3 Best Towable Backhoes – 2021 (Reviews & Guide)

Every gardener has to do digging somehow for planting big plants or for digging trenches for some other purposes. The removal of soil with the help of a Shovel or post-hole diggers is a bit exhausting and time-consuming task. Towable backhoes are the best advancement to overcome this problem.

Two types of backhoes are available in the market. Some have 3 point tractor attachments and some are towable to any vehicle.

Backhoes are stand-alone vehicles having the structure related to the mini-excavator and work similarly to them too.

The best thing about these towable backhoes is that they can be attached to the trailer hitch and can be pulled to the spot where they need.

Towable Ride-On Trencher Special
Towable Backhoe (Sit-On Trencher) with 9 HP Engine By CENTRAL MACHINERY
7' ft 3 Point Backhoe with Thumb Excavator Attachments Kubota Deere
Towable Ride-On Trencher Special
Towable Backhoe (Sit-On Trencher) with 9 HP Engine By CENTRAL MACHINERY
7' ft 3 Point Backhoe with Thumb Excavator Attachments Kubota Deere
Towable Ride-On Trencher Special
Towable Ride-On Trencher Special
Towable Backhoe (Sit-On Trencher) with 9 HP Engine By CENTRAL MACHINERY
Towable Backhoe (Sit-On Trencher) with 9 HP Engine By CENTRAL MACHINERY
7' ft 3 Point Backhoe with Thumb Excavator Attachments Kubota Deere
7' ft 3 Point Backhoe with Thumb Excavator Attachments Kubota Deere

With so much advancement in the field of science the availability of labor is a major issue and in the field of gardening laborious work is a common thing like digging the holes. The digging by the shovel is not an easy thing as no one has so much time. 

So the towable backhoe is a one-time investment to ease your work not just for gardening but also for the new home finishing as for installing the poles or to remove the waste material.

Reviews of Our Top 3 Towable Backhoes

1. Towable Ride-On Trencher Special by Greyhound – Best Towable Backhoe For The Price

Towable Ride-On Trencher Special
  • Boom travel: 60° left and right
  • Maximum digging depth: 7 ft.
  • Digging width: 13 in.
  • Maximum reach: 8 ft.
  • Large 12 in. DOT certified wheels

When it comes to affordable pricing with better quality, here comes the towable backhoe by the Greyhound. It is considered the most reliable backhoe with its unique functions and structure.

The people who belong to the industry of gardening earlier will have listened to the name of Greyhound company. The backhoe product is the most popular product of this company.

This towable backhoe machine has a well-fitted, high-quality 9HP engine that helps you to dig up to the depth of 7 feet. The engine capacity is the main thing that allows digging into the harder clayey soil easily.

The best thing about this product is the tooth-bucket and a well-fitted hitch coupler hooking system. You can easily do your work by sitting on a comfortable seat without any hindrance.

When it comes to digging the harder red soils then the backhoes are the best solution. To dig up these harder soils the toothed bucket provided with this backhoe is a big relief as these teeth help to fill the bucket into the soil easily.

All the movement of the bucket or the rotation of the backhoe is controlled by the levers which power the hydraulic system and are forced to move in any direction.

From the previous buyer’s reviews, it was seen that this is a great product for the money. This valuable product shows no problem during digging. 

The great thing is that you can dig ditches easily with this backhoe. The main thing to learn before operating this machine is all available on the user manual.

If you will follow the instruction then there will be no damage to the machinery parts for years and it will work great for you. You can say that it is a great product if you have little work to do because it works great but is slow due to its small bucket size.

You can change the hydraulic system of your backhoe with the larger one to speed up the lever control system and save your time.

The boom travel rotation angle is a bit lower than the other 2 products but it is enough for the smaller scale use. The boom angle is just 60 degrees right and the same to the left.

The bucket width is 13 inches which show that you can dig the soil or dirt to the 13 inches wide in the single filling but that is enough for smaller-scale use.

The towable backhoe has the major addition of the wheels for their movement as these wheels allow to move the machine by hitching with any vehicle to far-off places. The Tyres provided with the backhoe are large-sized 12 inches with DOT certification.

The product is shipped in a box of 10feet long and 4 and a half feet tall having a weight of 791 pounds which clearly gives the idea about the size of the product and helps you to decide the place for its placing. 


  • Great product for digging in harder soils
  • Engine power of 9HP
  • The boom rotation angle is quite good that is 60 degree
  • Good quality tires with the product


  • The boom angle is a bit lower than other

2. HOC TE301H Towable Excavator Backhoe by Honda – Most Easy To Control

HOC TE301H Towable Excavator Backhoe + 9 HP + 1 Year Warranty
  • Maximum digging depth: 7 ft. + Digging width: 12 in.
  • Boom travel: 120° left and right
  • 2.7 GPM hydraulic pump + Hitch type: 2 in. ball coupler

Honda is a well-known company across the globe in manufacturing high-quality machinery products. In the same way, this product by Honda is also a valuable product.

The reason for adding this product to our list has a major reason for the high-quality engine and structure building. The hydraulic system of this backhoe is very much great that can do a much significant amount of work in no time.

