10 Best Fungicide for St. Augustine Grass

Looking for a fungicide to keep your Augustine grass glowing and healthy this summer? Well, you have started the hunt at the right time because the fungus has just begun to find the conditions favourable for growth. It’s high time to use a fungicide to prevent it from happening in the first place.  So, Let’s have a look at the best possible options that can help you this summer.

Best Fungicide for St. Augustine Grass Reviews

1. Spectracide Immunox Ready-To-Spray Fungus Plus Insect Control For Lawns

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The dual-action Spectracide fungus and insect control is formulated to give the Augustine and other popular lawn grasses a healthy boost. Using it every two weeks would bring fruitful results.

This all-in-one fungicide is proven to prevent common lawn fungus diseases like black spot, rust, powdery mildew, scab, brown patch, blights, and molds, etc. To allow it to show it’s magic, shake the bottle well, connect the garden hose to the sprayer nozzle, turn on the water, switch on spraying and let the product handle the rest.

To get supernatural results, try using the product at the few first earliest signs. The spectracide fungicide is specifically made to meet the requirements of outdoor plants and lawn grasses. One bottle is enough to cover 2500 square feet of lawn.

  • Kills and prevents the major fungus diseasesnGives control over the 20 most common insectsnCovers 2500 square feet of lawnnShows supernatural resultsnBecomes rainproof within hoursnEasy to usenAffordable
  • Not a specific Augustine grass fungicide

2. BioAdvanced Ready-To-Spread Granular Fungus Control For Lawns

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BioAdvanced Ready-To-Spread Granular fungicide is an Amazon choice because of its supernatural results and positive reviews. It doesn’t just help the gardeners with common fungus diseases but also rewards them with 30-day protection.

It is specifically formulated to kill and heal the lawns from the aftermath of dollar spots, brown patches, rusts, summer patches, and anthracnose. It absorbs in the grass in no time and doesn’t get affected by the weather conditions. The one giant advantage of having BioAdvanced fungicide is that it can be used for both preventive and curative purposes. 

One 9.88 pounds BioAdvanced fungicide can treat up to 5000 square feet of lawn. To use it as a curative fungicide, add the granular when the signs become noticeable and for preventive purposes, try using the product when the conditions are favorable for fungus diseases.

  • Has been in Amazon choice several timesnTreats up to 5000 square feet of lawnnCan be used for both curative and preventive purposesnWorks for most of the fungus diseasesnKids and pets friendly (but after the lawn is thoroughly watered)nCheap for the supernatural resultsnProtects the lawn for at least 30 days.nComes with detailed instructions
  • Granular

3. Actinovate Lawn And Garden Fungicide

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Actinovate is the least-known miraculous fungicide that works on almost all cool and warm-season lawn grasses. The Actinovate lawn and garden fungicide is labeled as “Biological fungicide”.

This organic fungicide is manufactured not only to protect the lawn grasses but ornamentals and vegetables as well. It works exceptionally well on common fungus pathogens.

With giving relief from common fungus diseases the Actinovate lawn and garden fungicide controls soil-borne diseases like pythium, phytophthora, fusarium, verticillium, and rhizoctonia, etc.

  • BiologicalnWorks for both foliar and soil lawn and garden diseasesnEasy to use
  • Got a few negative reviews nA bit pricey

4. Heritage G Fungicide

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Heritage G fungicide is a great invention for the grasses grown on golf courses, parks, athletic fields, residential, commercial, industrial, and landscape areas. 

This granular systemic strobilurin fungicide is formulated to target the most common 28 fungus diseases. The advantage of using Heritage G fungicide is that it doesn’t require much water to disperse.

The Heritage granular fungicide can be used to cure red thread, brown patches, leaf spots, take-all-patches, summer patches, and necrotic ring spots. This all-rewarding Heritage granular fungicide is proven to show spectacular long-lasting results. 

  • Can treat 28 common fungus diseasesnDoesn’t require much water to do its magicnCan be used on golf courses, public places, parks, commercial, residential, and industrial areas
  • Can not be returned, refunded, or exchangednContains hazardous materialsnNot kids and pets friendly

5. Propiconazole Pint Select Fungicide

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Propiconazole pint select fungicide has also been in Amazon choice several times because it provides the best preventive and curative fungus disease control. This rewarding fungicide can be used on both ornamentals and turfgrasses. 

It does not spectacularly control fungus diseases by disrupting the fungal growth but also minimizes the impacts and effects of these deadly diseases.

