7 Best PTO Tiller for the Money in 2021

Best PTO tiller for the money is available but hard to select the best one. Rotary tillers were invented when aching backs and sore hands started affecting the quality of production. The first tiller was invented by Arthur Clifford Howard and it wasn’t any similar to the “now” tillers. Advancement, research, and improvements in this field combined the best features of the handmade tillers and brought the advanced tillers in the spotlight. 

What is a tiller?

Strong mechanical equipment designed to perform the tilling task with the help of a tractor. Weed removal, mixing fertilizer, and preparing the soil for cultivation are the few operations gardeners and farmers need a tiller for.

What is PTO- driven tiller?

A tiller that uses your tractors PTO to convert the unworkable land into a fine clod-free bed. 

A little research can always save from disappointment. Check out the below mentioned best tested and reviewed tillers and the buyer’s guide to get the best out of your investment.

Best PTO Rotary Tiller for money

  • Farmer-Helper 48″ Tiller(FH-lGN125)
  • Streamline Industrial Rotary Tiller- 3 Point Hitch Mounted-72″ 6ft.
  • King Kutter 5 Feet Gear-Driven Rotary Tiller TG-6o-Y
  • Farmer-Helper 71″ Tiller
  • King Kutter Reverse Gear-Driven Tine Rotary Tiller.
  • Titan 60″ Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller.
  • Titan 48″ Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller.

1. Farmer-Helper 48″ Tiller (FH-lGN125)

Farmer-Helper 48″ Forward tiller is made to handle 500 acres of land. Forward rotation makes it more ideal for gardens and lawns than farms. This handy gardening device requires less HP(20-50 at the PTO) to till compacted soil. The 28 ounces 30 L-shaped tines do not just offer maximum coverage but also reduce the risk of jamming. Replaceable side runners, adjustable working depth(2-8″ deep) makes it perfect for compact tractors. Contains 1-⅜” 6-spline clutch driveline and ¼ inch double wall housing. An expert and farmer-helper tiller user suggests that this tiller is ideal for both small and medium scale farms and gardens. However, making a purchase for large acres of land may require more time and more passes. Ideal for making both flower and landscape beds.


  • Tilling width: 48″.
  • Tilling depth: 8″ (adjustable).
  • Rotation: Forward.
  • Blade Swing: 18″.
  • Gearbox: 65HP.
  • Weight: 725 pounds.
  • Horsepower: 20-50(at the PTO).
  • Area of use: up to 500 acres of land.
  • Number of tines: 30 
  • Tines weight: 28 ounces each.
  • Blade type: L-shaped
  • Warranty: 2 years.


  • Ideal chain tension ensures maximum performance.
  • 20Hp PTO rotary tiller.
  • Heavy-duty sharpened tines and slip clutch driveline.
  • Comes with a parking stand.


  • A little pricey.
  • Requires more effort on virgin lands.
  • 2 years limited warranty

2. Streamline Industrial Rotary Tiller- 3 Point Hitch Mounted-72″ 6ft.:

This, USA made, 3 point hitch mounted streamline industrial rotary tiller is designed for farmers/ gardeners who want full control over debris and rocks. Self-sharpening high quality cast iron tines makes it extremely resistant to wear and tear. Its easy-to-use design makes it ideal for both homeowners and professional landscapers. This all-in-one PTO tiller is made to eliminate the need of having two different tillers for light and heavy-duty tilling.


  • Tilling width: 6 feet (adjustable) 
  • Weight: 850 pounds.
  • Type: 3 point tiller.

Recommended application: Nurseries, Plot farms, Crop farms, and other such applications.


  • Does not require much power to operate
  • High-quality cast-iron self-sharpening tines
  • Easy to attach and use


  • Very pricey requires extra weight for better tilling depth.

3. Titan 48″ Heavy-duty Tiller

This tiller is ideal for those who want to go easy on their wallet. This great-in-price gear driven tiller is constructed to provide unmatched tilling results. The gear-driven feature saves you from the annoying chain breaking and fixing procedure. The 30, 28 oz, tines aid in completing the tilling process with ease. The five adjustable height setting makes it the best yet cheap alternative to king Kutter tillers.


