Best Mulch for Indoor Plants – 2021 (Reviews & Guide)

Mulching your plants is an easy task that can keep them safe and healthy. It’s an easy and simple task to keep your houseplants attractive and safer from pest attacks. 

Mulching is an inexpensive and easy to apply thing that covers the soil of potted plants to protect the soil and roots from the direct sun rays. It is best to keep the plants away from pests, paws, and dirt while keeping improving the soil fertility by decomposition of organic mulches.  

To keep your plants healthy the moisture availability is the much-needed thing that can be easily attained by acquiring the mulch on the topsoil of the potted plants. Mulches keep the growth of the weed at minimal or completely vanish.

But the best thing to get all these benefits you need to choose the best mulch type for your plants according to their types.

Buying Guide: How to choose the right mulch for indoor plants?

Before buying the mulches for the indoor plants you should know the exact type of mulch for your plants that can be useful. Not all types of plant containers need mulching. 

The plant’s height plays an important role in choosing whether the mulching is needed or not. And if required then which type best suits your plants. If you have the most balcony garden plants then you do not need to choose organic mulch-like clippings and leaves for the pots. 

Mostly the wood chips are used as mulch material. In the container plants, the mulch to be used can be easily removed and replaced. Pebbles are the most attractive form of material used for potted plants.


1. National Cocoa Shell BLCH001 Blommer Cocoa Shell Mulch

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This premium product is manufactured by National Cocoa Shell from the outer covering shells of cocoa beans. It is a perfect addition to your flower beds or potted plants.

It is brown in color that will not bleach out and helps to maintain your garden by retaining the water and does not become spongy.

It is available in 2 cubic feet and has the ability to not bleach out.

  • Maintain your gardennRetain water for more timen2-cubic feetn
  • Will produce fungus if not watered properly

2. Ameriscape 55553 Cedar Mulch, 2 Cubic Feet, Natural

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Canadian Cedar Mulch is the product of famous manufacturer Ameriscape that has been serving the outdoor living industry for 20 years. 

It is 2 CUFt natural colored decorative py=urpose mulch that is made of the cedar chip. 

It is totally made of 100% cedar bark and wood and is rot and insect resistant.

  • 2 CU FT nOrganic in naturenRot resistancenInsect resistancen
  • Small pieces of cedar

3. Coco Bliss Premium Coconut Coir Pith 10 lbs Brick/Block – for Organic Use

This product by planktonic is produced for the people that love to add organic mulches to their plants. 

It is a 100%natural product and listed by OMRI with high-grade coconut coir with low pH levels and low EC. It is totally pure and only contains the fibers and pith of coconuts. 

This high-quality and organic product is a great replacement for peat moss, perlite, and Rockwool.

  • 100% Organic u0026 NaturalnLow EC and pH levelsnreplacement for peat moss, Rockwool u0026 perlitenProvides aeration and drainagen
  • Do not control weeds

4. SPONGEASE Coco Fiber Mulch 

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It is a fantastic husk mulch for container plantings. Due to its warm brown color, it is attractive as well it will keep your soil moist and weed-free. 

You just need to add water in it and it will expand. Loosen it with hands and add to pots.

  • Absorbs and retains waternAttractive warm brown finishnWarm brown colorn
  • Hardened if not stored properlyn

5. Mulch Block

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This earthly friendly mulch is 100 % organic, renewable, and biodegradable, and is made of coconut husk.

It has more water retention than bark which will ultimately reduce the temperature and moisture fluctuations by 50%.

  • Mulch blocks weigh 9 poundsnEarth-friendly mulchn2 cubic feetnBetter water retentionn
  • Too much blockn

6. FibreDust CoCo Mulch

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It is a 1 lb cocoa mulch pack manufactured by FibreDust. It is made from crushing the cocoa husk.

The best thing about this mulch is its nonfloating and 3 years mulching benefits. 

Application is easy as you just need to add water and on expanding add to the pots.

  • Contains no additivesn100% Coconut husknAdds a great aesthetic lookn
  • Look a little expensive to some people but works well

7. Fiber Mulch (5 Quarts) Organic Potting Mulch + Hydrating Bag = Attractive Plants by Window Garden

If you are searching for attractive soil covering that adds beauty to your pots then this cinnamon-colored mulch is available in the market.

It prevents the soil from splashing and keeps the soil hydrated by less evaporation.

This fiber mulch is a complete blend of coconut husk and fiber.

It is the best choice for weeds prevention and soil mold stops.

  • No soil splashnReduces soil compaction and root rotnPrevents weeds and moldn
  • Looks expensive but value for money

8. Midwest Hearth Natural Decorative Polished White Pebbles

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In case you are searching for decorative mulch material to increase the beauty of the containers especially when you have a great attraction to the plants.

