6 Best Lawn Mower for Buffalo Grass – 2021 (Reviews)

Are you searching for the best lawn mower for buffalo grass? Be happy, you have come to the right place. I have built this guide especially on mowing the buffalo grass.

Buffalo grass is hearty native grass species of North American plain regions to Texas and Canada. By keeping the grass properly maintained and mowed to the right height, it ends in the beautiful, uniform, and attractive turf.

The durability of this hearty grass makes it more lovable among the community and that’s why it is found everywhere in these regions. The other main benefit that makes it famous among growers is its impressive resistance to disease attacks and withstanding the rainy and dry season.

The only thing that keeps the buffalo turf lawns healthy and beautiful is the proper maintenance including mowing at the right time with the right lawn mower for buffalo grass.

Mowing buffalo grass

Buffalo grass is a slow-growing and tough grass. To keep the lawn uniformly covered with turf and lush green, the primary step is to mow the grass to ideal height as it is a slow-growing grass.

To attain a well-maintained lawn, all aspects for the healthy growth of grass are followed including the right seed type, proper lawn fertilizers, dethatching of lawn, and mowing to the optimum height with the right mower.

The slow-growing nature of buffalo grass emphasizes the users buying an adjustable height mower. Tough grass blades can only be mowed with the high graded mower blades so never compromises on the quality of mower and pricing.

I too have experienced many practicals on my buffalo turf, and end up attaining a beautiful lawn and a huge knowledge and it ultimately forces me to build this guide on the best lawn mower for buffalo grass, so that it might be helpful for you in choosing the lawn mowers.

Reviews: Best lawn mower for buffalo grass

1. Greenworks 20-Inch 3-in-1 12 Amp Electric Corded Lawn Mower 25022 – best electric lawn mower

Greenworks 25022 is a corded lawn mower that works great on the tough buffalo grass by its powerful 12 Amp motor that provides the uniform cutting and mulching.

It is a great choice for mowing the medium-sized buffalo grass lawn and provides the 20-inch wide cutting path in one direction. This much impressive cutting path enables the fast working on the mid-sized lawn in less time.

The premium features that make this mower to make space in the list are it’s 3 in 1 mowing capabilities i.e. mulching, side discharge, and rear collection. It provides the opportunity to the user to adjust the mowing to the desired option that better serves your lawn.

It provides durability in cutting the tough grass-like buffalo by its rugged stamped steel cutting deck. 

The rugged stamped steel ensures the high quality and strength of the blades along with the powerful engine makes a perfect combination to make an excellent lawn mower.

It features the 7 different adjustable cutting height positions that make it a versatile mower for a wide range of grass types and especially for slow-growing grass like buffalo grass. 

The grass clippings catcher included in the package provides the option to save the clippings for composting in compost tumblers.

Cam lock handle and cord lock are the best additions in this corded lawn mower by GreenWorks that provides the easy folding and folding while cord lock provides safety from any kind of injury by accidental cord disconnecting.


  • Powerful 12 Amp motor
  • Various height adjustments 
  • 3 in 1(Side Discharge, Mulching and Rear bag)
  • Cord lock for safety
  • Cut grass from height 1.5 inch to 3.75 inch
  • 20 inch wide cutting 


  • Ideal lawn mower for mid sized lawns
  • Rugged stamped steel cutting deck provides maneuverability and uniform cutting
  • Adjustable height of blades enables the versatility for many grass types
  • Powerful motor gives a clean cut on tough grass


  • Not good for large sized lawns

2. Sun Joe iON16LM 40-Volt 16-Inch Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower – best battery lawn mower

Sun Joe iON16LM is a battery-powered, cordless lawn mower that ditches the anxious problems of extension cords, oil, gas, pulls cords, and noxious fumes that harm the surroundings.

It is featured with iON tools including an iON battery-operated power system in the form of a 40V iONMAX battery system that is built to last for a long time. It delivers the powers through advanced lithium-ion technology to support the working mower for more than 40 minutes.

Additional to cordless and battery-operated features, it does have whisper-quiet runtime with no carbon emissions to conserve the air in the surrounding. Furthermore, the powerful and brushless motor blades improve the performance, efficiency, and life of the motor too many folds.

