Best Lawn Mower For Racing Reviews

Lawnmower racing can be a fun pastime and a competitive sport for your interest. If you are considering entering into this adrenaline-pumping sporting activity, this guide on the best lawn mower for racing should be just right for your needs.

The best lawn mower for racing will require minimal adjustments and upgrades before it is race-ready. A great option should be comfortable and well designed to facilitate additions that you might consider. Finding a model that suits your exact needs can be challenging, but with our help, you should be able to understand what to look for and find some of the top options to consider. If you are looking for the best lawnmower for racing, this handy guide should offer all the information you need to find a high-quality pick that suits your needs.

Ariens IKON-X Kawasaki FR691 series riding mower

Ariens 915223 IKON-X 52" Zero Turn Mower 23hp Kawasaki FR691 Series
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The quiet and highly fuel-efficient Ariens IKON-X Kawasaki FR691 series riding mower is a great racing option. From the padded seating and armrests to the easy controls, this model is every racer’s dream. It is very spacious and has been reinforced with a strong tubular steel frame to handle impact, which makes it ideal for the strenuous demands of racing. While it struggles on steeper hills, this model should have no problem on the race track. It is also compatible with a variety of replacement parts, which should make up for the tough to find stock parts.


  • Very quiet and fuel-efficient
  • Comfortable and easy to control
  • Sturdy steel frame


  • Stock parts can be harder to find

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Toro TimeCutter 24.5 HP V-Twin riding mower

Toro TimeCutter 24.5

The Toro TimeCutter 24.5 HP V-Twin riding mower offers a variety of speed settings, which makes it easier to control and more versatile than some of the models featured. It is very comfortable and features heavy padding around its 18-inch seat, which also includes arm rests. The heavy-duty steel frame is also spacious and should facilitate any new racing installations easily. It is versatile and powerful, and may also be used for lugging. This model is one of the best for tough terrains, making it ideal for different tracks.


  • Engine guard for added protection against impact
  • Large and sturdy tires rear will not need to be replaced
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Padded and very comfortable seating


  • Not the most efficient fuel consumption rate

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Craftsman T225 Gas-powered riding mower

Craftsman T225

The Craftsman T225 Gas-powered riding mower is a comfortable riding option with a high back seat and touch steering. The model varies spacious and features a 19 HP engine that can be replaced due to its increased accessibility. This mower will need to be reinforced, but its iron axle and hydro transmission should combine with the hardy wheels to reduce the number of modifications you might need to get your mower ready to race. It offers a secure auto-stop feature that will stop the mower in the event you are no longer in control, making the mower safe for use on the track.


  • Powerful output
  • Comfortable seating with intuitive controls
  • Auto stop and reverse feature will come in handy for racing
  • Great fuel efficiency


  • Not the toughest build

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Husqvarna YTH24V54 Riding mower

Husqvarna YTH24V54

The multipurpose Husqvarna YTH24V54 Riding mower delivers a versatile performance, and it can be an ideal option for your racing needs too. This mower offers an intuitive touch steering that combines with its tight turning radius and foot-controlled hydrostatic transmission for one of the simplest systems to use. With the right additions, you could get your mower ready to race in no time. The adjustable high back seat and ergonomic design of the mower should make it an appealing choice for racers, as will the heavily reinforced frame.  It is very easy to control and offers safety, making it a valuable lawnmower racing option.


  • Comfortable seating
  • Great design
  • Very easy to control
  • Heavy-duty frame for durability


  • Stock blades are not ideal for heavy-duty use

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Husqvarna LGT54DXL riding mower

Husqvarna LGT54DXL 1

While it is a compact model, the Husqvarna LGT54DXL riding mower still offers value for racers. It features a comfortable and adjustable seat with an easy to use control panel. The steering wheel is easily accessible and responsive. This model features a great set of wheels for racing, with the added traction improving your control on the track. The model works well with other installations and should be a great pick for customers looking for a versatile racer.


  • Comfortable and easy to control
  • Fortified frame
  • Great traction
  • Compact and easy to store


  • Not the most spacious for race modification

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Simplicity 691318 Courier  zero turn riding mower

Simplicity 691318

The exclusive transmission system and fully welded steel frame of the Simplicity 691318 Courier zero turn riding mower make it one of the go-to options for racing, despite its open front. With the right installations for additional security when racing, you can enjoy the high output and simple controls of the Simplicity 691318 riding mower. This hardy model will guarantee several years of use, even with the heavy-duty demands of racing. The ease of control and zero-turn radius should make this model an enjoyable option for racers.