The propiconazole fungicide is listed to treat and prevent brown patch, red thread, powdery mildew, stripe smut, pink patch, leaf spot, melting out, gray leaf spot, take-all-patch, poa patch, spring dead spot, yellow patch, zoysia patch, dichondra patch, fusarium patch, necrotic ring spot, and snow mold gray.

  • Cures and prevents numerous fungus diseasesnCan be used on golf courses, nurseries, landscape ornamentals, commercial, and residential lawnsnEasy to usenGot several positive reviews
  • No noticeable con found yet

6. Grower’s Ally Fungicide

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Grower’s Ally is on the recommendation list because it is effective in controlling 99% of common fungus diseases. This versatile fungicide can be used in all kinds of environments; indoors, outdoors, greenhouse, and hydroponic, etc.

It can be used as both preventive and curative measures. It is 100% safe for humans, pets, and the environment. Highly recommended to treat the Augustine grass with Grower’s Ally fungicide early in the morning or afternoon.

OMRI-listed listed Grower’s Ally fungicide comes in ready-to-use form. To let the product do it’s magic, shake the bottle well and spray the stems and leaves by using an atomized sprayer.

  • 100% effective in controlling and preventing fungus diseasesnEasy to usenAffordablenCan be used on ornamentals as wellnComes with detailed instructionsnComes in ready-to-use formnOMRI listed
  • Least-known nGot a few reviews

7. Bayer Advanced Natria Disease Control

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The ready-to-use Bayer Advanced natria disease control fungicide is manufactured to prevent and control deadly lawn and garden diseases. It’s made to facilitate the gardeners and lawn owners in all possible ways. 

The Natria disease control is listed to work on black mold, black spot, brown patch, dollar spot, downy mildew, late blight, leaf spots, rust, powdery mildew, and scab, etc. This fungicide can be used on grasses, roses, vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees, and shrubs.

The easy-to-use formula does not require mixing or measuring. One fungicide bottle can treat up to 7000 square feet of lawns. To prevent and cure the common fungus diseases, simply hook up the garden hose and spray evenly. 

  • Provides all-in-one solutionnPrevents and cures nShows visible results in a couple of weeksnNo mixing and no measuring requirednCan be used on roses, vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees, and shrubsnCovers 7000 square feet
  • Not a specific Augustine grass cure, an all-purpose fungicide

8. Bonide Infuse Systemic Disease Control Fungicide

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Bonide has been providing simpler and effective lawn solutions since 1926. Bonide infuse systemic disease control fungicide is another great invention that has been giving relief to several garden and lawn owners across the globe.

The Bonide infuse systemic disease control fungicide’s versatile nature allows it to be equally useful for grasses, trees, shrubs, and garden plants. It absorbs well and doesn’t get washed away by rain.

Bonide infuse systemic disease control fungicides offer full coverage against black spot, dollar spot, rust, brown patch, leaf spot, powdery mildew, snow mold, and several other fungus diseases.

It can be sprayed with any pump-up, dial-style-hose end, or water-style sprayer. 

  • Can be used with any pump-up, dial-style-hose end, or water-style sprayernUseful for grasses, trees, shrubs, and garden plantsnDoesn’t get washed away by rainnWell-trusted brand
  • No defects found yet

9. Earth’s Ally Ready-To-Use Natural Fungicide Spray

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Earth’s Ally ready to use all-natural fungicide spray got the advanced gardeners and lawn owner’s admiration because it’s safe for the environment. The no-harsh chemical formula can be used to treat grasses, flowers, vegetables, fruits, ornamental trees, and shrubs.

This OMRI-Listed formula treats and prevents powdery mildew, canker, black spot, blight, downy mildew, leaf spot, and several other common diseases.

The one-big fat advantage of using Earth Ally’s ready-to-use all-natural fungicide is that it doesn’t harm bee pollination. 100% non-toxic can be used around kids and pets.

  • OMRI-listednSafe to be used around kids and petsnAll-natural, no harsh chemicals addednNon-toxicnDoesn’t harm bee pollinationnEasy to use
  • Natural, works slow

10. Southern Ag Liquid Copper Fungicide

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Southern Ag Liquid copper fungicide is proven to treat and prevent almost all bacterial and fungus diseases. It can be used on grasses, ornamentals, vegetables, and fruit trees.

Contains copper diammonia diacetate complex as an active ingredient. To get the best results, apply when the weather condition is dry for at least 6 hours.

The balanced copper sulfate amount makes it super effective and less-toxic. However, it still requires you to follow the directions properly. It can be used with hose-end sprayers.

