6 Best Pop Up Greenhouse Reviews [2021]

Greenhouses have become a crucial part of the advanced gardening industry. Its popularity is increasing day by day to meet the demands of the fresh vegetables at the dinner table. 

Greenhouses are actually automated, affordable technology that helps the growers to grow the seeds far beyond the normal day temperature.

The budget-friendly greenhouses technology is proliferating among the growers due to the latest and innovation, in form of protecting the plants from the harsh weather conditions and growing the plants in a cooler environment, by increasing the inside temperature.

Many plant seeds require the warmer climate to start seedling in earlier days and greenhouses are the best innovation to meet this demand and grow the plants by extending their growing season to fall.

Edible plants, including vegetables, are more vulnerable to frost infestation and growth disturbed in the earlier growth days due to cold weather conditions. So, covering those plants with ant cloches and cold frames was the primary innovation in gardening. 

Lately, the greenhouses, especially the pop-up greenhouses, got more popular due to their heightened structure. The popup greenhouses provide easy access to plants and the more widened space to grow more plants at a time.

This guide is particularly based on the best pop-up greenhouses, their benefits, and the quality products of this match available in the market. Some top-quality pop greenhouses are reviewed in this guide that will surely help you to choose the best one for your garden.

Let’s get started.

What are pop-up greenhouses?

Pop-up greenhouses are a type of greenhouses that are built in a form of heightened structure to allow the grower to easily access the plants while moving inside the greenhouse. 

They are built of polycarbonate shells that protect the edible plants and tender plants in raised beds or containers from the harsh cold weather. It actually warms the inside temperature of the greenhouse to allow the seedling to grow in the off-season.

  1. EAGLE PEAK 8’x6′ Portable Walk-in GreenhouseBest portable greenhouse
  2. Ohuhu Walk-In Plant Greenhouse for OutdoorsBest pop up greenhouse for winter
  3. Porayhut Pop Up Greenhouse Cover Flower HouseBest pop up greenhouse tent
  4. Pure Garden 3-Tier GreenhouseBest flower house pop up greenhouse
  5. Quictent Mini Walk-in GreenhouseBest mini greenhouse
  6. Mini Walk-in Greenhouse Indoor Outdoor  – Best walk-in greenhouse

Product Reviews: Best pop up greenhouses

1. EAGLE PEAK 8’x6′ Portable Walk-in Greenhouse

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Eagle peak’s pop-up greenhouse is the most demanding and preferable choice of most growers. The reason behind this fame is the build quality of the structure and the widened space inside the greenhouse.

It is the most collapsible greenhouse in the market that can easily open and store or move to the next place. The special thing about this product is the innovative setup that allows the user to set up the whole structure in a few seconds.

The major difficulty faced by the new grower in using the greenhouse is to set up the frame but in this model, the pre-assembled frame comes in the product so you will not need to worry.

The great thing about this greenhouse is that it provides more space for the growers to move inside the house and easily access all the plants. The shelves perfectly settle around the walls and leave space for the person to stand along with extra headroom

The shiny feature of this product is that it has mesh-reinforced fabric walls along with two zippered walls to provide you with easy access from either side.

When it comes to the build quality, no other product can match this item in the market. Your plants are safer in the sturdy frame as the steel ceiling roof of the greenhouse is more durable and rigid to support the whole frame.

The manufacturer provides a 1-year limited warranty of the product that clearly shows the confidence of the manufacturer in their product.

2. Ohuhu Walk-In Plant Greenhouse for Outdoors with Observation Windows, 4.9 x 4.7 x 6.4 FT

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Ohuhu walk-in greenhouse has no match in terms of built quality of frame and spacing for the plants inside the house. 

The ohuhu greenhouse has 12 wired shelves that are present 6 on each side and it provides more space for keeping the small containers inside the greenhouse to protect the flowering plants, sprouting plants, and vegetables from frost damage. 

The shiny feature of this product is the more ventilated room of the greenhouse. It comes with a zippered roll-up door and 2 side windows for the best external airflow to provide better ventilation to plants and maintain the moisture. 

The frame is structured with a heavy-duty and sturdy tube that is rust-resistant and supports the weight of seed trays, pots, and lights up to 18 lbs.

The great thing about this pop-up greenhouse that attracts the grower is its easy assembling and movement. All the parts are detachable and no technical knowledge or special tools are required to store them during the offseason.

3. Porayhut Pop Up Greenhouse Cover Flower House Mini Gardening Plant Flower Sunshine Room 

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Porayhut pop-up greenhouse has popularity among the greenhouse community in terms of wider space for keeping more plants inside the cover.

This pop-up greenhouse is the perfect match for covering the seedbeds and large-sized plant pots that cannot be carried on the shelves of the other greenhouses. You will just need to put the greenhouse cover over the garden beds or seedbed and it’s now safe from weather damages.

It is perfectly designed to support both indoors and outdoors. This portable model allows the grower to move it along the yard easily. It is the ideal pop-up greenhouse for backyard gardening.

The great thing about this product is its easy setup as the sturdy frame supports the movement from location to location.

It has a tough, durable, and transparent PE plastic cover to protect the plants from frost damage and the allowing nourishing sunlight to pass through the cover and keep the plants warming inside the greenhouse.

The completely covering plastic cover over the garden beds and pots to protect them from cold, heat, and dust. Additionally, it saves the plants from pest attacks. 

