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Best String Trimmer Line Reviews 2020 Edition

By Anton Schwarz

The Lawn Care Guy

June 19, 2020

A weedy lawn is an eyesore. It ruins your whole garden. Once weeds appear, don’t leave them untreated for days. Quality and high-end string trimmer line can come to your rescue. But with the variety of options in today’s market, it’s tricky to find the right brand for your needs and requirements. Worry no more! This guide will help you throughout the process. Let’s start! 

Who Makes The Best String Trimmer Line? 

There are various things to consider when looking for the best string trimmer line. Knowing the top manufacturer is a great start. Now, who makes the highest quality and finest trimmer line? 

There are many companies to choose from, including Weed Eater, Husqvarna, Oregon, and Lonoiz. 

Weed Eater, for instance, is one of the trusted names in the industry. Since its establishment, it has been offering top-notch, customized, and feature-packed products for its valued customers. 

Husqvarna is another reputed company you shouldn’t miss. Similar to Weed Eater, Husqvarna is a go-to expert of string trimmer lines. From affordability to quality, it has them all. 

Another reliable provider of string trimmer is Oregon. Quality, innovation, excellence, and customization have been associated with their reputation. When you’re on the lookout for individualized or long-lasting products, you have come to the right place. 

Lonoiz also adds to this list. From experience, expertise, professionalism to transparency, Lonoiz won’t disappoint you in the long run. 

Other popular brands include Cyclone, DeWalt, and King Garden. 

Is Thicker Trimmer Line Better? 

Well, it depends on the type of lawn maintenance you have. Stronger grass requires a thicker trimmer line. That’s the general rule. 

But let’s be honest. Choosing the trimmer line with the right size is complicated. Don’t worry! Here are the three main diameter sizes you may consider: 

1.65 to 2.03 mm - Small Cutting Projects 

Trimmer lines with a diameter size of 1.65 or 2.03 mm are perfect for lighter weeds and soft grass. They can handle small cutting jobs in your driveways, walkways, and other parts of your residential property. 

2.03 to 2.8 mm - Medium-Sized Maintenance Jobs

For moderate lawn maintenance jobs, trimmer lines of this size will be your best bet. Whether your home has large lawns or gardens, they are the right choice you should have. What else? They are suitable for light commercial applications. 

2.8mm and Above - Large Lawn Upkeep

For vast spaces that require extensive effort, trimmer lines with a 2.8 mm size are great. From large yards to golf courses, this size is a comfortable option. It can also get rid of woody shrubs and tough grass easily. 

What Is The Best Line Trimmer To Buy? 

Now, what are the best line trimmers to purchase in today’s market? Here, we gather the top 5 items you shouldn’t miss. Take a close look at the following: 

  1. Round String Trimmer Line - Weed Eater 

Are you looking for one of the best string trimmer lines? Don’t search further than Weed Eater. Unlike the other options, Weed Eater has been the go-to product for expert yard owners across the globe. 

What makes it different from others is that it is ideal for gas-powered models of any brand and size. It doesn’t add unnecessary weight to your engine. In fact, it comes with a compact and lightweight design. 

Made with the client’s convenience in mind, Weed Eater provides extra strength to remove weeds and fine grasses. Once used, your garden will look clean, increasing the curb value of your home overall. 

Weed Eater is impact-resistant and long-lasting so that yard owners can avoid repetitive replacement. But proper use and upkeep should not be ignored. 

This string trimmer line is perfect for a small lawn. If you have a bigger space, other products on this list can be an incredible alternative. 

Weed Eater is stronger than a .65 line. It is user-friendly as feeding the brand into a trimmer only takes a minute or two. 

This round trimmer line, measuring at .08 inch, is the brand you should add to the cart today. 


  • Sturdy for small maintenance - It is convenient for a small or mid-sized lawn. 

  • Smooth design - It maintains appropriate and proper string length over time. 

  • Auto-feed feature - This capability is suitable for starters and even experienced yard owners.

  • Installation is simple - There’s no need to use extra tools during setup. If you have questions, feel free to contact the company’s customer service. 

  • Available at a competitive rate - While you enjoy quality advantages, you can also acquire bigger savings with this string trimmer line. 

  • It is easy to use - Starters and other clients would love the Weed Eater. 

  • It saves your time - You can avoid buying another weed eater string. Thanks to its longevity. 

  • It is not disappointing to employ - You’d find it fun and stress-free to incorporate into your materials. 


