cc engine,

The Briggs & Stratton engine delivers a gross 27 HP, and Kawasaki slightly less 24 HP. The Ferris ProCut S mower offers a 61-inch cutting width, and can mow at a speed of 8 MPH.

Adding to this, the ProCut S front mount mower is fitted with greaseable aluminum spindles for long service life, and an adjustable height of cut that can be set in just one single step.

The ProCut S mower is equipped with an electric deck lift that allows users to easily raise the cutter deck with a flick of a switch. The fan of the ProCut S mower is mounted on top of the hydro assist pump, and helps in the cooling of the hydro system, and repels debris.

The speed and direction of the ProCut S mower can be adjusted with the easy to reach foot pedal controls. It comes with a large and rugged 5.5-gallon fuel tank with a wide and filler neck and reserve.

With regards to comfort, the ProCut S mower wins the fold with its patented suspension technology for a smoother ride, and increased speed.

The ProCut S mower comes with a five-year limited suspension warranty that covers all suspension related components.

Ferris SRS Z1 Soft Ride Stand-On Mower Review

The Ferris SRS Z1 Soft Ride stand-on mower offers the same excellent productivity and comfort as its bigger brother—the SRS Z2 mower, but comes with a smaller mowing deck, making it a great choice for narrow spaces or small lawns.

It boasts a 36-inches+ cutting width, and is powered by a robust Kawasaki FX600V engine that allows the SRS Z1 mower to generate 19 HP, and sprint at 8 MPH. The SRS Z1 stand-on mower offers three speeds to choose from, and comes with an easy to access easy locking speed control setting that can be used without any tools.

Speaking of which, the SRS Z1 mower features an adjustable suspension platform system that can be configured for a large range of weights and operating conditions. The SRS Z1 mower by Ferris is fitted with an ergonomically designed thigh pad that provides superior operator comfort and stability, especially on rugged and sloped terrain.

Adjusting the height of cut is easy with the SRS Z1 mower, thanks to onsite hand-operated deck lift that allows you to change the cut in 1/4″ increments from 1.75″- 4.5″.

Additionally, the Ferris SRS Z1 stand-on mower is equipped with commercial Hydro-Gear ZT-3400 transaxles complete with 7-inch cooling fans for top notch performance.

It comes with a large 6-gallon capacity fuel tank that is located in the center of the mower, and the iCD cutting system to provide the best possible cuts in a variety of conditions.

Ferris IS 2600 Zero Turn Mower Review

The IS 2600 is an affordable and dependable mower from the Ferris hangar, and offers great performance for professional landscaping. It provides a 61-inch cutting width, and is equipped with an efficient Yanmar 3-cylinder diesel engine.

The floor pan of the Ferris IS 2600 can be detached for convenient access to the deck for easy cleaning and service.

The IS 2600 mower comes with a patented suspension system that consists of adjustable rear coil-over shocks, and front independent coil-over shocks.

Maintaining the IS 2600 mower is a joy with its integrated quick-release latches that provides easy access to the engine compartment.

The IS 2600 Ferris mower features a foot-operated deck lift with an adjustable pedal to change the cut height in 1/4″ increments from 1.75″- 5″.

It features a heavy-duty bumper to protect the engine, and a smooth patented steering system that delivers unsurpassed smooth performance.

The Ferris IS 2600 mower comes with a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty that covers all its suspension related components.

Ferris IS 600 Zero Turn Mower Review

The IS 600 is perhaps the most budget-friendly zero turn mower in the company’s lineup, yet doesn’t scrimp out on key features such as patented suspension technology, and heavy-duty Hydro-Gear.

It is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton Commercial series engine that is specifically built to tackle extreme turf conditions. The IS 600 mower comes with an advanced debris management system, a robust cylinder block structure, and an ergonomic riding mower control panel complete with a cup holder and fuel gauge.

The suspension system of the IS 600 zero turn mower consists of rear coil-over shocks and a pivoting front axle with shocks for enhanced comfort when mowing.

Adding to its rich set of features is a well-tuned steering system that delivers smooth performance each time you use the mower.

The floor pan of the IS 600 Ferris zero turn mower can be easily removed for convenient access to the top of the deck for cleaning and service.

The heavy-duty bumper of the Ferris IS 600 zero turn mower protects the engine, as well as provides easy service access.

The Ferris IS 600 mower has the ability to mow up to six acres per hour, and comes with a five-year limited suspension warranty.

Final Thoughts

Ferris is a leading name in the mower space, and offers a massive portfolio of models to choose from. All mowers in the Ferris stable feature advanced technology, robust engines and a slew of safety and convenience features. 

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