  • Power requirements: 18-40 HP
  • Working depth: 2 to 8″
  • Dimensions: 59.5″ Wx27″ Dx41″
  • The total number of tines: 30
  • Tine swing: 18″
  • Tine thickness: ¼”
  • Tine weight: 28oz
  • Flanges: 5 with 6 tines each.
  • Drive Type: Gear driven
  • Rotation: Forward
  • PTO shaft: 540rpm
  • ROTO shaft: 214rpm
  • Connection type: 1-3 point hitch
  • Cutting width: 48″
  • Weight: 643 LB


  • Less pricey
  • The best alternative to King Kutter tiller.
  • Contains all necessary requirements.


  • 1-year warranty.
  • Cheap, may require wear and tear in a few years. 

4. King Kutter 5 Feet Gear-Driven Tiller TG-6o-Y:

The gear-driven king Kutter tiller is constructed to perform tilling tasks on both rocky and clay soil. 7 flanges( 6 tines per flange) ensures maximum soil mixing for gardens, landscaping, and planting beds. The advanced 4ft gear-driven model is constructed not just to eliminate tire tracks but also to give a perfect finish. Patented kickstand and kid control option makes it ideal for beginners.


  • PTO speed: 540
  • HP range: 25-40
  • Working width: 60″
  • Weight: 630lbs
  • Tilling depth: 8″
  • No flangs: 7, 6 tines per flange.
  • TinType: L-shaped
  • Tine spacing: 7.875″
  • Total number of tines: 42 
  • Width: 60″
  • Drive Type: Gear
  • Roto shaft speed: 210@540
  • PTO speed required: 540
  • Hitch: Cat l


  • Lighter in weight, height settings.
  • Vented heavy-duty cast iron gearbox.


  • Expensive.
  • Do not come with a manual.

5. Farmer-Helper 71″ Tiller

Like the other Farmer-Helper tiller mentioned above, this is also made to give a uniform finish to 500 acres of land. The forward tilling rotation does not just give excellent results on existing farms but also requires less HP. The 30, 28 ounces, L-shaped tines( adequately spaced) makes it ideal for both beginners and advanced farmers/gardeners. 


  • Tilling width: 48″.
  • Area of use: 500 acres.
  • Required HP: 20-50 at the PTO.
  • Tilling depth: 8″.
  • Blade swing: 18″.
  • Weight: 725 pounds.
  • Warranty: 2 years.
  • TinRotorype: L-shaped.
  • Rotor diameter: 3″.
  • Deck material: ¼” thick steel.


  • ¼ inch double wall housing, auto chain tension, sharpenable tines.
  • Parking stand.
  • Adjustable side shift, high-quality slip clutch driveline.


  • Expensive.

6. King Kutter Reverse Gear-Driven Tine Rotary Tiller.

King Kutter’s reverse gear model is in my recommendations because of the innovative gearbox feature. This heavy-duty tines and reverse model makes it useful for both existing farms and Virgin lands. 5 height setting options make it easy-to-use tiller for beginners.


  • Tilling depth: 8″
  • Total number of tines: 36
  • Tine Type: L-shaped
  • Width: 48″
  • Rotation: Reverse


  • Lighter in weight.
  • Height setting option, adjustable skid depth control.
  • Innovative vented gearbox addition.


  • Very expensive.

7. Titan 60″ Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller

The list of best PTO tiller for the money is incomplete if I don’t add the USA made titan’s 60″ chain driven tiller into it. This 36 tines tiller is a great deal if you want to go 8 inches deep into the ground. An adjustable ski height option gives you better control in challenging situations. This tiller is highly recommended to work with both right and left-handed mounting options. Includes PTO shaft and bottom link pins.


  • Working depth:2 to 8″
  • Number of tines: 36
  • Tines weight: 28 oz
  • Weight: 673 LB
  • Cutting width: 60″
  • Tine thickness: ¼”
  • DriveType: PTO (with shear pin)
  • Rotation: Forward
  • Power requirement: 18-40 HP
  • PTO shaft RPM: 540rpm
  • ROTO shaft RPM: 214rpm
  • Tines type: L-shaped


  • Superior quality gearbox.
  •  Chain  driven, easy to use.