The engine capacity is also great having 9HP and 301-cc. This engine empowers the bucket to move the dirt out of way very easily and it can work for hours continuously.

This backhoe by Honda become famous among the persons due to the trustworthiness of the people in the Honda after their high-quality products in the car industry. Its best quality frame structure ensures the longevity of this backhoe.

The best thing about this product is the hydraulic system that is very much value that can move tons of dirt or soil in the meantime without any difficulty. 

The bucket attached with this backhoe has also 2 teeth on the bucket. These sharpened teeth make the look of the bucket quite impressive and also work great due to the sturdier build of the bucket.

The other impressive thing about this product is the rotation angle of the boom that is 120 degrees in this model which is a quite impressive figure as it will allow you to move the dirt quite easily without moving the whole machine, just by rotating the boom.

The hitch attachment of this product allows you to attach this towable backhoe with any vehicle which can tow its weight. The weight of this product is 1176 pounds which is a bit more than the Greyhound product. 

It is provided with the two DOT verified 12 inches tires which help to move the machine to any place just by hitching to any vehicle.

The size of this product is also great as it is 12 ft in length and just 5feet and 7 inches wide which gives you an idea about choosing the place to unload this product.

A 1-year warranty is also provided by the company if the product does not work well or if there is some problem with the parts of machinery. 


  • Valuable product to move tons of dirt
  • Two tooth bucket helps to dig into harder soils easily
  • 9HP engine with 2.7 GPM hydraulic system favors the comfortable working
  • Padded comfortable seat
  • 1-year warranty


  • Could be a bit expensive for some persons

3. 7′ ft 3 Point Backhoe with Thumb Excavator Attachments Kubota Deere by Titan – Most Versatile

7' ft 3 Point Backhoe with Thumb Excavator Attachments Kubota Deere
  • Fits Category 1 tractors Runs on a standard 3 point linkage for Cat 1...
  • Works with your tractor's hydraulic system or a standard PTO pump (not...
  • If hooking up through your tractors hydraulics, bypassing the...
  • Max digging depth: 84" Max digging height: 110" Max digging radius:...
  • We need your phone number! For the trucking company to schedule...

If you have a garden or lawn in your living place then you must have listened to the name of Titan Attachmentsmanu. This company does not only manufacture the beaches but also other garden-related products as trolleys, dump carts.

This backhoe is the tractor-driven PTO pump powered and having 3 point attachment to category 1 and 2 tractors.

It is a great product for digging footers, trenches, or doing some other excavating jobs. The high-powered power supply by the tractor allows you to work in a great amount with this backhoe.

It does not have its own hydraulic system so it gets its power from the tractor’s hydraulic system or you have to attach a standard PTO pump to power it.

The attachment of oil reservoir of the backhoe is attached to the tractors’ hydraulic system through the specialized hose kit so you will need to buy this hose kit separately.

The best thing about this product is the bucket size that is 16 inches that is much more than the other two backhoes and it can dig up to the depth of 84 inches.

The ground clearance of this product is also impressive that is 11 inches which help to work n uneven surfaces quite easily. The load-over height of this backhoe is also 62 inches which is a good figure while doing work in the outdoors.

The distance between the stabilizing legs is also good enough to support the body of the backhoe while lifting a heavy load as it will make it safer to lift the load without damage to the machinery parts.

The bucket rotation of this backhoe is also more than the other two backhoes as it is 160 degrees which allows to dig the soil and unload to the cart or any trolley quite easily without moving the tractor.

The main requirement for this backhoe is the Tracatpr of category 1 or 2 with the engine capacity of 35 to 70 Hp.


  • Best product with a tractor attachment
  • Needs 35-70 HP engine capacity
  • Can dig up to a depth of 84 inches
  • The bucket size is good of 16 inches


  • You will need to buy the hose kit separately

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Towable Backhoe

Category 1 and 2 Tractors

Mostly, all the gardeners do have a tractor for the maintenance of lawn and for using apparatus like fertilizer spreaders. If you also have a tractor then Titan backhoe is the best choice for you.

Backhoes by the Titan company are more versatile than others as they are considered ideal to attach with category 1 as well as to the category 2 tractors. The power of this towable backhoe is similar to the backhoe by Honda but it is cheaper in pricing than Honda due to its non-towable construction.

This backhoe can be hooked up to the hydraulic system of the tractor but a little more work you have to do in the form of buying the hose kit to attach the oil hydraulic system of the backhoe to the tractor.

If your tractor does not have a hydraulic system then you will need a standard PTO pump to control the hydraulic system of a backhoe.

Stand-alone Trailers

If you don’t have a tractor then you do not need to worry the towable backhoes are manufactured for you. These towable backhoes work more efficiently as they can be moved to any spot easily.

The backhoes by the Honda and Greyhound are the best models to dig up the holes or to remove the dirt from someplace.

All you need to work with these backhoes is any type of vehicle with which you can hook them up. 

The best thing about these towable backhoes is that you will not need to buy any additional PTO pump or some other thing like that.

Considering the Dirt and Job

Before choosing a model, firstly consider the amount of dirt you have to move or the size of the hole you want to dig.

