7 Best Lawn Tractor Tires for Traction – 2021 Reviews

Mowing is the most joyful journey on the lawn and provides you the real feel of the aesthetic beauty of lush green lawns and blooming flowers on lawn boundaries. Those joyful moments become a hassle for the gardener if the tires of the lawnmower are not good for traction. 

The best lawn tractor is one having good tires for traction controls on the hilly areas and uneven surfaces. They additionally save the turf from damages by the rolling tires on soft grass blades. 

An ideal set of lawn tractor tires for traction will deliver the best performance by improving the handling of the mower while mowing over the hilly surfaces. 

Lawn tractors are getting dominance over the walk-behind mowers as the landscaping industry is advancing day by day as there is less effort to control the mower in the form of walking.

Not just for traction control, the mower tires always play a role to make the difference between having a frustrating or good mowing experience. 

Regardless of the mower type, nature conditions, or lawn soil conditions, the best lawn tractor tires for traction always are needed to maneuver the slick grass and thick mud.

The next hurdle comes around in finding the best lawn tractor tires for traction or sloppy areas is to choose the best traction tires for lawn tractor in the flooded market with tires. 

That’s why I build this guide on best lawn tractor tires for traction that explains the importance of traction tires, best traction tires products reviews and why to use traction tires on sloppy tires.

Let’s get started.

What are traction tires for lawn tractors?

Lawn tractors are the preferable choice for landscapers due to their convenience and ease. They do work smartly in less time and with more efficiency along with less effort to walk behind the mower.

Most of the lawn tractors or riding lawn mowers come with smooth front tires that are not good performing on wet turf or sloppy terrains. They tend to spin and make the vehicle wheels drown in mud.

The original tires that come with lawn tractors have no treads that make it impossible for the mower to move on rough surfaces. 

So, the traction tires for lawn tractors come in place to solve this problem that helps to limit the smooth tires problem of no traction. The traction tires have tread patterns over the tires that support the tractor to move on the sloppy regions and keep the vehicle stable.

This way the traction tires provide support and stability to the lawn tractors and enough traction to move easily.

Best Lawn Tractor Tires for Traction Reviews

1. Carlisle Turf Saver Lawn & Garden Tire (23X9.50-12)

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Carlisle is the most famous brand in manufacturing tires for ATVs and UTVs. They manufacture tires of various sizes and tread patterns for various purposes like turf saver and turf master.

The great thing about this product is the quality and performance of the products. Similarly, this Turf saver lawn and tractor tires and traction is the premium product in terms of controlling the slipping wheels on the turf.

If you are really searching for the best traction tires for your lawn tractor then this Turf Saver Lawn and garden tire by Carlisle is the best choice. This product includes 23X9.50-12 inches tires for lawn tractors. 

The wonderful thing about this product is the nicer look of the tire with a square-shouldered design along with an aggressive type tread pattern with wide spacing for traction controls.

The wide spacing and tread design provides the stability to the mower while mowing on sloppy surfaces and rough terrains.

The shiny feature of this tire by Carlisle is that it performs great on both sloppy and leveled lawn surfaces. That’s why it provides the maximum stability to the mower like moving on a smoother surface. 

The tire is made of rubber that is much durable and provides flexibility on moving through the rough surfaces in lawns. 

One thing to care about while using this Carlisle turf saver tire is to store it in a shady place. Otherwise, the sunlight will deform the tire design and destroy the tread design on the tire. 

Furthermore, it is known as the “turf saver”, as it does not disturb the turf while turning around on the lawn.


  • Superb traction
  • 23X9.50-12 inches
  • Available in different sizes
  • Durable construction
  • Great price

2. MaxAuto Lawn & Garden Mower Tractor Turf Tires (18×9.50)

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MaxAuto is another ATV tire manufacturer providing durable and premium quality products in the market. They manufacture traction tires with ultimate stability in design and a 4 ply rating. 

MaxAuto lawn mower tractor tires are the best choice for replacing the smooth surface tired with traction tires. 

It is featured with a lot of qualities to improve its stability and durability. Especially the tread pattern and wide spacing provides the ultimate stability to the mower while mowing or passing through the rough terrains.

The inflatable pattern of treads is designed in such a way to increase the friction of tires on the sloppy turf along with offering high flotation.

The material used in making these tires adds up the durability to the tires and flexibility. The use of high-quality material supports the sturdiness of the tire even in the fewer Ply tires. 

The premium feature of this product is the unique design of tires that are featured with self-cooling and drainage reducing abilities.

Additionally, the durability of the material used does not create any problem for users in the future.

One thing to increase their life and improve their durability is to avoid storing the tires in sunlight.

The only issue users observe in these tires is the unpleasant smell of rubber material used in tires in the early days. But it gets fixed after a few days of use.


  • Easy to install
  • 18×9.50-8 inches size
  • Ply rating of 4 – provides stability and durability
  • Intuitive design
  • Higher maneuverability
  • Unique tread pattern
  • Higher flotation

3. MaxAuto 4Ply ATV Sport Quad Rear Tires (20X10-9)

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ATV sport Quad tires by MaxAuto are the best zero tires for traction on the market. They are one of the budget-friendly tires for ATVs with premium quality and durability.