  • Shows results fastncan be used on grasses, ornamentals, vegetables, and fruit treesnComes with detailed instructions
  • Can only be sprayed with hose-end sprayersnContains copper sulfate, toxic for the environment

These were the few options that caught our attention. There are several other fungicides as well that are delivering remarkable results to garden and lawn owners across the globe. Since it’s impossible to write all promising options with details so here we are naming a few others down;

All these multi-purpose fungicides can be used to cure the fungus diseases that commonly attack Augustine grasses.  Our readers have got the options now let’s find out what qualities a buyer needs to look for;

How to find the right Fungicide for St. Augustine Grass?

Augustine grass, like Bermuda and Zoysia grasses, gets affected by brown patches more than any other fungus disease. Almost all commercial fungicides are listed to give relief from brown patches. 

The first thing that you need to be sure of before placing an order is, what exactly is bringing your Augustine grass down. You can not cure the fungus disease properly if you haven’t found out yet where the problem lies. There are several fungus diseases but usually dollar spot, brown patch, gray leaf spot, red thread, rust, and snow mold affects grasses the most. 

So, first, you have to figure out what exactly is ruining the beauty of your Augustine grass. Once you are sure about the fungus disease, it’s time to find the right fungicide. While ordering the fungicide you need to look for the following few things;


The first thing that needs your attention is “ingredients”. The ingredients should be non-toxic and must not harm the environment and bee pollinators.

Make sure the fungicide you are purchasing does not contain sulfur, even the slightest amount of sulfur is toxic for humans, pets, and planet earth. The fungicides that contain a noticeable amount of neem oil, rosemary oil, jojoba oil, and bacterium bacillus subtilis works well for St. Augustine grass. 

How much area it can cover

The next important thing that should be bothering you is ” how much area the fungicide you are about to order covers”. You can only judge the quantity you are ordering is enough for your lawn or not when you know how much area your lawn is holding on. Fungicides are usually expensive, so try finding a product that can cover the entire lawn. 

What’s it made for

Once you are done looking at ingredients and the area one fungicide bag can cover, it’s time to check what’s made for. It would be mentioned on the package whether it’s made for grasses or not. It’s impossible to find a fungicide that is specifically made for Augustine grass, so you have to compromise on the fungicide that is listed to work for all kinds of grasses.

Liquid or granular?

Fungicides are usually in ready-to-use liquid form but there are a noticeable number of granular ones as well. Liquid fungicides are admired for working faster than granular ones. So, if you are impatient for the results already granular fungicide is not the right choice. Liquid fertilizers are more rewarding and easy to use.


Like shopping for major to minor necessities, it’s important to look at what you can afford. If the expensive option is covering more area you can also consider it the right option. 

As winter is almost gone, fungus attacks are about to bring the true beauty of your lawn down. Half knowledge is dangerous, now that you know what you need to look for and what the best options are, let’s discuss how you can treat the fungus-infected Augustine grass. So, before the fungus disease attacks your lawn you must know the cure already. 

The simpler and most suggested way of dealing with this problem is to detach the heavily infected grass and spray the rest with a natural or nontoxic fungicide. To begin treating your lawn you must remove the heavily infected grass leaves and follow the below-mentioned general rules;

  • Finding the right fungicide: You can treat and prevent fungus diseases by either finding the right fungicide or making a DIY fungicide at home. It’s important to follow the instructions written on the fungicide packet for various unavoidable reasons. 
  • Suitable Time: Fungicides are mostly a combination of harsh chemicals. Going above or below the recommended quantity or the suggested time would not bring fruitful results and you would end up wasting your money.
  • Weather Condition: To cure the fungus disease, it’s mandatory to spray the fungicide in the afternoon or early in the morning. The weather conditions for at least the next 6 to 7 hours should also be clean and dry. So, make sure the day you choose is sunny and the grass should not be celebrating the pleasant summer sun.

Bonus Tip

Commercial fungicides are mostly expensive and the cheaper ones are not always good for the job. The most experienced gardeners are making and using DIY fungicides to treat the grasses grown in residential and commercial areas. The DIY fungicides are cheap and effective. The most popular recipe is;

Mix four tablespoons of baking soda to 4 liters of water, stir it well, pour it into a sprayer. There you have a natural non-harming fungicide.

My recommendation

I would like to suggest in the end that if the fungus control is minor try using the DIY fungicide but if the whole lawn is infected with the disease already, there is no other option than to invest in commercial fungicide. All the above-mentioned options are good for the job but it’s hard to suggest anything without judging the condition of the lawn.

What worked for us may not work for you. Please take professional help if the situation is getting out of control and ask them to suggest anything. If the situation is manageable, be the judge, go through the labels and pick what suits your needs.

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