Weed Eater also has drawbacks. Some of them are discussed below: 

  • It is not a good choice for hard surfaces - But there are other excellent alternatives you should try. 

  • It is only rated for small or medium trimming materials - So, the possibilities are limited. Still, it has good value for everyone. 

  • It frays at the end - It is common in other brands as well. 

  • It cannot withstand thick weeds - It’s no surprise because of its smooth shape and diameter. 

  1. Titanium Force String Trimmer Line - Husqvarna

Another Best String Trimmer Line is the Husqvarna. Smooth round-shaped trimmer line, Husqvarna is made from copolymer and other special materials, making the item long-lasting and sturdy. 

It has a patented design, taking durability and performance to a different level. It is sturdy and can get rid of weeds and grass from your garden. Once used properly, it performs at its best. 

What sets Husqvarna apart from the competition is that it is tailored with Titanium Force thread. This leads to a fast acceleration for quieter operation and reduced fuel consumption. You can finally say bye to noisy garden upkeep while saving some cash from fuel consumption. 

Husqvarna is suitable for trimmer heads of all sizes, models, and brands. It is available with a small, compact, and ergonomic design that yard owners would love. 

This string trimmer line quickly cuts through small grass and medium weeds, saving your time and minimizing your efforts. 

Unlike the other popular brands, Husqvarna doesn’t wear and tear after a month of use. It is impact-resistant, strong, and versatile for those who are on a tight budget. 


  • Long-lasting - Whether you’ve been replacing your string trimmer line or have spent hundreds of dollars already, Husqvarna got you covered. With its patented design, it can last for months or years, depending on how you use it. 

  • Durable - Hard objects are a common drawback of string trimmers. But it has never been more comfortable with Husqvarna. Even when used against hard objects, it can withstand the impact. 

  • Quiet operation - Noisy operation of the string trimmer line is disappointing. To restore your peace of mind, Husqvarna comes into play. 

  • A combination of acceleration and good balance - Some trimmer lines only provide balance, while others offer acceleration. Husqvarna, on the other hand, has them all. 

  • Perfect for gas-powered string trimmers - Don’t you know what line to use for a gas-powered string? If yes, Husqvarna has been developed for your convenience. 

  • It suits to standard string trimmers - Whatever trimmer you have at home, this brand won’t give you a hard time. 


  • It is not recommended for professional high-torque models - Look for other feature-packed, quality, and affordable alternative online or offline. 

  • It’s not designed for commercial work - It is only the most sought-after solution for a lawn in residential property. 

  • The price might be high for some - But the silent operation and functional performance make the cost worthwhile and meaningful. 

  1. Heavy-Duty Professional Magnum Gatorline - Oregon 

Dual polymer material? Aramid fibers? This Magnum Gatorline from Oregon is a complete package for all. Similar to other trimmer lines, this product is durable and tough. The thickness is compliant to the industry’s highest standards and practices. 

Before, it was hard to maintain a lawn. But it has never been simpler with the Magnum Gatorline from Oregon. Once installed, it provides premium cutting power without any inconvenience. 

This trimmer line is available with a break-resistant inner layer so that it can withstand the test of time. How about the outer layer? It is also weld-resistant for unrivaled durability. 

The Magnum Gatorline comes with a multi-sided edge, cutting through grass and weeds with quality performance and immediate results. 

That’s not all! People also love their size. While it is small, it is user-friendly. Whether you don’t have prior experience or knowledge in using trimmer lines, the Magnum Gatorline from Oregon won’t disappoint you. 

Due to its durability, constant reloading, and bigger savings, the trimmer line has been a favorite for most professional landscapers. 


  • It does not bind - But it happens to beginners sometimes. As time goes by, you’d find it user-friendly and convenient. 

  • It can withstand any surface - From grass to rocks. It won’t break easily. Thanks to its cutting-edge and impact-resistant components. 

  • Great durability - Repetitive reloading is frustrating. Worry no more! The Magnum Gatorline does not wear and tear. It is durable and can ensure less reloading. 

  • It works with most string trimmers - You probably have been using numerous string trimmers. When lines get damaged, it’s expensive to purchase various types of options. Don’t worry! The Magnum Gatorline will be your best bet. 

  • It has a square design - So, this is perfect for thick grass. It’s all right to feel skeptical about the quality of this product. The trick here is to see how it really works. 

  • Excellent for commercial use - The Magnum Gatorline is not only excellent for residential lawn but also commercial use. 

  • Great value - It is feature-packed, making you confident with every purchase. 