It is an ideal choice for a lawn mower for small yards to medium-sized lawns. The working and smooth turf cutting make it an unavoidable choice for cutting buffalo grass. 

It is easy to handle and working mower in lawns, no matter which type of grass due to its adjustable height features that provides the 6 adjusting positions of mowing heights. You can adjust the mowing height from 1.18 inches to 3.15 inches as per your grass type and grass thickness.

The compacted design of this Sun Joe makes it maneuver in the tight spaces along with rugged front and rear all-terrain wheels to improve its standing on the uneven surfaces.

This cordless mower is also included with a 25-gallon grass clipping collecting bag to conveniently detach the grass clippings that can later be added in any composting box.

The ultimate thing that forces me to add this product in the list is a two-year warranty, Energy star certification along with ETL approval that enhances the interest of users in this mower.


  • Cordless mower
  • 40V iONMAX battery system
  • 25 gallon grass clipping bag
  • 6 adjustable mowing heights
  • 3500 rpm
  • 2 years full warranty
  • ETL approved
  • Energy Star certified
  • Extended mower life (2000 hours)


  • Relief from the ditching the extension cords, gas, fuel and fumes
  • Battery operated system provides mowing away from the cords in lawn
  • Brushless motor blades gives a smooth cut
  • Adjustable height position gives the mowing in various type of grass
  • Inclusion of grass clipping bag protects from the lawn form diseases onset by leftover grass clippings coverage in lawn


  • You cannot mulch the grass clippings with this mower as it only features with collecting clippings in bag

3. Greenworks 40V 20-Inch Cordless Twin Force Lawn Mower, 4Ah & 2Ah Batteries – best cordless lawn mower

Greenworks dual battery-operated mower is a perfect match for the medium to large-sized lawns. The continuous power supply by the dual battery-operated system ensures the smooth and uniform cut of grass.

This 40V power operated mower is featured with a 20-inch dual blade that runs smoothly with the battery power and gives continuous work while mowing across the lawn.

The 20-inch cutting deck provides more work in less time and a great balance of maneuverability and the fast cutting blades make it a perfect match for mid-sized lawns.

This mower does have 3-in-1 features of mowing as mulching, cutting, and bagging that facilitates the user in a wide range of benefits and allows the user to protect the lawn from many diseases that could attack by remains of grass clippings. 

You don’t need to worry about the dual battery port interchanging and power supplies as it is an automatically operated mower that switches by its own to the power system and provides a longer run while making the job easier.

To set up the new mower for the first time on the lawn, all the instructions are present in the user manual. Make sure to do the maintenance of the mower at the proper time to increase the lifetime of the mower.


  • 40V power operated mower
  • Dual battery operated system
  • Perfect mower for mid sized lawns to a bit larger upto ⅓ acres lawns
  • 20 inch cutting deck
  • Dual cutting blades
  • Two batteries of 4Ah and 2 Ah provides smooth run to machine


  • Great choice for mid sized lawns
  • Provides 3-in-1 options for mulching, bagging and cutting the grass
  • Provides smooth cut by powerful engine
  • Uniformly mowed the lawn by dual blade 
  • A powerful energy system ensures the continuous work on rough and tough grass


  • You may feel it a bit costly but it is a money valuable mower

4. Craftsman M105 140cc 21-Inch 3-in-1 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower with Bagger – best push lawn mower

Craftsman M105 is a great choice for mowing buffalo grass as well it provides you the working space in your lawn while pushing the mower along the lawn.

This gas-powered push lawn mower is the perfect mower as it allows you to notice the lawn condition while mowing it with Craftsman push mowers. While moving beside the mower, you can change the mowing height of blades according to the condition of grass in the lawn as some spaces may have a huge growth of the lawn.

The perfect thing about this mower is its powerful 140cc engine that supplies the continuous power to the blades and allows you to mow grass in less time and less hindrance.

It is a 3-in-1 mower that allows all the three required options of mowing the grass i.e. mulching, side, and rear discharge of clipping. 

It is equipped with a 21’’ cutting deck that mows the wider area of grass with a single pass and allows you to complete the work in less time and it makes this mower perfect for small to mid yards.

