Eliminator Weed and Grass Killer Reviews – A Quick Guide

Weeds and grass are real-time problems for any garden owners. Their growth can be suppressed by using various techniques by alternating or disturbing their growth cycle, but can never be eliminated permanently. 

Weeds and grass are majorly found in the gardens where the flowering plants and veggies are growing because these places remain moistened most of the time. They are commonly found along with the vegetable plants where the sunlight reaches directly.

Many methods are present to control or suppress the growth of weeds or grass i.e. chemical, mechanical, and organic control. All of these methods have their own pros and cons but chemical control has immediate results.

Similarly, chemical control has a wide range of chemicals by various manufacturers having different modes of action and speedy recovery. Eliminator is one of these chemical herbicides producing companies that provides the premium grade weeds killer in the form of Eliminator weed and grass killer.

Most of people have insecurities regarding using the Eliminator weed and grass killer in their gardens. But in my view Eliminator, killers are the best weed and grass killers and have great results if used in the proper way at a meaningful time.

To clarify the insecurities of people about these weeds and grass killers, I bring this guide on Eliminator weed and grass killer reviews. All of the knowledge shared in this guide is consumer experience based that is gathered from the forums and shopping sites.

Let’s get started with the basic knowledge that what is actually Eliminator weed and grass killer and which acting material does it have.

Eliminator weed and grass killer

Eliminator weed and grass killer is a post-emergent herbicide that is originally a chemical control for weeds and grass. It has glyphosate as the active ingredient with a concentration of 41%. This much concentrated chemical formula speedily kills the large area of weeds in no time. 

It actually kills the weeds and grass completely from the top to down. The best results are found if it is applied on a sunny and warm day. 

The mode of action of this weed killer has uniqueness such that it translocates through the plants from the upper side and inhibits the enzymatic activity in plants. The inhibition of the enzymatic activity leads to the death of weeds and grass. 

The only care to be taken while using glyphosate in your yard or gardens is that its effects remain in the soil for a longer time. So, make sure to observe the amount and spray to the right plants as it does not leach into the soil and affects the nearby plants badly.

Diquat dibromide in Eliminator 

Diquat dibromide is the nonselective, quick-acting herbicide that disturbs the plant’s activities by causing injuries to which it is applied. It is actually referred to as the desiccant that causes the dryness of the whole plant quickly.

It does not have a common use. It is actually used for industrial and aquatic weed control. In some cases, it is also used for desiccating the potato vines and seed crops to control the sugarcane flowering.

Products: Eliminator weed and grass killer reviews

1. Eliminator Weed and Grass Killer Liquid Super Concentrate, 32oz

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Eliminator liquid super concentrate is the premium grade weed and grass killer that is a famous product among growers. This product has glyphosate as an active chemical ingredient to kill the weeds and grass on patios and paths.

This product comes in a 32-ounce concentrate that can be mixed up to 21 gallons after mixing and this much amount is enough for covering large areas.

The great thing about this weed killer is controlling vast types of weed like poison ivy, crabgrass, clover, and dandelions.

Eliminator weed killer concentrate gives good control of weeds and grass on the patios, paths, walkways, sidewalks, and flowerbeds.

Many people prefer to use this chemical control for killing weeds along with the fruit trees and ornamentals.

It is a concentrated solution having 41% active ingredients that ensures the immediate mode of action and weeds killing in no time.

2. Eliminator Weed and Grass Concentrate, 32 oz

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Eliminator weeds and grass concentrate does also come in 32oz packing that is much concentrated to kill the weeds immediately.

This weed killer by eliminator does have 18% glyphosate as the active ingredient that kills the weed plants by damaging their enzymatic activity. It kills the plants by causing injury in their body functions.

It is the most versatile product for controlling more than 175 types of weeds and grass. The mode of action of this concentrate kills the weed plants by entering the plant body.

The great thing about using this concentrate in yards and gardens is that it eliminates the weeds from roots and they don’t happen again.

This product is available in the market in the packing of 32oz that makes up the 23 gallons spray solution.

Roundup Vs Eliminator

A lot of differences and similarities are present among the Roundup and Eliminator. Some major similarities and differences are:

Round UpEliminator
▶ The active ingredient is Glyphosate

▶ The immediate mode of action
sticks to the leaves even after raining

▶ 41% glyphosate concentration

▶ Another ingredient present to quickly burn the top foliage does not kill the roots due to quick top turn

▶ Systemic herbicide
▶ The active ingredient is Glyphosate

▶ Speedy action but a bit slower than a roundup

▶ Works great in sunny and warm weather

▶ 41% glyphosate concentration does not contain any secondary ingredient to speed up killing

▶ kills the plants to roots as the glyphosate move to root systemic herbicide

Care of using Eliminator (Glyphosate)

These are some caring tips to follow while using the glyphosate in the lawn or garden. These are:

  • Glyphosate should never be applied through the metal sprayer and mixed with high pH water as both these factors degrade its effectiveness.
  • Eliminator gives great results if it has a surfactant and some nitrogen while making spray mixture. 
  • To get more stickiness, detergent is mixed in the solution to give the active ingredient more time to stay on the leaf.
  • The best way of application is in light mist mode and wetting the leaves of weeds completely.

Mode of action of Eliminator

Eliminator has the unique mode of action to kill the weeds and grass. Beside killing the grass immediately, its active ingredient enters the plants body and damages the enzyme activity.

Eliminator mode of action is as:

  • The active ingredient sticks to the leaf surface that kills the plants gradually and quickly.
  • It sticks to the plant leaves so adding the detergent improves stickiness and enhances the efficiency.
  • It takes 1-3 days to kill plants but it kills completely.
  • Extreme effective results found when applying on the day after the rain.
  • After the rainy day, the leaves are clear so influence positively the entry of active ingredients.
  • The best time to apply Eliminator is spring season as the summer application is not much effective.

How to kill weeds with eliminator

These are some steps to kill the weeds and grass with eliminators.

  1. First of all, put all the safety stuff on your body including a long sleeve shirt, glasses to protect the body from chemical splash.
  2. Place the plastic sheet over the plants that you want to save.
  3. Put 3 tablespoons of eliminator concentrate in a tank sprayer for annual weeds and 5 tablespoons for tough weeds. Make the solution up to 1 gallon by adding water and mix thoroughly. 
  4. Spray the solution in such a way that all the plants get wet completely.
  5. For spraying through a hose-end sprayer, put the concentrate in the hose end sprayer and set the mixing value. Spray the weeds in such a way that they get wet completely with the solution.
  6. Remove the plastic sheet from the plants after completing the spray on weeds and grass.

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