These white-colored polished pebbles are a great addition to potted plants, succulents containers, and flower arrangements. 

The best thing about these pebbles is their eco-friendly nature due to their 100% natural stones.

  • Increase the beautificationnImproves the look of your potted plantsnAttractivenEco friendlyn
  • Only for decorationnNo effect on soil improvementnJust slows the evaporation from the soiln

9. Midwest Hearth Natural Decorative Polished Jade Pebbles

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These are similarly polished pebbles like the above one by Midwest Hearth.

The only difference is in color. These stones are jade in color. 

These have no dyes, fillers, and oils on them.

  • Eco FriendlynJade in colornSmall gravel in sizen
  • No role in improving soil fertilityn

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Types of Mulch for Indoor plants/Houseplants

Mulches can be of various types but mainly these are of two forms i.e 

  1. Natural
  2. Artificial

The type of mulches commonly used for indoor plants are these:

Living mulch

All the organic mulches can improve the soil quality on decomposing and also keeps the soil temperature to a normal level 

Coconut mulch

It can be used both indoors and outdoors and it is moistened prior to applying. It is available in blocks in the market.


These include pebbles, decorative stones, and marbles. They are commonly used to improve the look of potted plants. It is more attractive than other mulches.


Two types of moss are mostly used by florists. These are Spanish moss (gray) or sheet moss (green). They are inexpensive, easy to use, and lightweight material. 

Nut Shells

The hulls from the nuts can be crushed and used as mulching material. 

Wood chips

Woodchips are the material produced in woodworks. They can be used as the mulching material and it has the ability to keep the soil moist for more time.

The use of artificial items i.e pebbles, pecan, marbles, and shells is an easy task and is a means of reusable and recyclable mulch. However, the use of organic mulches like wood chips or leaves will improve soil quality by adding nitrogen to the soil on decomposing.

What are the benefits/purpose of Mulching?

Mulches are available in the market in various forms and colors. Whatever the materials you used, it works as a protective layer for the soil. After applying the mulch a little care is needed to maintain the nutrients and moisture needs of the plants. These are the following benefits of mulching:

1. Prevent weeds

The most effective way to control the weeds is mulching. It prevents the growth of the weed by blocking air circulation and sunlight. 

A two-inch thin mulch layer can be beneficial for plants.

2. Improves the soil Quality

Mulching plays an important role in improving soil fertility in decomposing. The major role of mulches in the pots is the retention of moisture. It will also help to protect from soil erosion.

3. Moderates the soil temperature

Mulching can keep the soil temperature to the optimal level. This can be accomplished by limiting the water evaporation from the soil. Mulch material acts as a radiation barrier to prevent soil warming. 

In winters the mulch protects the plant roots from freezing.

4. Protects plants

While doing lawn maintenance, the plants are sometimes damaged by lawn equipment. To protect the plants and trees from these damages the mulching is done 6 inches away from the base of plants.

This way the plants can also be secured from diseases.

5. Appearance

Mulching has a great impact on improving the appearance of the lawn or backyards. The mulches of various textures, colors, and varieties can be a great addition in enhancing the beautification of lawn or potted plants.

black mulch for indoor plants

How to Care for Mulched Indoor plants/Houseplants

A little care needs to be taken while mulching the indoor plants which otherwise can harm the plants. Keep in mind these steps not to:


Watering your plants regularly is good work but you should check whether your plants need water or not by pulling the mulch aside.

Due to the covering of mulch on the soil, it is difficult to find the moisture condition of the soil and in case of overwatering the plants will be damaged and dead.

Over mulch

Do not pile too much mulch in the pots. The piling of mulch against the stems in high quantity will harm the stem by rotting up. 


Is mulch good for indoor plants?

Yes, mulching is good for indoor plants as it keeps the plants healthy by reducing the growth of the weed. The mulches help in conserving more moisture at the root level which will ultimately improve the soil quality.

What is the best mulch for potted plants?

The best mulch for the potted plants is that which adds nutrients to the soil on decomposition and improves the soil quality. The mulches containing the organic material are best for use in containers.

How do you mulch indoor plants?

You need to spread the mulch completely on the soil surface and make the soil vanish. Now prop up the leggy stems and hold the plants upright.

Should you mulch potted plants?

Yes, mulching the potted plants is good as it will keep the plants healthy by retaining the moisture for more time in the soil. Make sure to add the 1-2 inch layer of mulch and away from the plant stem.


If you are going to buy the mulch for potted plants then make sure to choose the one which has the ability to retain the moisture for more time.

Always choose the mulch that is mold resistant and adds the nutrients to the soil on breaking down.

We put all the best available mulch products on our list for your potted plants. We hope that you enjoy our article and it helps you choose the best product for your indoor plants.

We will keep updating our list if any good product comes to the market.

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