5 Best Post Hole Digger for Tractor – 2021 (Reviews & Guide)

When a settler comes at a new place, he will need to settle the home completely by installing the fence around his home, putting the mailbox outside the home, or planting some new trees or other plants. But for this purpose, he will need to dig the earth to make holes for the installation of objects and plantations which could be a messy job and agonizing. 

To overcome this problem, post hole diggers are available in the market to do this work quite efficiently and quickly for you. All the hole diggers are not the same, you can choose a manual post hole digger or PTO powered that runs by tractors. The PTO powered will be much more beneficial for you if you want to dig large-sized holes.

The Pto powered/tractor driven hole diggers have many benefits over the manual ones as the manual ones have to be handled by the person itself and it will be good for you if you are professional to work with it because if you are unprofessional then it can cause damage to you. 

The main benefit of tractor driven hole diggers is the best handling and safety of the hole digger. In manual ones, you should be an expert in handling the machine while digging holes because it is well powered. 


If you have a PTO tractor, then we really encourage you to buy the hole diggers for your home.

In our list, we have added some best available post hole diggers for the tractor in the market. All of our reviews are based on previous buyers’ reviews and experience. We hope you will really enjoy these hole diggers that will ease your life and money valuable for life.

Buyer’s Guide

While you have decided to go for a hole digger for a tractor, some things you need to consider while choosing the best one for your home.

The first thing in the world whenever you are buying anything is material, so here also you should consider the material of the product. The material of the product should be long-lasting.

The second thing to be taken care of is the size of the holes you want to dig. The hole diggers come with various diameters augers so you should choose the auger size carefully as you need. 

But you do not worry if you have chosen a single auger of some size at the time of purchasing but you need a different sized auger lately. You can buy the auger of any size separately too. 

Just make sure at the time of buying that you are choosing the 3 points to hitch tractor driven hole diggers because many types of hole diggers are available in the market. For your assistance we have reviewed some popular products, we hope that this article will help you to find the best hole diggers for you.

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REVIEWS – Post Hole Digger For Tractor

1. Dirty Hand Tools 100623 – Three-Point Hitch Post Hole Digger

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Whenever someone talks about the post hole diggers the first name comes to mind is Dirty Hand Tools. High quality and convenient tools have been the main concerns of the company. 

This hole digger product model allows for the fast post hole digging with much safety, and accurately by sitting on your tractor seat. The easy to operate feature of this hole digger allows it to attach with category 0 and 1 tractors. 

The best thing about this product is the addition of a heavy-duty gearbox and an accurate driveline of the model. The gearbox and frame with the boom come with a 3 years warranty if any fault happens in the product. This 3 years warranty shows the trust of the company in its product.

The hole digger frame is easily attached to the 6 spline PTO of tractors having the 3 point hitch rear type 0 and 1. 

It is compatible with versatile types of augers with diameters of 6, 9, and 12 inches. The Ranchex brand augers are available for this model as 6(101017), 9(101019), and 12(101019). 

You will need to buy the augers separately from the above-mentioned brand. But the1 year warranty of the driveline will force you to give it a try.

  • Compatible with category 0 and 1 tractornEasy to operatenHeavy-duty Gearboxn3- year warranty of frame and gearboxn
  • You will need to buy the augers separatelyn

2. Tool Tuff Pole-Star 1500 Post Hole Digger for Cat 1 & 2 Tractors (9″, 12″, 18″ Augers)

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If you are searching for a post hole digger for digging large holes for installing a fence or planting the bigger sized plants then this model by Tool Tuff Pole-Star will do this work for you. 

It is also known as the major leaguer among the post hole diggers.

The Tool Tuff Pole-Star 1500 model is compatible with a tractor of category 1 and 2 having the power up to 75 hp. It comes with the super heavy duty Gearbox with a 3:1 Reduction ratio. 

The best thing about this product is the Series 4 drive lines with super heavy Duty Gearbox. The other best thing is the super Heavy-duty Reinforced Steel Boom which allows the user to do digging in the compact soils easily.

The frame body is made of high quality with 2” Output shaft with Dual ½ “ Bolt-Holes for auger attachment.

Many sizes of augers come with this model and you can choose combos of Upto 5 heavy Duty Augers of your choice with the product.

The backing of the 6-month warranty with this model allows the users to ensure the quality of the product. And the company also gives exceptional Customer Service in case any fault comes to the product in this duration.

  • Super Heavy Duty GearboxnCompatible with category 1 and 2 tractorsnHeavy-Duty Reinforced Steel Boomn6-month warrantyn
  • A little expensive than othersn

3. Titan 60HP HD Steel Fence Posthole Digger w/12 Auger

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When it comes to the high Horsepower post hole diggers, the Titan attachment’s 60 HP Steel Fence Post Hole Digger is the best choice.