The premium feature of this mower is the adjustable mowing heights to trim the grass at various heights in various types of grass types. It is the most useful feature that allows the user to cut the grass in 6 different heights.

This four-wheeled mower is equipped with quality tires to provide more traction while mowing the lawn. The front 7” and rear 8’’ wheels provide great balancing to the mower during work on uneven surfaces and maintain the proper working of blades and give a smooth cut.

It is equipped with an auto choke and recoil system that is a big relief to the user from adjusting the choke or primer whenever you turn on the engine. All you need is to pull and the engine starts.


  • 140cc engine
  • 3-in-1 push lawn mower
  • 21’’ cutting deck
  • 2 year warranty
  • Durable front 7’’ and rear 8’’ tires
  • Traction maintained tires
  • 6 adjustable mowing heights
  • 65lbs weight
  • 1.25’’-3.75’’ cutting height
  • Auto choke system 
  • Gas powered


  • Perfect lawn mower for small to mid sized lawns
  • Auto choke system relieves the user from the choke maintenance every time engine starts
  • Wider cutting deck gives more cut in fewer passes
  • Adjustable height feature makes it best mower for all grass types
  • Provides traction on uneven surfaces by quality tires


  • Does not featured with bagging of clippings 

5. Worx WR140 Landroid M 20V Power Share Robotic Lawn Mower, Orange – best self propelled lawn mower

Wor WR140 is a robotic, fully automated lawn mower that is perfectly manufactured for the person having no time for mowing the lawn and just wants the grass cut perfectly and uniformly.

It works by itself, all you need is to set the charging base and set the boundary wire along the margins of the lawn and add the lawn area through the android application and let the mower do its work.

It is operated through the android app that signals the mower in measuring the lawn area, software updation, mowing progress, and schedule mowing of the lawn. You can say it is an updated version of the mowing industry as it has become a basic need in this fast life.

The compatibility of this mower with a wide range of other tools with 20V and 40V tools adds a new life to the outdoor power working in lawn and garden.

The Landroid parented AIA technology provides the data to the mower about the narrow range areas in the lawn, through which it is difficult for the moving of ordinary robotic mowers.

The great thing is that it has a memory keeping feature that keeps the data of schedule cutting and yard’s size and keeps the owner updated with the current condition of the lawn.

You just need to select the lawn area that needs to mow and you can skip the rest area through Landroid and it is equipped with the automatic sensing of obstacles and it turns back away by bumping them.

It works great in the lawn having a little slope upto 20° and tackles such slopes.

It is equipped with rain sensors that sense the rain and stops work and move back to the charger and waits till the rain stops and lawn soil becomes dry enough to work again. Additionally, its water-resistant body provides a great benefit to the user.

The premium benefit of this mower is its cutting along the edges of the lawn as its 7’’ 3 blades cut very firmly and smoothly so you do not need to trim the lawn after mowing by Worx WR140.


  • Wifi controlled mower
  • All controls through mobile application
  • Compatible with worx 20V and 40V tools 
  • 7’’ 3 blades
  • Rain sensor
  • Water resistant mower
  • Schedule mowing
  • 5 cutting height adjustments
  • 1.9’’-3.5’’ cutting heights
  • Anti collision system


  • Works by its own through the data stored in the android app
  • No need to ditch the cords, fuel, gas and fumes emission
  • Powerful 7’’ blades give smooth cut and tackle the slopes in yard more than 20°
  • Rainresistant body ensures the safety of mower in rainy seasons
  • Adjustable height adjustments provides the option to mow any grass type lawn
  • Great mower for zoysia grass, tall grass


  • A bit expensive

Buying guide: Things to consider while buying a lawn mower for buffalo grass

You can never buy a right type mower for buffalo grass without the proper guidance of the features of a mower needed for buffalo lawn. These features determine the working of mowers and maintenance of the buffalo lawn. 

These are some factors to consider in a mower, while buying one for buffalo lawn:

1. Power supply

Many types of powered mowers are present on the market for buffalo lawn. They are gasoline, battery, and power corded mowers, having unique benefits for each one. 

The electric mower works quietly while the corded mower has limitations of cord length. There come the battery-operated mowers that are better than both of these in case of cords and fumes.