  • It requires users to be extra careful - When getting rid of thick grass at home, focus on the task. Don’t get distracted by other stuff for your safety. 

  • It can easily curl or melt - This is especially true when the plastic gets hot. 

  • It gets out of balance - This is a common scenario among beginners. 

  1. Commercial GRADE Spiral Twist Quiet Trimmer Line - Lonoiz 

Have you been searching for a spiral twist weed trimmer without a good result? This newest version from Lonoiz is now available on the market. 

As a spiral twist trimmer line, this item is well-tailored to resist the toughest weeds in your garden. It never breaks when it hits hard surfaces. But extra care and attention should not be ignored.

This spiral twist trimmer line is popular because of its noise reduction design. It works for hours with minimal noise. Also, the result is as incredible as possible. 

Developed for tougher string trimmer models, this item from Lonoiz is experts-recommended, tried, and tested. But before adding it to the cart, be sure the engine of your garden device can handle the weight. Also, find out if the head supports the size.

Larger weeds can be an eyesore. Don’t leave them unattended for days. Get rid of them, making your lawn stunning, and the string trimmer line from Lonoiz is great. It is easy to set up and can remove thick grass right away. 

Whether you have any kind of cutting job or need a long-lasting line, this product should be on top of your mind. It can exceed your requirements while avoiding expensive replacement over time. 


  • Tough design - There are numerous string trimmers on amazon.com and other online platforms. But not all brands have a strong and high-end design. Your long wait is finally over. Lonoiz takes great pride in this state-of-the-art tool. 

  • Made of copolymer nylon - Lonoiz uses the finest and the highest quality of materials, including copolymer nylon. 

  • It cuts thin, medium, or even thick grass - It is an all-round string trimmer line indeed. 

  • It does not curl - Yes, you read it right! Although you have used it a couple of times, it won’t wear and tear quickly. 

  • Advanced spiral shape - This enhances the cutting power of the device. 

  • Affordable - You don’t need an expensive weed eater. There are cost-effective options that do not compromise quality performance. 


  • It’s super thick - This can also be a disadvantage for other yard owners out there. 

  • It does not cut as clean as you imagine - Items with a smaller diameter will be a great investment. 

  1. Commercial Trimmer Line - Cyclone 

Tailored for commercial high wheel trimmers, cyclone trimmer line is a combination of durability and strength. Measuring .155 inch, this trimmer line from the cyclone is one of the largest solution this 2020. 

With the size, Cyclone commercial trimmer line cuts through anything, from grass to other weeds. It is an all-round tool that yard owners can invest today. 

While it can be used in gas-powered hand models, identify if it will feed accurately to avoid binding, breakage, and other potential issues. 

Due to its shape, the cyclone commercial trimmer line is noisy. If you’re searching for a silent operator, this string trimmer from cyclone won’t be a good option. 

When using the trimmer line, don’t forget to wear ear and eye protection for your safety. Other gears may also be necessary to use. So, ask for help if necessary. 

Cyclone trimmer line has a great value for those who want to replace their existing solution or look for something strong to fit in a powered gas hand trimmer. 

It is suitable for light, medium, and heavy-duty work. Whether you have minimal or thick weeds, the trimmer line is worth your effort. 


  • It features 6-blade shape - This enhances its cutting ability, so the product is excellent for thick weeds.

  • It comes with a unique shape - It is stylish and can complete your tools/materials. 

  • Made of reinforced copolymer nylon - This provides strength and levels up the durability of the product. Aside from copolymer nylon, it is available with other special and quality components. 

  • Thick and sturdy - It can also handle high and accurate speeds. 

  • A versatile option - There are many versatile trimmer lines. Products from Cyclone is a good example. You can use it for small, mid-sized, and large yards in a residential or commercial property. 

  • It is handy and aesthetically pleasing - Thanks to its bright red color. When there are broken or damaged pieces, you will know what to do right away. 

  • The price is reasonable - You can enjoy both quality and cost-effective investment. 


  • It demands cautious threading - This requires enough time, effort, and money to see successful results. 

  • Some people find the price expensive - But the features and other possibilities make this commercial trimmer line a quality option for homeowners of any nature and belief. 

  • It can toss much debris - It is important to wear protective gear for everyone’s safety. 

How Do I Keep My String From Sticking To My Clippers? 

When strings don’t stick to clippers, beginners don’t know what to do. Pause, think, and relax. Then, read the instruction manual. If it doesn’t work, ask the manufacturer for help. Depending on the company of your choice, expect responsive customer support. You can also ask pieces of advice from an expert. 

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