The oil-filled Gearbox with U-Shaped joint and output shaft allows the best relief during the work to the users. It is much compatible with tractors having 3 point attachment and power up to 60HP.

The best thing about this model is the body frame for best use with 2 high strength steel tubing with 3 point attachment.

It is easily compatible with the PTO of your tractor. The best choice for digging holes in the large property and tough soils is Titan Posthole Digger.

It comes with an instruction and safety manual to ensure the safety of the user and its longevity. The 12” auger with a depth capacity of 24” works well to install the tall objects in the ground.

You can also purchase the augers of 6’, 9’, and 12’ separately according to your choice.

  • Safety and instruction manualn3 point attachment with tractornHigh strength steel tubingnWeight: 242 LBSn
  • Not compatible for tractors with more than 60HPn

4. Tool Tuff Pole-Star 650 3-Pt Tractor 3-Point Post Hole Digger – (6″, 9″ & 12″ Augers)

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The Tool Tuff Pole-Star has been manufacturing affordable accessories and implements since 2012. The Tool Tuff Pole-Star 650 model is the best example of the tough implements for digging holes.

This model is compatible with the category 1 tractors. The OEM quality of the product ensures the safety of the users during the working. 

All the augers of 6’’,9’’, and 12’’ having the compatibility with 2” Gearbox shaft is best for use in this hole digger. This product contains everything besides the tractor that you need for digging holes.

The boom strength is very much appreciable as 2-⅞” tubing attachments with holes and manual canister.

The best thing about this product is the length of the augers that is 48” which is the most one figure than any other diggers. The other best thing is the presence of the hardware kit along with the product having all the necessary pins for adjoining the digger parts.

The PTO driveline with robust 1 series and Heavy-duty Gearbox attaching on the high strength A-Frame of lift arm spacing of 27.5”.

Different sized augers are available from 6” to 12” for this model. You can choose any combination or an individual auger with the frame.

The backing up by the company for the users in the form of customer service is also present along with this product.

  • Compatible with the category 1 tractornLength of the augers is 48”nPTO driveline with robust 1 seriesnExceptional backing as customer service
  • Just for digging holes up to 12” diametersn

5. NorTrac 3-Pt. PTO Post Hole Digger – 12in. Dia. Auger

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The NorTrac has its name very elderly in producing the hole diggers. Its number comes to our list lately but in its working, it is very much appreciable. 

The NorTrac PTO Post Hole Digger is the best available Hole digger to Dig holes for planting the plants and installing the fences around your property.

For installing the poles of lights and the mailbox stand in front of your property, you will need to dig up holes of about 20 to 25”. So this hole digger will work better for this job.

The best thing about this product is its aggressive cast steel that can last for years and help to split through the compact soils easily without any bending in the frame or the auger.

The Split tips of the augers allow easy digging by consuming less power.

The integrated safety shield offers the safety of the user during working because in the heavy-duty work the safety is the main concern.

The auger comes with this model is made of high quality and has a well-sharpened edge and in case the edges are down you can replace them with heat-treated cutting edges.

The frame quality is also the main benefit of this product as the protective hammertone finishing of the frame allows the user’s trust in this product.

The auger size is also much appreciable as the auger hole digging capacity is 12” diameter with 22” auger length.

After seeing all of these benefits no one can ignore this product without giving it a try.

  • Integrated safety shieldnAggressive cast steelnTubular steel frame with protective hammertone finishnAuger length of 22” with 12” diametern
  • Only dig holes of 12” diameter.n


How do you use PTO on a tractor?

For your safety be sure to turn off the tractor engine and parking brakes on. Then clean the dirt between the splines of the tractor’s PTO and female drive shaft. Now attach the Driveshaft with the Tractor’s PTO.

What are PTO Post Hole Diggers?

The PTO means the ‘Power take-off’ and it means that the hole diggers run by taking rotational energy through the PTO attachment of the tractor.

What size post hole digger do I need?

It depends on the size of the hole you want to dig out and the purpose for which you want to dig a hole. As if you want to dig a hole for installing poles or something bigger then you will need to dig the deep holes.

How do you dig fence posts in rocky ground?

In the rocky grounds and compact soils, use the heavy-duty hole diggers to dig the holes. Try to remove the rocks with a shovel and loose the soil with hole digger to dig the fence posts. Then again remove the rocks if present in the hole and again dig the hole with a digger.

Will a post hole digger cut through roots?

No, it will not cut through the larger roots because the hard roots will damage the blades of hole diggers. But the heavy-duty hole diggers can cut the harder roots to some limit.


We hope that you find this article quite helpful in choosing the best hole digger for a tractor. We think that the Tool Tuff Pole-Star 1500 Post Hole Digger is best to use for the Heavy works.

We choose the best one hole diggers available in the market to our list.

We will keep our list updated if any new product comes to the market.

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