Does Human Urine Kill Grass?

Do you wonder whether peeing on grass will kill it? Or Does human Urine kill grass? 

Many people have faced issues of yellowness of grass in their yard caused by dog urine. But in the meantime, dog poop can be a good fertilizer for garden plants. So, it raises a query that if human urine is also good for grass?

Human urine contains high levels of Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus. But these vital nutrients can only be useful for plants if applied in permitted amounts. 

Human Urine can be both, blessing or curse, for the plants and it totally depends on the concentration, soil composition, and amount of urine. If an unmeasured amount and highly concentrated urine are applied to grass, it will cause the dryness of grass.

Human urine can be money-saving and the best alternative to mineral fertilizers to help boost grass growth. It does contain Nitrogen, in the form of urea, which is a vital nutrient for the green color and growth of grass. 

But, a final verdict released after scientific research shows that human urine can be beneficially used as plant fertilizer if diluted to reduce its acidity

In this guide, I will show you that how human urine can be used as fertilizer for plants and grass. Moreover, I will discuss that how much dilution of urine makes it suitable for fertilizing grass?

Let’s start the guide.

Does human urine kill grass?

No, human urine does not kill grass if applied after proper dilution and in fewer amounts. It is the best alternative to mineral fertilizers for grass and garden plants.

How Human urine is beneficial for grass and other plants?

Human urine is composed of urea, creatinine, dissolved ions (chloride, sodium, potassium, etc), inorganic and organic compounds or salts. 

Plants need more amounts of Nitrogen as it is used in the synthesis of amino acids, enzymes, proteins, and chlorophyll. 

The high amounts of Nitrogen in Urine, in form of urea, is enough for fulfilling the needs of plants and keeping them evergreen.

How to apply Human urine to grass safely?

The best method to apply the urine is by dilution enough that plants or grass remain safer from the direct effect. The dilution will save the plants from drying and yellowing. 

If you will put the human urine directly into the grass, it will result in the form of yellow spots in the yard. 

human urine for grass

How much dilution of urine is good for applying to grass?

The best way to dilute the urine is by urinating in the watering can then adding water before pouring it in through the container spout. 

The widely used dilution ratio is 20:1 (Water: Urine), recommended by Ray Weil, professor of the Department of Environmental Science and Technology at the University of Maryland. 

Which grasses get more affected by urine?

Kentucky Bluegrass and Bermuda grass are the two most sensitive kinds of grass to the urine. They get dry quickly if urinated on them.

Human urine as fungus control

Yes, you read it right. Human urine can be used as the fungus control. Have you ever noticed that urine is a much powerful solution as it can kill the plants if applied to plants directly?

No doubt that many lawn fungus controls are available in the market but urine can be the best alternative if the infestation is low.

The diseases like downy mildew and leaf rot can be cured by applying the less diluted urine (2:1, Water: Urine) to the affected areas. The uric acid present in urine will help to control the fungus.

You can use the spray bottle to spritz the wee on the affected parts.

Effects of human urine to grass (if applied without dilution)

Human urine is a highly concentrated solution, containing high amounts of urea, uric acid, and many organic and inorganic compounds. In case you have done urination in your yard, it will affect the grass adversely as:

Yellowing of grass

The grass will turn yellow or many remain yellow if not recovered safely. The yellowness of grass caused by urine can only be cured by applying a urine lawn treatment.

Complete dryness of the grass

Mostly the grass gets dry by urine and gets kill completely. The high amounts of concentrated urea will get worse for the grass and kill the plants and cause dryness all over the urinated area.

Disturbed soil

The yard area where you pee and do not dilute it by pouring water will get the grass to die as well disturbs the amounts of Nitrogen in the soil. The soil will become unavailable for the next growth unless the soil is replaced with a new one.

How to prevent urine from killing grass?

Even you have stopped urinating in the yard, the grass may remain yellow for some time. The urine is a highly concentrated solution and has a long-term effect on the yard.

But here are some tactics to fix the dead grass.

Replantation of dead grass area

The best thing is to replant the affected area with the new grass after replacing the soil. Ryegrass and Fescues are the best grasses that get less affected by the urine.

Using lawn repair treatment

There are many urine lawn treatments available on market. They contain organic enzymes and soil cleansers that help to flush the salts out of plants and soil and recovering of grass growth.

Right fertilization

The right fertilization can also bring life to the drying grass by urine. It can help to return the green coloring of grass. Furthermore, if proper irrigation is followed after fertilization.


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