It has side zipper openings from both sides of the greenhouse for easy access to the plants from both sides and for better ventilation.

4. Pure Garden 3-Tier Greenhouse – Outdoor Gardening Hot House with Zippered Cover

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The pure garden greenhouse is a well-known product among the grower’s community in terms of its sturdy frame and rust and corrosion resistance. It is precisely made with much care to withstand the outdoors damages.

The frame is made of durable iron tubing to withstand the heavyweight of the pots placed over the shelves. The powdered coated paint over the frame tubing provides resistance against rust and corrosion and longers the life of the product.

This 3-tier greenhouse is actually a hothouse having three shelves to provide more spacing for starting multiple seedlings at a time. 

It is actually not a walk-in greenhouse but it has much wider space to place enough plants similar to the popup greenhouse. It measures around 19 inches wide and 27.5 inches long with a small footprint and this much space is enough to place a large number of pots.

The outer cover of the greenhouse is made of pure PVC plastic to trap heat inside the house and keep the warmth inside for more time. The cover has zip openings to access the plants and ventilation.

The frame and shelves of the greenhouse is made of sturdy and high quality metal that is well coated with paint to provide durability and resistance to rust.

5. Quictent Mini Walk-in Greenhouse 3 Tiers 6 Shelves Plants Garden GreenHouse for Indoor Outdoor

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Quictent Mini Walk-in greenhouse is another advancement in the greenhouse industry. This greenhouse has good fame among growers due to its more spacing for placing more pots inside the greenhouse.

It has a solid construction of frame that is made of tubular steel which is powder-coated to protect it against rust and corrosion. The heavy-duty steel is used in making structures and shelves to support the pots placed over the shelves.

The frame of the greenhouse has a PVC cover that is 100% waterproof and protects the plants from the direct effect of UV rays. It provides efficient solar performance to protect the seedling from weather damage and trapping more warmth inside the greenhouse.

This walk-in greenhouse model has a roll-up door that is accessible on both sides and crafted with double tailors. The six shelves provide more widened space for the large-sized pots. 

The roll-up zipper doors offer easy access to plants from both sides of the greenhouse and more ventilation space for maintaining the inside temperature and moisture.

It is a portable greenhouse with easy setup features and a great model for both indoor and outdoor use. You can use it for the balcony, garden, kitchen, and basement.

6. Mini Walk-in Greenhouse Indoor Outdoor -2 Tier 8 Shelves

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Mini Walk-in greenhouse is named mini but you don’t need to get confused about it as a mini-greenhouse for a single or two pots. It is otherwise a well-heighted greenhouse with 2 tiers and 8 shelves.

It is made of a high-quality metal frame that is much durable and sturdy to withstand the weight of pots and the whole structure. The frame is powder-coated to improve its resistance and durability.

The clean and transparent PE cover sheet is present over the frame that is completely waterproof and protects the plant trays, and pots from frost damage. The transparent sheet allows the sunlight to pass through the sheet and traps it inside the greenhouse to increase the temperature inside the greenhouse.

It has a perfect size for easily moving inside the greenhouse and access to the plant to plant. This mini greenhouse has a compacted size that is much easy to move along the yard and indoors or outdoors.  

The great thing about this mini greenhouse is its easy assembling with no need for any special tools. 

The major benefit of this greenhouse use outdoors is its security feature as it comes with ropes and anchors to fix the greenhouse to the ground with help of ropes. This feature adds stability to the greenhouse to withstand the winds, rains, and snow

Two sides of the PE covering have zippered openings to allow the grower to access the plants from both sides and providing more space for ventilation.

Things to consider while buying a pop-up greenhouse

Here are few tips on things to consider while choosing the best pop-up greenhouse for your garden plants. 

Sturdy frame

The very first thing to consider in a pop-up greenhouse is its frame-built quality as it is the main thing on which the whole structure stands. The high-quality built frame will have more durability and longer life as compared to the low-quality frame. 

Most of the frames have a powdered coating of paint over the frame that helps to resist rust. I found a paint-coated framed greenhouse it is a plus point.

Transparent plastic cover

The transparent plastic cover is the second most important thing in greenhouse technology as the plastic cover is the thing that traps the sunlight inside the greenhouse to warm the inside conditions.

While buying a greenhouse, make sure to choose the one having the transparent plastic cover of high quality that can withstand the hittings of snow, wind, and rain.

Two zippered openings

The greenhouse is completely covered inside the transparent plastic sheet so the zippered openings are much necessary to access and ventilation of plants. 

The presence of two zipper openings on two sides of the greenhouse plastic sheet provides more ventilation for plants by rolling up the sheet.

Easy to assemble

The less technicality in assembling the greenhouse is better. It should be easy to assemble and should not need any special tool for opening and assembling the whole structure.

More space for a walk-in

The pop-up greenhouse has the major benefit of moving inside the greenhouse and easily accessing the plants one by one. So the wider foot space is better for standing and moving the pots inside or outside the greenhouse.

Make sure to buy the greenhouse having the good foot and headspace so you don’t need to bother while entering or leaving the greenhouse.

A place for more plants

The more plants get inside the greenhouse, the better. No one wants to spend a lot of money to buy more and more greenhouse for each type of plant. The wider spaced and more shelved greenhouse will have enough space for placing the flowering and vegetable pots for a single-family.

But make sure to check the shelf height as per the height of your pot, while buying a greenhouse.

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