  • Powerful lawn mower
  • Easy to handle
  • Durable frame


  • Not the best design for racing

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Snapper 36oZ 54-inch zero-turn riding mower

Snapper 36oZ

The Snapper 36oZ 54-inch zero turn riding mower offers an integrated rear cargo bed with a 50 pound capacity for the installation of aftermarket parts, which makes this the most spacious model on our list. If you are looking for a mower that is built for additions, then the Snapper 36oZ54 riding mower should be your pick. The durable build and comfortable seat, as well as the easy to use controls, should make racing in this mower an enjoyable experience. The sturdy, fully welded steel frame comes with a lifetime warranty, which suggests that you should need no additional reinforcements to ensure impact protection when racing.


  • Powerful output
  • Durable build
  • Very easy to control and use


  • Not the best design for racing

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How to get your lawnmower ready to race

Whether you are considering the amateur or professional version of lawn mower racing, you will need to have a modified mower to take part in the thrill. It can be an expensive process, on top of the cost of buying your mower, when you get the job done professionally. If you are handy and into DIY crafts, you could cut down on the cost of prepping up your mower for racing by doing the upgrades yourself. This segment will detail out all the necessary steps to help you get racing. Remember, it is always important to play it safe when racing. Always follow the rules of your racing chapter and wear appropriate safety gear to protect you from any falls and potential injuries. We also recommend mowers with a safety tether switch that automatically shuts off the machine in the event that you are no longer in control.

Sourcing for parts

The first step involves stripping down your mower to look into the usable components. You will not need the stock wheels and other similar components which will be replaced with better-suited options for racing. Next, look into all the replacement parts you want to upgrade your mower with. Some models may offer unique builds, which might limit the range of options available. However, most models should have sufficient replacement parts available online. The list of parts needed will generally boil down to an engine, centrifugal clutch, sprockets, the transmission, steering wheels, axles and hangers, the electrical components, the wheel systems, a gas lever, and some high endurance engine upgrades. If you are looking to upgrade your mower into a racing machine, go-kart and golf cart parts will come in handy.

Replacing your steering and reinforcing your frame

You will need to beef up your frame to suit the components and your design. Racing lawn mowers will engage on a dirt track and generally feature no suspensions. This means that your frame could take a beating when you race. By reinforcing it, you will be able to protect your mower from fatigue-related cracks and damage. Replacing your stock steering components will offer the juice that most models just do not have. If you race with a limited stock steering system, you may be unable to sustain high speeds and could have trouble handling corners. Remember to place your steering system well in your frame and affix them in place with the right stops.

Installing the transmission and brakes

The RGB will be a sensitive task because some transmission boxes are generally not designed for mower frames. Remember, the transmission shaft should be far enough from the ground but still fit comfortably within the frame. After installing the transmission, you will need to set up your brakes. You can use mechanic or hydraulic brakes, but hydraulic options are better suited for mowers due to their ease of installation in an otherwise complex frame. Go-kart and motorbike hydraulic brake systems will be compatible with most options.

Installing your deck and puke tank

Your new mower deck should be easy to replace as long as it offers similar dimensions and fits in the same location as your original option. You may consider going for a more lightweight and comfortable option to ensure you can rest your feet while racing without affecting the aerodynamics of your mower. Your puke tank is a maintenance unit that helps you handle oil spills. Since you will be racing at higher speeds and exerting your engine to its limits, it may spit oil through the crankcase breather. Your puke tank works to keep your system untainted, ensuring you do not spill oil on the driver or race track.

Engine modification and final touches

After your chassis and vitals are assembled and ready, it is time to work on your engine. Most mowers will offer low-performance flathead engines that are just not designed to race. By pushing your stock engine beyond its limits, you will increase the likelihood that it will face wear and tear. Finding the right replacement engine which should be made of the right material to avoid race stress, such as a bullet aluminum, will improve the performance and longevity of your racing mower. Once your engine is done and dusted, you will need to apply finishing touches to your mower to have it ready for the next race. Remember to clean all components before applying for your paint job. This includes any rough edges, splatter, and rust as well as dust and debris. You should be ready to flag your mower off!

Final word

The Ariens IKON-X Kawasaki FR691 series riding mower offers a great build that should be easy to work with when upgrading your mower for racing. Some components, such as the heavily padded seats and shock-absorbing springs should ensure full value when considering your racing replacements. It is compatible with a number of replacement parts, allowing you to reshape your lawnmower for racing. It also features a spacious and reinforced tubular steel body, which should ensure added protection for your mower from race-related impact. The mower also offers plenty of power while being very quiet. With the Ariens IKON-X Kawasaki FR691 series riding mower, you will be ready to flag off in no time.

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