  • Chain driven, Works well on less compacted soils.
  • Chain breakage.

Buyer’s Guide

You are probably here because tilling has left you with aching back and sore hands. And you are seriously considering making a PTO tiller purchase.

Why is research important?

Making a hasty decision will not only be a loss of money but disappointment too. The research will help you in making an economical decision. 

It’s okay if you are new to gardening equipment. Have a look at these below-mentioned features to get the best tilling experience.


Weight plays an important role in its efficiency. It does not just tell you that it is made of high-quality thick steel but also aids in going deeper into the soil. Tiller that is heavier in weight is better than the other ones but they require more power to operate. Some best rotary tillers can also help to reduce weight issue.

Only a powerful tractor can run a powerful tiller. The more powerful tiller the more it needs the power from the PTO to till. 


The number of tines and flanges also determines the efficiency of the tiller. Tillers that have more tines are always seen doing their job more efficiently. The distance between tines is also an important factor you should look before making a final move as it also affects the tilling.


The width determines how many passes you require to till a piece of land. Tillers that are larger in width require fewer passes to till than the other ones. Your tiller can be 4,5,6 or 7 feet wide. If you are working on a bigger piece of land, make an investment in the 7 feet wide tiller. And it will require some extra power to run.

What else you need to know to get the right tiller for you?

There are some other factors too that you should never ignore to get the right tiller for you and they are:

  • Soil Type.
  • Budget.
  • Chain or gear model.
  • Reverse or forward rotation.

Soil Type

You should question yourself first whether you are about to work on virgin land or on an existing farm? If you are buying it to work on Virgin land make sure you are investing in a powerful expensive tiller.


These equipment are expensive to have. You need to see first how heavy can you go on your wallet.

Gear or chain model

 Gear and chain models both offer the speed up to 200rpm. Gear models are generally heavy and are considered best for Virgin land and are a little tricky to use. The chain model is less heavy and comparatively easier to use. Chain models are highly recommended for less compacted soils.

Reverse or forward rotation

Forward tillers work best on existing farms and less compacted soil. But if you are working on an unworked area reverse tiller is a great idea.  Reverse tillers do their job more efficiently than the forward ones.

Leading Rototiller Brands 

  • Farmer-Helper
  • Sun Joe
  • Greenworks
  • Earthwise
  • King Kutter


Why is tilling necessary?

Tilling is important

  • Because it lets the water and air nutrients reach the soil.
  • To sow new seeds
  • To discourage weed growth

Is tilling well for your soil?

Yes, it is. Because it breaks up the compacted soil and makes it ready for plantation. But it also destroys soil structure.

What is the best way to till?

Tilling with rotary till is the best way to till both farms and lawns. But doing it the wrong way can also leave you with clumpy, muddy soil and sometimes even with destroyed soil structure.

What is the best time to till your garden?

Spring is the right time to till your new garden or when the temperature of your soil reaches 60F. When should you till? This answer also depends on the climate of the area for some areas March is the ideal month and for others tilling in May and even June bring fruitful results.

What is ideal tilling depth?

8-10 inches is ideal tilling depth for a normal not so compacted soil. But if the soil condition is poor you can go far.

How often should you till?

Only when your soil needs tilling. Frequent tilling decreases fertility and damages the soil.

Is there another way to till?

Yes, you can till manually with the help of the large hoe or shovel but only on a small piece of lawn.

How long should you wait to plant after tilling?

You should wait for at least two to three weeks to plant a seed in the soil. It is necessary for the soil to reach it’s the fertile state.

best pto tiller

Final Thought

I hope this article has answered all your queries regarding Best PTO tiller for the money. It’s hard to name one as only you can decide what’s best for you. King Kutter and Farmer-Helper tillers are mostly recommended by the Gardners as these two companies have been actively working on upgrading their products. Do not overlook the importance of weight, width, rotation type, and number tine per flange as these factors determine the efficiency of tillers. 

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