5 Best Fungicide for Entomosporium Leaf Spot – 2021 Reviews

Best Fungicide for Entomosporium leaf spot selection is easy if we diagnose pathogen. Entomosporium maculatum cause severe leaf spots in woody ornamental plants. Indian hawthorn, Red tip Photinia, Loquat, pear species and other plants are prone to infection.

The pathogen is destructive and widespread in woody ornamental plants. Photinia and Indian Hawthorn are favourite plants of this disease. Other plants Loquat, firethorn and quince can be better hosts.

Entomosporium attacks in the rain season. It damages landscapes, nurseries and fellow gardens. Temperature between 60 to 80 F and frequent rain provides a favourite environment for pathogen growth.

Prevention is better than cure. Follow physical methods in initial stages. If your plants have a severe or moderately severe infection, use a fungicide. Here is a simple buying guide which can help you to find Best Fungicide for Entomosporium leaf spot.

Best fungicide for Entomosporium leaf spot – Buying Guide

Use of organic and inorganic fungicide depends on the severity of infections. A good fungicide is quick in action and environmental friendly. These points can help to pick the best product.

  • Purchase health plants without symptoms of Entomosporium leaf spot. Keen observation can make diagnosis easy.
  • If symptoms are in initial stages and appear on a few leaves, use physical methods to control it.
  • In moderate-severe or severe conditions, use a fungicide. Fungicide selection depends on many factors.
  • Organic fertilizers are environmentally friendly but slow in action. Inorganic fertilizer is not environmentally friendly but quick in action.

Here are our recommendations for some best fungicides against Entomosporium leaf spot.

Product Reviews – 7 Best Fungicide for Entomosporium leaf spot

These 7 fungicides are a combination of organic and inorganic products. Every product comes with a unique activity against fungus.

1. Spectracide 100507462 Immunox Multi Purpose Fungicide

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Spectracide is the best fungicide against any leaf spot disease. It is effective against all ornamental shrub fungal diseases. If your plants are photinia or Indian hawthorn, spectracide can be the best product against them.

It can not be washed off with rain. Leaf spot mostly occurs in the rainy season so fungicides wash off is the biggest problem. It is better to apply this fungicide on the first symptom or when disease severity is less.

It can be used for both outdoor and indoor plants.It works for two weeks against diseases.If you apply early in the rainy season , it will prevent spread of pathogen spores.Use according to recommendations provided on the instruction paper.

Use Pump Up sprayer or any Trigger bottle sprayer.Apply concentration and water according to required amount.Excess use can burn plants and less concentrated solution can kill.


  • Very quick in action in action and easy to apply
  • Cheap in price as compared to other fungicides.
  • Effective against  other rainy season fungal diseases
  • Specific action against leaf spot pathogen
  • Very good packing and ease in concentration mixture


  • Excess use can burn plant leaves

2. Bonide Products 202 Fruit Tree Spray

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Bonide is a multipurpose fungicide which is effective against all leaf spot diseases. It is the best foliage protector for ornamental shrubs. Bonide fungicide works as a spreader sticker. This quality increase efficiency of fungicide. It provides uniform coverage and adhesion properties.

Products easily mix with water and can be applied with a hose-end sprayer. You can use any bottle or electric sprayer. Product is best for indoor and outdoor plants. Apply on leaf spot infected plants according to recommendations.


  • Multipurpose fungicide and easy application
  • Spreader sticker quality for better penetration and adhesion
  • Quick action against leaf spot diseases


  • Less amount , use any organic oil between intervals
  • Burning when used without recommendations

3. Garden Safe Brand Fungicide3

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Garden safe band is organic fungicides. It is environmentally friendly and best product for indoor plants. If your Indian hawthorn is in severe condition, apply a scheduled dose of Garden safe Brand fungicide.

It is a multi-purpose fungicide and control number of fungal diseases. Garden safe will kill harmful insect pests around your plants. Apply after 2 weeks for better control and quick results.

It is organic but keeps your pets and animals safe before spray. Wash your hands after spray and apply through bottle sprayer. This works best against all plants and host species.


  • Organic in nature , made with natural oils
  • Multi purpose in action ,control many other insects and diseases
  • Quick in action and easy to apply


  • Excess use can burn plants
  • Use with proper spraying equipments , can cause burning on eyes

4. Bonide (BND1428) – Sulfur Plant Fungicide

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Bonide is the best fungicide brand against a number of fungal diseases. It controls powdery mildew, leaf spot, chiggers, thrips and other insect pests. It is organic in nature which makes it specific against entomosporium leaf spot.

This product is very specific in action. Unique particle size forms a uniform layer. This uniform provides better adhesion and penetration properties.

The active ingredient of this product is sulfur which is a natural requirement of plants for better growth. Bonide (BND1428) is approved for organic gardening and can be used around pets and animals.

Bonide fungicide provides diversity in application. It can be applied as dust or spray. Fine particle size will provide better coverage and adhesion. Apply in recommended dose otherwise, it can be slow in action.

If you are struggling to find a specific fungal pathogen but sure about fungus disease, Bonide is the best solution in this case. Bonide specific action works in steps and prevents infection for further growth. Apply with a backpack sprayer or an electric garden sprayer.


  • Environment friendly and can be used around pets
  • Quick in action and multi purpose
  • Comes with sulfur as active ingredient which is natural and organic agent
  • Specific action against leaf spot diseases


  • There is no disadvantage using this product

5. Fertilome Landscape And Garden Fungicide

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Fertilome landscape fungicide is a rising product on the list. It is a new test product against all fungal disease on landscape plants. Fertilome has systemic actions. It disturbs the pathogen internal system for complete growth prevention.

It is a multipurpose fungicide that controls black spot, powdery mildew, entomosporium leaf spot and other insects.

Fertilome fungicide is easy to apply with any type of sprayer. You can use hose-end or bottle sprayer for ease in use.


  • Rising product against landscape pathogens
  • Systemic fungicides


  • Can burn plants with excessive usage

Entomosporium Leaf Spot Symptoms

Symptoms can vary between host plants. However common symptoms are the same. Here are some symptoms of Entomosporium pathogen.

First and the main symptom is the appearance of small circular red spots on the expanding surface of leaves.

In severe cases these small circular spots can coalesce to form large brown or red patches.

On Hawthorn, blotches are red or brown with maroon border. On pears, the border can be brown in colour. Small fungal spores appear in the centre of spots.

Severe disease can promote quick leaf drop. It makes plat vulnerable against environmental and cultural conditions.

Disease Cycle of Pathogen

Spots on leaves dropped leaves, infected shoots are sources for survival of the pathogen. In favourable conditions, these spores spread with rainy splashes and wind. They attack health foliage. Rainy conditions and favourable epidemiological conditions promote pathogen growth.

Entomosporium leaf spot treatment

For the nursery , grow clean plant material from healthy plants. If you are purchasing from a nursery, keenly observe plants for symptoms of Entomosporium leaf spot. Do not plant them around infected plants.

Reduce disease spread by providing proper space between plants. Better space provides air circulation between plants. Use drip irrigation with sprinkler head.change water schedule to keep plants dry.

Prune infected leaves and burn dropped leaves near the infected plant. Even plant is not infected, still can be a better source for fungal growth,

Apply fungicides in the required amount. Apply preventive fungicides in nurseries at least one time in a year. On photinia plants apply fungicides after 10 to 14 days until new foliage matures.


The best fungicide for the entomosporium leaf spot in Photinia or Indian hawthorn is. It is quick in action and best recommended by landscape users.

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