Best Lawn Mower Games For Adults And Kids

Are you looking for the best lawn mower games that get you real-time joy like the real mowing of the lawn?

When you are a passionate gardener and yard worker, then it is well known that you must love mowing the lawn with engine lawn mowers. 

Mowing the lawn is so much excitable for the lawn growers as well for children. You will notice that kids sometimes are also trying to mow the lawn like you. It can be joyful for you that your kid loves to work in the yard like you, but running the mower’s engine can be dangerous for children. 

Lawn mower games are the best alternative for preventing the kids from playing with real mowers. It will keep kids safe from any injury. 

Here I am going to show you some extraordinary, advanced, and best lawn mower game apps for Android and iOS.

The best part of this guide?

All of the games recommended in the guide are most downloaded and lovable among the community.

In short, you would truly love the games and share them with your family members too.

Let’s get started.

What to look for in lawn mower games apps?

First of all, I want to clarify that all the games mentioned in the guide are truly researched and personal experience-based. I have personally installed many of them and they are truly joyful and keep the person engaged.

All of the lawn mower games apps are downloadable from Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore. The great thing is that all of the apps are free.

Even during the winter days when there is no need to mow the grass, these lawn mower games can be the premium alternative to get the real joy of mowing the lawn.

A lot of low quality in terms of screen resolution and images is present in the market. But all games reviewed in this guide are far better than those craps. 

Below is a list of apps of the best lawn mower games for Android and iOS.

Lawn mower games for Kids and Adults (Android & iOS)

It’s Literally Just Mowing


It is the most lovable gaming app of lawn mowing on the iOS and Androids with the most downloads. The reason behind the success of this lawn mowing game is its unpredictable features that give the player calm in a simple world of mowing.

This game is the perfect match for you if you desire to spend the spare time mowing and nature. Besides spending a lovely time in gaming, it also literates you with mind experience of mowing the lawn. 

The great thing about this app is that it is free of any penalties and scoring. It will be just mowing and mowing the lawn unless your desire is to mow the lawn.


  • It mows the lawn smoothly by leaving no blade of grass un-trimmed and eases you in guiding the mower around the lush green gardens and houses.
  • Every new level of mowing allows you to win new parts of the mower that urges you to play it more with advanced mowing technology.
  • It is featured with extra rewards for the regular players.
  • A Lot of sports fields and parks unlock at every level with hidden rewards to add interest in the game.
  • Graphics of the game are featured with Protostar GrassTech™ rendering technology that enables the real look of grass on mobile screens.


  • Only the lawn mowing feature is free while the other game purchases are also present.
  • The absence of scoring features seems to be odd as the scoring keeps the person engaged to achieve the target.

Download / Install App

Android / iPhone

Sunday Lawn


Sunday lawn is the top-grossing lawn mowing gaming app over the play stores of Androids and iPhones. It is named so nicely to call you to play on the lawn on Sunday.

It has many extra features like different gaming modes and scoring challenges to keep the person engaged and loving to play.


  • It has three gaming modes i.e.
  • Challenges mode: It is the Donut games’ classic mode in which you get three stars reward on each mastered level.
  • Arcade Mode: This mode is for High Score achievers.
  • Sweet Dreams: It is actually the bonus game mode in which you keep the charlie asleep and gets the sheep over the fences.
  • It is featured with 80 varying lawns to reach the master level.
  • Has various types of control options.
  • It is a center-supported game to assist the players with gaming.
  • Has MFi controller support.
  • Has ION Arcade controller support in-game.
  • It is free of any type of ads but it needs a premium upgrade as a one-time app purchase.


  • Only the premium upgrade has access to all game modes and levels.

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Android / iPhone

Cut the Grass


Cut the grass is the high graphic resolution lawn game having amazing animations. Furthermore, it features a lot of amazing features like more types of tools for cutting the grass.

The versatility of tools makes it a lovable game among children and adults. The combo of high graphics and marvelous game features gives you the real pleasure of working on the lawn.