The great thing about this product is the clean design of the tire including tread pattern and wide spacing between treads. The high treads on tires add up the look of your mower.

The unique tread pattern delivers the ultimate traction and saves the mower from slipping over the sloppy turf regions. It increases the friction between the tires and ground surfaces and maintains the grip of tires on rough terrains.

Furthermore, they do not produce noise while moving, like other low-quality tires. The smooth tread patterns provide a smooth ride and improve the handling performance and deliver comfort to the user.

The reason behind its durability and stability is the use of high-quality rubber material. The premium-grade rubber material is able to withstand the harsh climate conditions and hits by stones while passing through rough terrains.

Additionally, these tires are resistant to wear and provide stability to mower on the stones and gravel.

The final verdict about these tires is that if you really want aggressive type traction tires then these ATV sport tires are the best choice.


  • Budget-friendly
  • 20X10-9 inches size
  • Superb traction
  • Smooth ride
  • Great for hill climbing

4. Carlisle Turf Saver Lawn & Garden Tire (16×6.50-8)

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These are other lawn tractor tires for traction by Carlisle. Carlisle is a well-known brand for manufacturing literally premium quality tires for good traction.

This tire product is the shadow of pure, high-quality, stable, and durable tires by Carlisle. They are purely the best alternative for smooth-surfaced tires having low traction.

The great thing about this product is that it is actually built for traction but it performs well for both sloppy terrains and smooth turf surfaces. 

The great performance and stability of these traction tires are the result of square shoulders and chevron treads pattern. The unique and wide spacing treads provide great performance for traction and stability on rough terrains.

In addition to the unique tread patterns, it also features extreme drainage and easy passing of tractors through the mud places. The treads and beads on the tires make it suitable for all kinds of terrains, wet and dry.

You can mow your lawn even in the mist days by using these tires on your lawn tractor. They are the perfect match for lawn tractors or zero-turn lawnmowers.


  • Chevron tread pattern allows quick drainage
  • 16×6.50-8 inches size
  • Higher stability
  • Well suited for most kinds of lawn terrain, wet or dry
  • High maneuverability

5. MaxAuto Tubeless Turf Tires for Lawn Tractor (16×6.50-8)

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MaxAuto Tubeless Turf tires for traction are highly efficient and high-performance tires for lawn tractors. They are the best lawn tractor tires for traction and stability.

In addition to good traction, these tires have a lot of other great features that a user experienced during usage.

They are named Turf tires that clearly show that how suitable they are for your turf and their traction on turf. The unique design of the tire and tread pattern present on the tire shows the stability of tires on the sloppy turf surfaces.

The chevron tread pattern on tires makes it the best tires for high traction lawn mowers and riding lawn mowers of this rim size.

The great thing about this pair of tires is the 4 ply rating that makes these tires a completely durable and sturdy product for traction in mowers. 

In meantime, these tires are inflatable up to 28 PSI with the tubeless feature that ensures the high maneuverability and high performance of tires.

These tires are a great choice for the John Deere tractor owners as they are best compatible with their rims. 


  • Easy to install
  • 16×6.50-8 inches size
  • Expanded sidewalls on the tires 
  • High durability
  • 4 Ply rating 
  • Tubeless design enables lower rolling resistance
  • Able to accommodate a load of 615 pounds

6. Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire (22X12-8)

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Kenda Bearclaw is another ATV tire manufacturer providing excellent traction for lawn tractors and riding lawnmowers. Kenda Bearclaw manufactures many other traction tires for ATV and zero turn mowers but this model K299 is the most demanding due to its best compatibility.

These tires are best compatible with any 4Ă—4 quad and perform great for any type of turf surface. In addition to good traction, it provides stability to mower on rough terrains.

The tires are featured with angled knobs that help to maintain continuous traction during rides over the Stoney and wet turf surfaces. By using these tires on your lawn tractor, you get better handling and traction.

The great thing about these traction tires is the long-range, aggressive treads pattern that provides extreme durability and sturdiness. The longer treads increase the friction between tires and surface and improve the stability of the mower on wet turf surfaces.

The presence of a rim guard on the tire keeps the wheel safe from any kind of dents and dings from the stones and gravel.

You will notice an extreme level of improvement in performance by using these Bearclaw K299 traction tires on your tractor.

The premium feature of these tires is a 6 ply rating that guarantees the incredible level of durability, strength, and sturdiness of tires along with resistance to abrasion.

In case the tires get compressed for any reason, don’t panic and put the tires under shade and wait for some time until they recover to their original shape.

Overall, they are the most aggressive tires for traction in lawn tractors.


  • Excellent quality
  • 22X12-8 inches size
  • Sturdy build
  • Better control and traction
  • Affordable

7. WANDA UTV ATV tires 6PR Bighorn Style (23×11-10)

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Wanda is a well-known brand for manufacturing aggressive traction tires for UTVs and ATVs. The overall performance and good traction of their tires show the use of high-quality material in the making of tires.