2. Powerful engine

To mow a tough grass like buffalo grass, you will need a powerful engine powered mower that can smoothly run over the tough and rough grass. So never compromise on the powerful engine supply to save a little money.

3. Height adjustments

Always consider a mower with adjustable mowing heights, it provides more options to cut the grass at various heights according to the condition of the soil as well as the grass types. A mower with various height adjustments is more compatible with many grass type lawns.

4. Deck size

The deck size of a mower determines the time you spend mowing the lawn. A mower with a wider deck size will cover more area in a single pass and complete work in less time and ensures the uniform cutting by less pass again and again.

5. Interchangeable cutting blades

A lot of mowers come with this feature of interchangeable blades to provide the option of mulching, bagging, or side discharge in a single mower. Many mowers like Greenworks 20-Inch 3-in-1 12 Amp Electric Corded Lawn Mower 25022 are present in the market that are featured with all these three options.

6. Grass catcher

The grass catcher is an essential accessory of mowers as it provides the easy removal of clippings from the lawn. 

Best time to mow buffalo grass

The best time to mow a lawn is mid-morning as all the dew will have dried up. But try to mow before the onset of the extreme heat of the day. Mowing at the right time protects the shorter grass from immediate exposure to the hot sunny day heat.

Mowing time varies from season to season and regions. But the perfect mowing time for buffalo grass is every second week during summers and every 2-5 weeks in autumn through winters will be good practice.

Mowing during the spring season depends on the rainfall and sunny days.

Ideal lawn height for buffalo grass lawn

The height of a lawn depends on the type of grass you have. But the perfect signal to optimize the lawn height is by its looking. If you feel the lawn rough look, it’s time to mow. 

Never remove more than 30-40% of grass blades when you mow the lawn with any mower as the cutting lower than this size will harm the long term health of the lawn.

The ideal mowing height for buffalo grass is 40-50mm that is a perfect match for all types of buffalo lawns. This value may vary in shaded areas and cooler months. 

Buffalo lawn care tips

To keep the buffalo lawn healthy and lush green, a lot of effort to gets wasted if not done in the proper way. To get a beautiful result of all effort done on yard depends on the few typical tips that are:

Proper maintenance

It is the major and primary step of a healthy lawn and ensures that your efforts are helpful for grass growth and health. Scheduled and regular maintenance of the lawn ensures to keep the lawn from thick thatch.

Optimal height

Maintaining the optimal height of grass has a major influence on the beauty and look of the lawn. Soil quality determines the mowing height of a lawn as the yard having soft soils supports taller grass while the hard soils support a shorter height of the grass.

A lawn having 1 ½ to 3 inches grass height is considered a perfect lawn.

Regular mowing

Mowing in the early morning supports the easy and more growth of grass. Buffalo grass is not mowed on a weekly basis, however, it is mowed on the condition of the grass. More frequent mowing promotes leaf growth and soft grass blades.

Timely watering

Watering is the basic need of grass to keep it fresh and tender. The soil type determines the frequency of watering as the drier soil will need watering more often. Buffalo grass is preferred to water early in the morning. Evening or night watering of the buffalo lawn will onset the attack of fungus and mold as it is more vulnerable to fungus and mold.

Regular and timely fertilization

Fertilizers applied at the right time does support the buffalo growth. Any nitrogen and potassium fertilizer for the lawn will do best in buffalo lawn. Additionally, if the iron supplement is also added in the fertilization plan, it will boost up the growth.

lawn mower for buffalo grass

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Final Verdict

All the lawn mowers added in the list are the premium grade mowers for buffalo grass. To ease you choosing your desired mower on the basis of power supply types, we add cordless, corded as well the battery-powered mowers are added in the list.

If you want to get a battery-operated mower then Greenworks 40V 20-Inch Cordless Twin Force Lawn Mower is the perfect choice while for the corded mower option Greenworks 20-Inch 3-in-1 12 Amp Electric Corded Lawn Mower 25022 works well.

In case you want a mower you can move too far off places, with continuous power, then Craftsman M105 140cc 21-Inch 3-in-1 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower with Bagger is a perfect mower for buffalo lawn.

I hope that you find this article quite helpful in choosing the best lawn mower for buffalo grass. 

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