It provides three types of gaming modes and advanced controls. The classic mode is great for the entry-level players and kids and playing further to unlock the new levels.


  • The game has more than 30 types of blades and grass cutting machines but you have to discover them by achieving higher levels.
  • 3d graphics of the game along with amazing animations provides the real lawn mowing pleasure.
  • It has versatile features as the IDLE feature enables you to collect the coins while cutting the grass by mowing machines.
  • The other great gaming mode is the MERGE mode in which it enables you to merge 2 of a kind to evolve them into superior items.
  • It has the basic CLICKER mode that is much easier with simple controls. 

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Grass – last lawnmower–-last-lawnmower

Cutting grass and mowing the lawn has never been so much fun as the Grass game. The fast cutting of grass to enable larger yards than others is so much fun to achieve targets faster.

Actually, this lawn mowing game is not relaxing like other games solo mode. While in this game, you will need to cut more grass and really fight with others for survival.

Fighting with the others for survival is the most exciting feature of this game that gives you the joy of two games fighting and cutting grass at the same time. All you need is to survive and become the last lawnmower and capture the territory of the others during the fight.


  • Fights and survival feature enable more interest in your mind to compete.
  • A totally new feature of cutting grass and playing along with other players.
  • Not a relaxing game to cut the grass solely but you have to survive for survival.
  • Bigger and bigger yards unlocks at new levels to let you achieve higher targets.
  • At the final stage, just one lawn mower will survive.

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Android / iPhone

Lawn Mower Makeover Simulator: Home Garden Farming


Lawn mower makeover Simulator is an advanced type of mowing and farming combo gaming app. In this app, there are the most attractive types of farming simulation gaming features that let you express your skills by managing the lawn and garden.

Along with cutting the grass, you have to arrange the flower beds, vegetables, and seeding, which would build more interest in the game.

Besides this simulation lawn mower game, there are many other garden cleaning games for girls that let you use your fixing skills to the next level. 

Lawn mower makeover simulation is the most exciting and time management game to keep yourself in the game.


  • Interesting and time management game
  • Builds more interest in managing the lawn and garden by yourself
  • Enables more thinking skills to make your garden with well-placed flowers and vegetables
  • Allows you to express your creative skills in gardening and grass cutting
  • Features with a lot of controls and options like preparing the backyard by yourself and leveling it with tools
  • You have to do the whole garden and lawn work like soil preparation, fertilization, watering, and mowing the grass to keep it healthy

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Grass Road


Grass road is the advanced type of lawn mowing gaming app, having many controls for cutting the grass. The off growing grass blades cut through the sharp blades of mowers.

If you have utmost love for working in the yard, the grass road can be a great companion for you. The advanced level controls enable many interesting levels at high scoring. 


  • Have a list of mowers to choose the ultimate mower from the list that represents you
  • Test your skills and reflexes to their limits
  • Have options to upgrade the blade spinners for smoother cutting of grass
  • A lot of yards to cut into
  • Featured with crazy and challenging mechanics to build more interest of the user

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Android / iPhone

Grass Cutter


Grass Cutter is a super fun lawn mowing game for the grass cutting addictives. It is featured with the natural controls of mowers to provide the real pleasure of grass cutting to the user.

Besides enjoying the game, it also builds up your confidence in real grass mowing. At each level of the game, there is the yard of off growing grass and you have to give the smooth cut to grass without crushing the mower into any rock and trees.


  • A fun and challenging app in terms of acquiring the highest target and completing the level without getting your mower crushed
  • Featured with unlimited levels to builds more interest of the user in grass cutting
  • It is a super fun gameplay 
  • Advanced level of smooth mower controls to ease the user

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Lawn mower games are the best alternatives for grass cutting addictives. They are the best companions during the spare time and provide you the real-time pleasure of cutting the grass like working on the lawn in real life.

App stores contain loads of lawn mowing games but most of them are crap. I choose these apps for your android and iPhone that are high in graphics, functions, and controls. It’s Literally Just mowing is the most brilliant lawn mower game I have ever installed in my life.

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