Craftsman T110 Review – Perks & Disadvantages

Craftsman t110 is a riding lawn mower by Craftsman and designed to deliver durability, a powerful engine, and easy usage. It is powered with top quality 17.5 HP Briggs and Stratton® single-cylinder engines to provide consistent power and superior performance.

Briggs and Stratton produce top-quality engines for mowers and many other appliances and make their name in terms of quality by providing the top quality products to users. 

Craftsman T110 is well known for its uniform and durable working in lawns while mowing the grass blades with sharp edges of cutting deck.

Among the riding lawn mowers, craftsman t110 made its position by providing the users with top quality, powerful, large deck size, and many other featured mowers. 

Premium features like 7-speed transmission along with lower back seats let your body state in perfect position while riding the mower. Additionally, it eases the user to easily maneuver through the 18-inch radius turns easily.

All of these top quality features make people buy this riding lawn mower for their yards. If you are searching for a craftsman t110 review to get enough knowledge before finally buying the mower. Then you are at the right place, this guide perfectly about craftsman t110 reviews about its working, specification, features, pricing, and user experience.

Let’s start…

Craftsman t110 Review – Features

Craftsman t110 riding lawn mower is the perfect gear for getting the long-lasting, durable, and budget-friendly lawnmower. The body of the mower is designed in such a way to give maximum comfort to users.

The premium features of craftsman t110 mowers like the vast option to manage the clippings i.e. bagging, mulching, or side discharge, make it the most lovable product among the professional community.

Some key features of craftsman t110 riding lawn mower are:

Powerful engine

Craftsman t110 is powered with a powerful 17.5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine to give continuous power to the cutting deck and easy moving on the rough surfaces.

Large deck size

It is featured with a large-sized 42-inch cutting deck to cover the more lawn area in one turn moving. It allows the user to mow more lawn areas in less time and continually works as powers by top quality Briggs and Stratton engines.

Manual Transmission

The premium feature of craftsman t110 is the 7-speed manual transmission to deliver continuous and consistent power to the engine and tires.

Mulching kit

The mulching kit is the optional feature of the craftsman t110 lawn mower and you have to choose the mulching kit separately to get the full advantage of clippings by mulching them over the lawn. 

Turning radius

The featuring of an 18-inch turning radius in this model makes it the perfect match for mowing the lawns having narrow spaces. It allows the user to turn the mower in just an 18-inch radius and starts the next strip of lawn in no time. 


Craftsman t110 is made with the top quality material and the great thing is that it is made in the USA. The mower’s body and deck material is shaped in such a way to add durability and life to the mower itself. 


The warranty of the product is the most demanding feature that too ensures the durability and high quality of the mower. Craftsman t110 provides a two-year manufacturer warranty to enhance the user’s confidence in the product. 

Craftsman T110 Gear Drive Riding Mower Specifications

Cutting path42 inches
Cutting heights1.5 – 3.75 inches
Turning radius18 inches
Engine typeSingle cylinder
Engine brandBriggs and Strattn
Fuel tank 1.3 gallons

Craftsman T110 attachments

Craftsman t110 riding lawn mowers can have vast types of attachments to get the more advanced use of the latest products like mulching kits and baggers. 

Here are the mostly used craftsman t110 attachments:

Craftsman t110 bagger

Craftsman t110 bagger is the most advanced and demanding product. It allows the user to get the grass clippings in the bagger and dispose of as you desire. I have seen many people demanding the baggers be compatible with their mowers to get the clippings out of the yard in an easy way.

Craftsman t110 mulching kit

Craftsman t110 mulching kit provides the user with an additional choice to mulch the clippings in the lawn that ultimately helps to increase the soil quality and grass health. It also helps to cover the grass from the direct dew effects. Owning a craftsman t110 allows the user with this choice to get the compatible mulching kit and it is the most lovable feature of the craftsman t110 mower.

Final Words

Craftsman t110 is featured with Briggs and Stratton’s powerful engines to provide durability in working. The mulching kit feature of this mower makes the craftsman t110 a top-selling riding lawn mower.

I hope that you find this guide helpful and you have a clear mind from confusion about the craftsman t110 mower.

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  1. what makes this mower scalp so bad

  2. I recently bought a brand new Craftsman riding mower T110 42 inch manual transmission from Lowes. I noticed that sometimes the hood will move out of place when making turns and it catches to one side so you have to manually put it back in place. Is there something like a latch to hold it in place. Seems like a simple fix but I have no idea keep in place while mowing.

  3. I have a no t120 42 ” mower .and was wondering is there any grease fittings on it ? The manual is pretty vague . I don’t want to miss a grease fitting !

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