5 best Seedling Trays – 2021 (Reviews and Guide)

Every type of seed requires a different type of environmental conditions for becoming a healthy seedling on sowing. 

Some are delicate but some are stronger that can thrive the harsh conditions and do not require extra care i.e vegetable seeds and flowerbeds. These delicate ones require much more care to establish their seedlings. 

These types of seeds will grow much healthy and speedily than their direct sowing. The success rate of these seedlings will also great. All you need the best seedling trays, in which you can grow these seeds with much extra care indoors. And then transfer them to your yard on their establishing. 

In this topic, you will find a lot of knowledge about seedling trays and the best one available in the market.

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How to choose the best seed starting kit?

Cell Size And Number

The number of cells and their sizes are the first concern whenever you are purchasing seedling trays. The plants require more space to grow stronger and healthy roots growth.


Some types of seeds need a mini greenhouse on their seedling trays to enhance their growth. So whenever you are going to buy the trays for such types of seeds then always consider the trays with much more space of dome. 

Always consider the one having a vent in its dome to control the internal humidity of the tray.


The quality of the material used for trays has always been the major concern by the gardeners. 

If trays are made of good quality material then it will cost more for one time but save your money over time.

Growing Medium

Most of the growing trays come in the market with the growing medium as an extra benefit.

Try out to consider the trays that have the growing medium in its package so that you not have to buy it yourself.

Buyer’s Guide: best seedling or Propagation trays

Picking the best one seedling tray can be a headache for you especially when there is so much variety of trays are present in the market. Here you will find guidance to decide the best one for your seedlings.

1. MIXC 60 Large Cells Mini Propagator Plant Grow Kit

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If you are looking for the seedling tray of the best quality that has all the features that a normal seedling requires for proper growth then this is your product. 

It has large-sized cells giving the extra space for roots growth for large-sized seeds like potato, tomato, and pepper.

This product comes with 10 seed trays along with 10 watertight base trays and 10 humidity dome to control humidity. 10 plant labels are also present in the package as an extra favor by the company to tags the plants.

The best thing about this tray is the vent on its cover or dome to control the temperature ad humidity of inside the dome.

You will get the drain hole beneath the tray that is a good feature. It has a good use to drain the extra water.

  • Humidity vents in domenLong-lasting made of durable plasticnClear seed traysnCost-effectiven
  • Less number of cells per trayn

2. Seedling Starter Trays, 720 Cells – by Industry Standard Grower’s Supply

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These seedling starter trays are manufactured by Industry Standard Grower’s Supply and these are the best trays to grow the seedlings at room temperature.

The large-sized cells are the best feature in these trays to grow the large seeds at room temperature.

It includes a total of 720 cells in the package and each cell measures the 2.25” depth and 1.5 “ square.

The best quality of the material ensures the value of money. It also has drain holes beneath the trays for draining the extra water.

The best thing about this product is the labels along with trays in the package. You can use these labels to label any plant in the trays or trays among others.

  • Professional gradenDurable soil plugs – for easy seedling removalnFlexiblenEconomically pricedn
  • Quality issues some timenBest for one time usen

3. Seed Starter Peat Pots Kit | Germination Seedling Trays are Biodegradable and Organic

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If you are looking for biodegradable trays so that you do not need to remove the seedlings from the plastic then this is the best product for you.

Every type of plant you plant in these trays will thrive naturally like it is emerging from the walls of the tray. 

It includes the 5 germination trays having 10 cells in each tray and 10 plant markers.

The best thing about this product is the elimination of shock, the plants faced at transplanting. 

All you need to do is to remove that cell from trays and insert it into the ground or yard.

This product has the extra benefit of a full refund policy in case you do not like the product.

  • 100% organicnBiodegradablenReduce the shock to seedlings at transplantingn100% refund policyn
  • The cell size is a bit small

4. Bootstrap Farmer 1020 Trays – for Propagation Seed Starter, Plant Germination, Seedling Flat, Fodder, Microgreens

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This tray comes with an extra durable form and quality that can be also called a heavy-duty tray in the list. It is made of BPA free plastic that can hold the heavyweight in the trays to move in the garden.

It is a flat-surfaced tray that has no holes in its surface. It has no additives in its plastic that can harm the human or any livings. 

It is the perfect tray for germinating the microgreens, wheatgrass, and fodder. It is also resistant to heat mats and humidity domes.

The best thing about this product is its 2-year warranty and guarantee of the quality and strength of the tray. The company claims the breaking of trays during this duration.

It is made of recyclable plastic which is the sign of its best quality and contains no harmful additives.

  • Heavy Duty Seed TraysnRecyclable PlasticnThe flat tray is a bit widern2 Year Warranty guaranteedn
  • Need care while transferring seedlings from it – they may fall aside

5. Seed Starter Kit 72 Cell Extra Strength – for Seedling Germination by Bootstrap Farmer

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The most sturdier and substantial seedlings trays with dome available in the market in the form of Seed starter kit by Bootstrap Farmer. 

It is totally built to last for many seasons due to its shape and material. These trays can withstand the hits during the rough usage in gardening works which is a common thing.

These trays are originally intended for farm use. Each tray consists of 72 cells and the package contains two trays giving you a lot of cells for a good start.

This tray has also the dome that is a good feature to boost the germination of seedlings by stabilizing the temperature and humidity inside the dome by vents. 

The people who the gardening will love these trays due to its durability, stability, strength, and eco-friendly features.

The cost of these trays is a bit higher than others but the outcome by using these trays will prove that the money well spent.

  • Ideal for larger-scale planting operationsnTough, rugged and built to lastnBetter for the environmentnImproved design for bottom wateringnAdjustable humidity controln
  • Need to transplant seedlings manuallynA little expensive than othersn
best planting trays


How do you make a seedling tray?

You will need scissors, toilet paper rolls, seed, potting soil, and a waterproof container. Fill the container with potting soil and press it with thumbs. Now choose the seeds and start sowing them at the proper depth. Now place the planted pots in the watertight container and water them properly.

What is a seedling tray used for in agriculture?

The seedling trays are used for planting out plants. The trays are filled with compost or growing medium and seeds are planted in them. It is also known as a cell tray or cavity tray and is widely used in agriculture for planting out the garden plants by professional gardeners.

Do seed trays need holes?

Yes, it is the best feature of the trays. The holes beneath the trays have a major role in maintaining the moisture at the proper level in the cell. The extra water drains through these holes. If your trays do not have the holes then make the holes by knife un their bottom.

How do you heat a seedling tray?

All you need to do is to place the lights in the bottom of the metal cooler covering with the seed tray and place the whole thing in the window. Put the lid open unless the seedling comes out. Now transplant the seedlings to your yard as they have the first leaf.


We hope that you have get a lot of knowledge about the seedling starter trays and now you will need just to decide the best one according to your needs. 

All of the trays on the list have their unique features so you just need to choose the best one that can last for seasons and is more durable.

The Seed Starter Kit 72 Cell Extra Strength is our top pick due to its longer life by its high-quality material feature. It also has a dome to make a mini-greenhouse above the seedlings to boost their germination.

We hope that you enjoy our article. We will keep updating our article if any other best product comes to the market.

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