5 Best fertilizer for Jade Plant – 2021 (Reviews)

Fertilizer has been used since the start of agriculture. Fertilizers are simply planted nutrients applied to agricultural fields to supplement the required elements found naturally in the soil.

Crassula ovata commonly known as the jade plant is a broadleaf evergreen succulent plant belongs to family Crassulaceae. Jade plant is native to South Africa and easy to grow indoors. The height of the Jade plant can be up to 6 feet and can spread up to 3 feet but this requires best management practices and best fertilizer application (over-fertilization often proves fatal).

The jade plant is succulent and comes from the country of Argentina. The jade plant will perform or grow better in dry and hot conditions. With the proper guidance and favorable conditions, the jade plant can grow up to ten feet tall. 

Buyer’s Guide

The medium to sandy soil is more helpful for proper root growth. The jade plant got to be merely beautiful with occasional water and better fertilizer application. So while choosing the fertilizer to be conscious as you are for your own diet.

Use a balanced formulation for jade plants such as 10-10-10 some growers prefer fertilizers with higher amounts of potassium and phosphorous and a lower amount of nitrogen. A formulation 7-15-12 can also be used and best for the Jade plant. The higher amount of phosphorous ensures a strong root system.

So, here we’re going to discuss some best fertilizers for Jade Plant.

Reviews: 5 best fertilizer for Jade plant in 2020

Osmocote 277960 smart-release- best slow-release fertilizer for jade plant

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On top of the best fertilizers for the jade plant is osmocote 277960. This fertilizer includes quality content of nitrogen and iron which stimulates lush green leaves and formation of strong leaves that are healthy and dark green. No harmful or health hazardous chemicals are present in this so can be applied indoor and compatible with both kids and adults.

  • Not health-hazardous nEnvironment friendlynBest for indoorn
  • Due to the lightweight high amount applied

Osmocote  plus Indoor Smart-release plant food- best fertilizer for a jade plant

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The active ingredients of this fertilizer are nitrogen and phosphorous. The slow-release nature of this fertilizer feeds up to 6 months to ensure better growth of the jade plant.

It is environment friendly as safe to use. A rich source of organic nutrients ensures that during harsh winter and summer plants will remain healthy. This fertilizer is water-soluble and can be applied to the soil by dissolving in water. Slightly cover your soil after fertilization to reduce evaporation losses.

  • Slow-releasenLight in weightnWater-solublen
  • Due to water solubility can be evaporated

Miracle-Gro Succulent Plant food-Best liquid fertilizer for Jade plant

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It comes from a fertilizer manufacturing company that over years have continually mattered fertilizer requirements in jade plant succulents. This fertilizer is capable of the proper growth of the Jade plant for 4 months. This is in the pellet form.

This also contains high iron content that is responsible for more green lush leaves. Yellowing of jade plants can also be cured by this fertilizer.

  • Soluble in waternEnvironmentally acceptednCure yellowing of leavesn
  • Liquid in naturenRequired more handling or management due to liquid form.n

EarthPods Premium Cactus & Succulent Plant Food-best fertilizer for jade plant

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When it comes to natural fertilizer brands for jade plants jade feed has high phosphorous content that enhances proper root development. This fertilizer is broadcasted near the Jade plant base. Then lightly cover the fertilizer to prevent volatilization. Nitrogen is also present to ensure better vegetative growth.

  • Organic fertilizernSlow-releasenEasy to applyn
  • Proper amount application is difficult to handle

Miracle-Gro 300157 Plant food best Organic feed for Jade Plant

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With potash as one of the main ingredients, it makes sure that your soil bacteria will be positively mobilized. The main role of why potash promotes microbe’s growth is to make it be soluble in water, hence making available to your jade plant.

For best results after fertilization considers maintaining a Miracle-Gro 300157 Plant Food of 250ml with exactly 100Ltrs of freshwater. To avoid nutrient vocalization consider using this jade plant feed in later in the evening and early in the morning.

  • Soluble phosphorousnPet friendlynIndoor-outdoor compatiblen100% organicn
  • The liquid in nature.n
fertilizer for jade


When should I fertilize my jade plant? / When to Fertilize jade plants?

The best time to apply fertilizer to the jade plants is from November to march. As the jade plants are not good in uptaking the nutrients from the soil so you should only apply the fertilizer when the plants show the sings of need. 

In the case of overfertilizing, the roots of plants may get harm due to the high build-up of nutrients at the root zone.

How can I make my jade plant grow faster?

The jade plants, indoor or outdoor, they can grow up to the 5 feet tall but to achieve that growth you need to do:

  1. Keep your jade plants in a temperate environment
  2. Outdoor’s jade plants thrive in full sunlight
  3. Always fertilize the jade plants during the growing season
  4. Water them properly

How To Apply Fertilizer To  Jade Plant?

The mode of application of fertilizer depends completely on the type of fertilizer you applied. 

In the case of slow-releasing granular fertilizer, put the fertilizer at the base of plants. 

While in the case of liquid fertilizer, do the foliar application method with electric sprayers. 

The foliar application should be done in the morning and evening for better results.

How do I get my jade plant to bloom?

To get the blooming of jade plants, you require to mimick its native growing conditions. You should provide the plants with proper water, cool nights and bright days to encourage the plant to form the buds and ultimately flowers.

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The fertilizers are best compatible when the jade plant is potted in some pot. If you want more vegetative growth and want to branch out your jade plant apply nitrogen fertilizers. The all-organic is human and environment friendly so considers them as first priority. Slow-release fertilizers are good for a continuous supply of nutrients and keep your succulents healthy and lush green for a longer period of time.

The above mentioned all the fertilizers are good for the jade plants and also environment friendly. Try to apply fertilizer from one of them for a healthy plant. Thanks! 

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