It is well known in the market by the name of a set of 4 Wanda tires. In addition to providing traction, these tires also have good fame in terms of quality and durability.

Wanda 6 Ply tires are the reliable and best zero-turn tires for lawn tractors for traction and stability on uneven surfaces in lawns.

They are made of nylon material that is very sturdy and resilient in terms of durability and strength to withstand abrasion and puncture.

Additionally, they provide extreme handling performance and traction in rough-surfaced turfs and hilled slopes in hilly regions. You will feel the smooth ride of the mower by using these tires on your lawn tractor.

They have large shoulder lugs that protect the rims and sidewalls from the dents and ultimately the better traction.

The package includes a set of 4 tires – two rear and two front tires. 

Overall, you can use these tires for lawn tractors, UTVs and ATVs.


  • Resistant to abrasion and puncture
  • 23×11-10 inches size
  • Shoulder lugs protect rims
  • Set of 4 tires
  • Use for lawn mower, UTV, and ATV
  • Large shoulder lugs
  • Looks nice
  • Superior traction

How to Choose Right lawn tractor tire for traction

Here are some recommendations on choosing the best traction tire for a lawn tractor. Keep these factors in mind before finalizing any traction tire.

Tread Design

Considering the tire tread design is the most important factor in buying the traction tires for lawn tractors. Good traction provides safety to the user as well as comfort while moving on sloppy surfaces. 

It is good to finalize the tire with more number and space of tread bars as the treads save the mower from slipping.

An aggressive tread pattern with more inner spaces has greater traction control.

Type of tire

On basis of measuring the traction of various tires, the tread pattern is the primary factor to consider. The tires are classified into three types on basis of the tread patterns.

  1. All-terrain tires
  2. Mixed-use turf tires
  3. Ribbed tires

The mixed-use turf tires are the most reliable option for traction tires for lawnmowers. While the All-terrain tires come on second after mixed-use turf tires.

But the Ribbed tires are only best for traction if you are dealing with a stubborn lawn.

Tire size

Of course, the tire size matters the most in choosing the traction tires for your lawnmower. Always confirms the rim size of the lawn tractor for which you are buying the traction tires.

The general information regarding the sizing of tires is present on the side of the tire in the form of a sequence number. It will give you the details about the tire. 


The tire material plays an important role in tire performance. The quality rubber tires perform best for lawnmowers with smooth running. 

Pneumatic tires are made of solid material that is strong enough to pass through rough surfaces without damaging the tires. 

But it is good to choose elastic tires that are flexible enough to overcome the difficulties of passing through the high hilly surfaces.


Bead is the edge of tires that runs along the circumference of the wheel. The best tires have reinforced beads that provide durability to the tire. 

The sturdier is the bead, the smoother the ride. 

Ply Rating

Ply rating of tires determines the durability and sturdiness of tires. It is clearly mentioned on the outer side of the tire.

The more number ply rating shows the more weight carrying capacity of tires along with more tolerance to external hits and rocky surfaces.

It clearly shows how important it is to consider the ply rating on tires, especially when you are choosing traction tires for lawn tractors. The sloppy lawns have many rough terrains and the good ply tires can withstand these conditions. 2/ply tires are considered as good and ideal.

But for the rough terrains, 3-4 ply tires are recommended.

Cares of lawn tractor tires for traction

A lawn tractor or riding lawn mower is a big investment but benefits in a great manner by mowing the lawn efficiently. But they remain good if kept maintaining them from time to time. 

Here are some caring tips to improve the lifespan of the mower itself, especially tires.

Maintain air pressure in tires

Tires are only good if remain well inflated, otherwise, they are a big hassle for you and the engine. 

Before starting work on the lawn, make sure to check the air pressure of the tires. Because the underinflated tires are not able to support load weight and are susceptible to damages. 

On other hand, overinflated tires have the risk of blowing out and damaging the structural integrity of tires that can be damaging for tread pattern and turf.

It is good practice to check the air pressure every time before mowing and maintain it with an air pump.

Keep your mower out of sunlight

Keeping any plastic or leather material in direct sunlight exposure for a long time can damage its quality and durability. Similarly, in the case of a mower, direct sunlight damages the tires and mower.

It increases the risk of rust damage to the mower due to high temperatures in sunlight. The tires may explode by the high air pressure inside the tires due to high temperatures.

It causes a reduction in the strength of tires. That’s why it is advisable to store the mower in a shady place.

Clean tires after mowing

Ignoring the dust and debris material or any chemical on the tires damages the tires in the worst manner. The presence of debris material on tires for a longer time results in form of corrosion on tires. 

That’s why it is good practice to clean the tires thoroughly to reduce the damage risks. 

Observe obstacles in the yard

Any obstacle like needles, nails, metal pieces, glass, or stones in the yard can cause a great deal of damage to mower tires. It is good to sweep the lawn before mowing to address the potential damages.

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