If the amount of dirt is high then try to choose the backhoe with a larger bucket size. 

The backhoe by Honda works smarter than others in the market especially when you have to move tons of dirt. The better quality of this model makes sure of its long-lasting life.

This backhoe has the ability to move a significant amount of dirt in much less time due to its better structure and engine.

Rotation angle

The angle of rotation is also the major thing to consider after the bucket size as the rotation angle will decide the unloading spot of the dirt. 

All the companies provide different rotation angles of the backhoe. Some have 60 degrees and some have 120-degree rotation.

So while choosing the backhoe also consider checking the rotation angle.

Bucket Tooth

The other thing to consider is the bucket tooth, like the bucket of backhoe by the Greyhound has more teeth than Honda which makes them more efficient in digging. 

The extra bucket tooth will help in digging as digging the hard soils will be easy with more teeth.

Engine Power

In the meantime, Honda provides the engine with more power than others. The engine power is the main factor as all the work mainly depends on engine power. 

Size of product

The machinery keeping after the job is also the main thing as we don’t need the backhoe all the time. We have to place it somewhere after using so the place is needed where these can be placed.

The size of the product will be the main thing while deciding someplace.

The backhoe by Honda is a bit heavier due to its better structure and heavy material usage than the Greyhound backhoe which means that you will need more space for it.

For convenient storage, you need to choose the mini-sized backhoe.

how does a towable backhoe work?

What Is A Towable Backhoe and How Does It Work?

A towable backhoe is a mini trailer having an attachment that can be hooked up to your car.

The main feature of this product is the towable backhoe on its back having the chair boom bucket structure that digs into the soil or dirt.

The levers attaching beside the chair helps to dig and deposit the dirt or soil and to control the turning of a backhoe.

 It is generally designed to work smartly and efficiently on your own without asking help from full-scale backhoe owners.

It has two wheels as it is needed to attach with some other vehicle while working. The wheels help to move the backhoe to any spot where it is needed.

Buyer’s Guide: How to choose the best towable backhoe

While choosing the backhoe you need to consider some factors which are much important.

The kind of digging you want to do or the kind of material you want to move are the factors to consider. 

The reliability and quality of the product is the major thing to consider while buying any machinery because so much investment should comprise of better quality to last longer for years.  

The backhoes can dig up to the depth of 7 feet. All the towable backhoes have different sizes of bucket widths which means that all have a much difference in digging capacity.

The turning radius of the towable backhoe is also the main factor to consider while choosing the backhoe because digging the turning radius will help you to unload it aside.

Many companies are manufacturing towable backhoes having various horsepower engines and different types of working capacity. The major companies manufacturing the backhoes are Honda and Greyhound. 

The Titan company also manufactures the towable backhoe that works similar to the Honda but it is much affordable than Honda.

If you have a trailer then it will much easier for you to attach the towable backhoe. You will find the towable backhoe a much better addition to your machinery.

How to Use a Towable Backhoe

Due to heavy weighted machinery, the proper attaching of the backhoe is the main thing to check. The towable backhoe should be properly attached to the hitch before starting moving or working. 

If you will not attach the backhoe properly then it may cause damage to you or someone or may cause damage to the machinery itself.

The user manual provided with the product has all the instructions to safely work with the machinery.

Before starting any work or moving the backhoe, make sure to check that the wheels are well greased. Otherwise, if the lubrication is not done well it will damage the frame or the axel during the movement due to improper movement of the wheels.

The seats provided with the product are much comfortable for some years but due to environmental effects, the seats can become harder to sit on so you can replace them with a new one to work comfortably.

Setting Up a Towable Backhoe

The setting up of a backhoe is a much easier task for persons who read the user manual completely.

In the case of 3 points tractor-driven backhoe, the attachment is a little technical as you will need to attach the hydraulic system of the tractor to the machinery but in the case of the towable backhoe, you will not need to attach such hydraulic systems.

In the case of a towable backhoe, you just need to attach the hitch of the backhoe carefully and you can start work.

How Much Do Towable Backhoes Cost?

Pricing of towable backhoes varies from model to model and brand to brand. All the brands manufacture backhoes of various sizes which is a major reason for the difference in pricing. 

The pricing of backhoes varies from 3000$ to 8000$ due to various engine and working capacities. 

The above-mentioned companies are the major companies producing the backhoes to ease the life of a simple man. Among these companies, Greyhound has a bit lower pricing than others. 


We hope that you have found enough knowledge about the backhoes in this article and the reviews provided by our lawn desire experts will help you to choose the right one.

All the three companies mentioned here have their own return policies and warranty rules. After so many return policies you will not need to worry about the quality of the product.

Titan attachments, Honda, and Greyhound are the major companies in this industry of backhoes and they deliver great quality products for many years. 

If you want to buy some cheaper backhoe then you should buy the backhoe model by Greyhound but keep in mind that it is just for little work not for the major quantity of dirt removal.

If you want a tractor attaching backhoe then Titan attachments are the right choice.

We have added all the best available backhoe products available in the market to our list and we will keep updating our list if any new product comes to the market.

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